Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Video Showcases Fulton Recovery System

The Fulton recovery can now be performed as a normal action even if you have some other item or weapon equipped. Simply walk up to something, whether it be an animal, container, vehicle or even a soldier, and hit Triangle. Like a bat out of Hell, these will be swooped away and sent back to Mother Base where they will be added to your supplies. You’ll see different recovery rates depending on the time of day: Normal days will offer an 80 percent recovery chance while it will take longer when it rains or at night.

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Awesome, loved it in Peace Walker.
Can't wait for this game, the story is deep and the end of Ground Zeroes made me more excited for The Phantom Pain.

DonDon1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

In a more serious, realistic MGS like this (yeah it still has strange stuff, but is "more" realistic), the fulton just seems goofy. Being able to steal items with it is cool though especially if it can be used for Mother Base.

BTW, has Kojima shown Metal Gear Online sequel yet for MGS 5?

Nitrowolf21642d ago

No, hes only talked about motherbase invasion

1642d ago
xer01642d ago

Yes - It's looking awesome! :)

Knushwood Butt1642d ago

Yeah, Peace Walker is such an awesome game.

Love me some Fulton action.

Sheep will be a first.

lazyboyblue1642d ago

Just tell us when its out ffs.

sungin1642d ago

this is pc devkit,dont hype too much for it