E3 2014: Aonuma Says Hyrule Warriors is a "Celebration Title" | Hardcore Gamer

Many Zelda fans were apprehensive when Hyrule Warriors was announced for Wii U last December. It appeared to be a strange departure from traditional Zelda titles, and that didn’t sit right. But while Hyrule Warriors is undoubtedly a Dynasty Warriors game, fans may be pleasantly surprised by just how much of the Zelda universe has made its way into the game.

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Spooney3231644d ago

This is a good warm up for what's to come. Bring on Zelda U !!!!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1644d ago

On Nintendo Treehouse they had a good demo run through.
It was only a demo and not the full game-

But the fan-fair was deep.
They combined many things from all of the Zelda Titles in one.

Ilovetheps41644d ago

When I saw the first trailer, the game didn't look good to me. I wasn't very optimistic about how the final product would turn out. But, after seeing it during Treehouse Live, the game looks really good to me. I'll definitely be buying it.

MNGamer-N1644d ago

I think it will be awesome just because I love all the things from the World of Zelda. And I have never played a Dynasty Warriors game before so all of the gameplay is going to be fresh and new to me. I am excited for this title. I think I'll go pre-order it today actually.

mydyingparadiselost1644d ago

I was fairly apprehensive about this when it was first announced, I've never really gotten into the Dynasty Warriors games, but after seeing the demo and getting some more info about the game I'm hyped. The characters, the weak point system and the action have me looking forward to this :)

Dlacy13g1644d ago

Celebration or just a cash in on the Zelda license to sell more crappy Dynasty Warrior games?