Tropico 5 Video Review – Simulated Glory - The Koalition

Callum May of The Koalition writes:

In a market of 6 to 8 hour gameplay experiences, there's nothing better than sinking large amounts of time into a slow simulation game. But it's one thing to sink hours into a game one day, it's another to come back the next day and do the exact same thing. To come back to the same game and play for extended periods of time takes something very special. Something that Haemimont's Tropico 5 most definitely has.

The story elements of Tropico 5 are a mixture between preset events and a form of emergent narrative that's unique to this genre. The game is split into four different eras ranging from colonial times, where you run the country on behalf of the crown to the modern era where you independently run the country and need to survive through countless elections.

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