Sony At E3: 'We Focused More On Innovation'

NowGamer: "Everyone likes to talk about who they thought 'won' E3, and E3 2014 will be no different. Naturally Sony is going to pick itself, but all the same SCEE president Jim Ryan has some interesting thoughts on why he felt Sony came out on top."

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NYC_Gamer1643d ago

Did you admire all of that TV & app talk from Microsoft last year?

xHeavYx1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

2 hour show, 20 minutes talking about hardware/tv, people still comparing it to MS... SMH

URNightmare1643d ago Show
Skips1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Better than an ENTIRE conference based on TV. Are people are forgetting they had an extra 30 min? And not to mention Sony actually HAVE material to save/show at Gamescom and TGS (In which MS never show anything) or rarely show up. lol

IMO, that glacier white PS4 bundle, PSNOW, and Project Morpheus were much more exciting announcements than MS spending more than half their conference on games that'll probably perform better on PS4 anyway. XD

kenshiro1001643d ago

God, stop with the TV stuff already. They didn't spend like two hours on it. The exaggeration from the Microsoft camp is really pathetic.

MysticStrummer1643d ago

"Did you admire all of that TV & app talk from Microsoft last year?"

Did you? MS focused on it more last year than Sony did this year, and MS fans loved it back then.

darx1643d ago

I admire Gakai or Onlive I also admire Roku or Apple TV for their innovation or what about Oculus Rift

No_Limit1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )


"were much more exciting announcements than MS spending more than half their conference on mulitplats"

The fallacy that MS spent more than 1/2 their conference on multiplat are so false when the real truth is, it is the the same exact counts as the Sony conference. So if you take out that 30 minutes of TV, PS TV, Powers, and boring stats talk from the Sony conference, then both conferences are very similar in the ratio of exclusives and third party show time for the 1.5 hour of aired time.

Sony briefing of third party games: 6 games
Destiny, Far Cry 4, Mortal Kombat X, MGS5, GTA5, Arkham Knight

MS briefing of third party games: 6 games
COD, Assassin's Creed Unity, Tomb Raider, The Division, The Witcher, Evolve

thereapersson1643d ago

@ NYC_Gamer

20 min. =/= the majority of a conference.

Microsoft's entire focus last year was PRIMARILY about entertainment services, media multitasking, DVR recording and television functions and Kinect. Many Xbox owners I've seen tout the media multitasking and sports tie ins as reasons why they enjoy the Xbox.

You just made yourself look really silly, bro.

Fatal-Aim1643d ago

@ NYC_Gamer

what is VR

what is PlayStation TV

what is PlayStation Now

BIG difference there, buddy. they are showing the future of GAMING, not some boring TV app

No_Limit1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Edit: Forgot to post the E3 conferences' exclusive to third party game ratio earlier.

Sony briefing of third party games: 6 games
Destiny, Far Cry 4, Mortal Kombat X, MGS5, GTA5, Arkham Knight

Sony exclusive games: 9
The Order: 1886, Entwined, infamous: First Light, LittleBigPlanet 3, Bloodbourne, Let It Die, TLOU HD, Abzu, Uncharted 4

MS briefing of third party games: 6 games
COD, Assassin's Creed Unity, Tomb Raider, The Division, The Witcher, Evolve

MS exclusive games: 11
Forza Horizon 2, Halo Master Chief Collection, Fable Legends, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct Season 2, Scalebound, Dance Central Spotlight, Phantom Dust, Crackdown, Ori and the Blind Forest, Halo 5

DarkArcani1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )


You forgot Ratchet&Clank Collection that Sony mentioned during the announcement of The R&C Movie

tbone5671643d ago

Sony fanboys love TV when Sony talks about it.

SpinalRemains1381643d ago

Sony spoke about that tv show for 10 minutes. I have no interest in that at all.

MS spoke about tv and sports their entire conference last year.

If you can't see the difference then there is no reasoning with you.

Now if SONY dedicated their entire conference toward tv, sure you have a point. Gladly that did not happen.

thereapersson1643d ago

DarkArcani, he also forgot DriveClub, so that technicallymakes it 11 with R&C. I'm sure there's more we are forgetting, too.

DigitalRaptor1643d ago

@ No_Limit

Multiplats are even (except the fact they are better on PS4)

But no amount of spin can end with Sony and less exclusives. E3 is about NEW announcements and Sony had a lot more new announcements than MS that we didn't already know about.

djsandman1642d ago

Uhm, to all the people saying Microsoft spent lots of time talking about TV and apps last year at E3.. Actually they spent slim to zero time mentioning tv at E3. I think your confusing them revealing the console, to the E3 which was 100% games. Interesting how you fail to remember the specific events?

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AngelicIceDiamond1643d ago

Sony's had a great conference besides the Tv and app and constant PR chatter from the exec pratically slayed my hype.

Still amazes me they're forgiven that they did that when fans, gaming outlets, journalist's practically threatened to burn down MS headquarters when they do it.

Shawn Layden, not the greatest first impressions from me but I'll give him another chance but I really, really miss Jack though.

blood Borne and UC4 at the end are the only two things that saved it for me.

I'd say Sony is innovating they have allot going on

Vita, Vita TV, NOW, Morpheous, PS4 I'd agree.

Pogmathoin1643d ago

AngelicIce, its only good when Sony does it... and it is good stuff, the only thing wrong here is the embarrassing and ignorant few Sony people here that are so tuned into blind hatred..... embarrass all of gamers....

SouthClaw1643d ago

Jack was good. He knew how to really talk to fans. He shined the best when it was him talking about something negative about Sony either the leaks that came out before PSP GO and PS3 Slim got announced or the PSN hacks. He really knew how to talk and was even quite funny. We will all miss Jack.

Jrmy841643d ago

Yes they are innovating, I'm liking all the options they are putting out.

mikel10151643d ago

"Innovation" only innovation was the theater viewing, that's it. Morpheus- occulus rift. Tv, Apps, Movies...irrelevant to the gaming community. Other than that, nothing.

Clover9041643d ago

Umm, the gaming community has been demanding Youtube integration since day one. Easy upload for game captures.

Fatal-Aim1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@ mikel1015

<"Innovation" only innovation was the theater viewing, that's it. Morpheus- occulus rift. Tv, Apps, Movies...irrelevant to the gaming community. Other than that, nothing.>

shows just how much you actually know about that conference.

PlayStation Now: in a nutshell, is basically every single PlayStation game to date on an online capable device (smart tv + DualShock 4 $60) since you are streaming games from the cloud.

PlayStation TV: in a nutshell, is PlayStation Now, a FREE PS4, PlayStation Store games, web browser etc., etc. for $100.

Sony has basically subsidised PlayStation for everyone, and the minimum cost to jumping in is $60 if you already have a smart tv.

Morpheus? lets just say gaming will never feel the same.

Fatal-Aim1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

double post

ALLWRONG1642d ago

TV apps everyone else has and games copied from Nintendo.

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incendy351643d ago

Innovation haha. They spent two seconds talking about Morpheus and 20 minutes talking about a tv show and free to play.

The show was terrible. Thankfully we will all forget about it once Bloodborne and Uncharted come out.

xHeavYx1643d ago

Again, 2 hour show, that leaves 1 hour and 40 minutes for games

AngelicIceDiamond1643d ago

Right but the only thing that's worth mentioning out of all that time are Bloodborne and UC4 and some timed exclusive indies.

xHeavYx1643d ago

You forgot to add "in my opinion" to your statement.

DemonChicken1643d ago

I wowed at no man sky so no not just uc4 and bloodborne

BlackTar1871643d ago

Demon Chicken knows what's up

No Man's sky looked awesome. Bloodborne UC4 i liked BroForce too.

LBP3 was awesome as well even if i suck at that game it's still fun. I'm playing Warthunder right now thanks to the confernce and knowing Tanks came out.

darx1643d ago

@ Heavy

I would assume anyone posting on these boards realizes it's their opinion.

RexDD1643d ago

@DemonChicken My Nigga

Spotie1643d ago

Entwined is worth mentioning. Let it Die is worth mentioning. LBP 3 is worth mentioning.

Oh, my bad. You meant those were the only games you WANTED to mention, to give the impression of a weaker show than what it actually was.


My mistake. We're in the same page now.

thereapersson1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Spotie, I know you currently only have one bubble, but your comment definitely deserves another for a "well said" statement.

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URNightmare1643d ago ShowReplies(1)
TimeSkipLuffy1643d ago

Right now I want them to focus more on games! Therefore I prefer the approach from MS! Gamers want games more than any other things I believe. Games are what made the PS1/PS2 legendary consoles! Not additional devices or new devices or services.
I want to have a big library of great games first before they start thinking about extending the lifetime of the PS4...

AngelicIceDiamond1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I agree.

Tv, App talk are great but not for E3 Sony really should of picked another event for that.

For a console that's not even a year old and the first E3 after the console's launch you really need to hammer down the games first before ANYTHING.

I'm glad overall that Sony is taking MS approach and expanding their brand but just not at E3, CES Comic Con whatever just anywhere but E3 please.

kenshiro1001643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Angelic. just stop.

Sony BARELY spent that much time on the media stuff.

BlackTar1871643d ago

You do relize SOny confernce was still onger then MS if ou take out the 20mins of TV time?

I'm also under the impression they showed the exact same # of games between them.

Angelic stop trolling Sony e3 articles.

AngelicIceDiamond1643d ago

@Black Trolling really?

Ok say MS does it next year (worst case scenario) spends 20 minute's on Tv and app talk everyone here will be cool with it? No complaining, crying, whining, sobbing, raging or nothing?

Got it.

I wanna here crying if they do it then.

sinspirit1643d ago


Yes. Stop being stupid. Sony has ALWAYS spent time talking about less gaming related stuff. They haven't shifted focus. Sony has made their shows longer to compensate for the topics. Also, they talked about some gaming related stuff throughout some of their non-gaming topics, like streaming PS4 to VitaTV, as well as PSNow on VitaTV as well as select Sony TV's. Grow up. You're so desperate to have a spin at this.

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SoapShoes1643d ago

You should prefer Sony's then because they talked about games for more time. I agree the powers section was boring, but it was just a small foot note overall.

TimeSkipLuffy1643d ago

it could have been more though. I just wished Sony would have shown their true power! Because they don't own that many studios for nothing :3

corvusmd1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Innovation? Sorry Sony, you're a great gaming company, but nothing you did was innovative in any way. VR has been done (not to mention if previews are to believed at his point Occulus is a much better VR, and you're rushing your product just a little too much...slow down a tad and perfect it first), TV has been done, Uncharted has been done, Demon Souls has been done, Gears of Order has been done (sorry that's funny, the game looks great, but it's not "new"), Grim Fandango has been done, Game streaming has been done, Little big planet has been done, and turning an E3 conference into talking about entertainment and filler has been done....what exactly did you innovate this E3?

Side note: I understand that at this point in gaming it's difficult to be truly innovative (like using cloud to assist in computing...which IF IF IF it works like the Crackdown CGI demo shows will be awesome...not set in stone yet, but good to see MS trying to push that with a major title...or doing AR tech instead of VR).... but if you're not doing anything innovative, just don't go around saying you would have been fine without that comment is all I'm saying. What I'm saying above isn't really a knock at what Sony is DOING, just that it's not "innovative"

Let's look at it this way...if you are the only one doing something and "fanboys" on the "other side" spend all their time trying to dismiss it...THEN you are doing something what would that be Sony?

shinrock1643d ago

Well Sony seems to be really innovating with their mouths. After e3 2014 they left a bad taste in my mouth with their unprofessional behavior,and the low blows they handed out! Especially after what the class act that is Phil Harrison said to the e3 audience at the start of the M$ presser on giving big ups the both Sony ad Nintendo

98xpresent1643d ago

To there warriors there innovative

truefan11643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Well said.

SoapShoes1643d ago

Well looking at it like that no one is innovating. I'd like to ask you what makes you think you can't innovate technology or genres already created to new heights, because I certainly believe you can. Platformers have been around since the dawn of gaming, and user created content has been around quite awhile but the original lbp certainly was innovative.

@shinrock, wha was so unprofessional about their conference? They didn't bash anyone specifically like last year, they only said gaming was better on PlayStation and that is their opinion and many others as well

SouthClaw1643d ago

Yeah because the sheep that jumped over to Sony's camp are so smart. I felt disgusted at all Sony's digs at Microsoft during their conference. It wasn't funny last year and it isn't funny now. We can all have a good laugh once Sony files for bankruptcy when the rest of the company start to rely on PS4 sales to survive while Microsoft thrive.

Sony fans are so blinded by their stupidity that they are so quick to forget that last gen they were throwing hate on Microsoft for Xbox Live Gold. Nobody blinked an eye when Sony said that you gotta pay to play this gen.

Oh yeah lets not forget the PSN hacks. Most people do not know how serious it was and what kind of security they had which showed they did not care about your data protection.

Microsoft listens to its customers they have shown that they are not blinded by their fame they know to admit when they screwed up. They may not be perfect but when the PSN hacks happened Microsoft did not rub it in their face.

Also Microsoft innovates just as much as Sony except Microsoft doesn't always make a dog and pony show out of it every time they have a new toy. Example - illumiroom.

BlackTar1871643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

You mean like Cloud and 4x da power?

Is that the Dog and Pony?

Or KInect? Is that the dog or the pony?

Or maybe the 1.5 hrs long reveal of SETTOP BOX WE"RE TAKING OVER THE LIVING ROOM.

Dog or Pony?

sinspirit1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

"Innovation" doesn't necessarily mean they did something first, but yes they have been working on VR far before Occulus and it took many forms. VR is still very new to the market and they are pushing it. Game streaming has never taken off very well and PSNow is an enormous library of some of the greatest games ever that you can play on multiple devices anywhere. Uncharted has been done? So has Mario. That doesn't mean Super Mario 64 wasn't innovative. They've made some big changes to LittleBIGPlanet. It's minor innovation. The deal with Farcry multiplayer being free to people you invite to play with you is innovation.

I'm confused if you just said that the augmented reality that MS is pushing is innovative. Because, in this case it's not.

Also, calculating physics on the cloud might be innovative, but it's something the console can do, and it's reliant on your internet connection. It's more of a PR stunt. Microsoft bragged about destruction being processed on the cloud in Titanfall, when it's just tons of scripted destruction.

MS has time and time again told people "this does that" and then people let their imaginations make them think it does it this well and then time and time again they are disappointed that the results were not on the scale that they thought it would be. Seriously, we have had absolutely zero real world demos and the only actual demo they gave us was a poor destruction demo with no graphical quality and it had to have taken a dozen servers for it to run that bad on a high end computer that they compared it to.

No one says not to be excited for what they promise, but quit using promises to time and time again justify things they don't have.

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spacecat50501643d ago

Where was that innovation again? Paid DLC, timed exclusives, VR, TV shows, apps? Im pretty sure thats what the competition is doing all that too.

sony is getting side tracked with these other projects and need to focus again on games like they said they would. And not just indies to carry them but actual aaa games to justify the price of a new console.

their E3 they only had what Uncharted 4 and Bloodborn as big first party titles. Very dissapointing. If they had others then I forgot which is even worse.

SoapShoes1643d ago

You never cared for Sony anyway and it shows in your language. hahaha! Acting like Sony stopped focusing on gaming when they've had more games this year so far and more aaa exclusives too. Oh but it is worse, if you truely have trouble with short term memory, you might want to go to the doctor.

spacecat50501643d ago

Naw, I stopped drinking the kool aid long ago brotha. You mean more ports from PC's and hardly any AAA games. That kool aid must be getting stronger from when I remember.

Sony is now ahead so they are now in a position to do what they always set out to and thats focus on the living room. The movies, tv, music and other non gaming features for their PS4. They duped you by saying for the gamers as they had these plans laid out well before.

They knew their fans would take to the boards and blast MS for doing the same thing. But now that sony is doing the same...

it's OK Sony♥

PSnow in the bravia's...boost their ailing TV dept. Changing Vita Tv to PS tv, puts a well established brand on their tv service. More apps, comics and movies for the ps4...check.

but hey as long as the graphics look pretty what do you care right?

zeuanimals1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

"Changing Vita Tv to PS tv, puts a well established brand on their tv service."

What? Do you know what a TV service is? PStv isn't a TV service and it's not a TV... It's a mini-console.

"You mean ports from PCs and hardly any AAA games"

inFAMOUS SS, MLB The Show, Driveclub, Guilty Gear Xrd, and LBP3 for this year's PS4 non-PC AAAs. You could also add in TLOU Remastered, but I won't, and that's still 5 AAA titles.

Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and Halo Collection for Xbox One's non-PC AAAs for the entire year. Other than that, they've had Titanfall, also on PC and Plants vs. Zombies GW, which is going to PS4 and is on PC.

Donky Kong TF, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros., and maybe The Devil's Third for the Wii U's non-PC AAAs.

Sony has more games but the Wii U has the best.

jnemesh1643d ago

Better games, VR (yes, it's going to be a thing, don't knock it unless you have tried it, bub), Remote Play, Playstation TV, Playstation Now. Do I really need to go on? If you don't think they had a good show, you need to take off your fanboy glasses and watch again. The PRESENTATION sucked, sure...but the CONTENT of what they showed was gold.