Assassin’s Creed Unity: Do We Need a Female Assassin?

The GCE writes: "By now, many of us have seen the beauty that is the Assassin’s Creed Unity Cinematic Trailer that premiered at E3 Expo on June 9th during Ubisoft’s press conference. Taking place in Revolutionary France, 1789, against a backdrop of chaos in the streets and featuring a multiplayer that gives you the choice between four assassins — four male assassin’s -- it seems Ubisoft has unintentionally stirred the pot with some gamers wondering why they haven't included a female assassin. But why should they?"

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logan_izer101645d ago

No. Why is this such a big deal?

Also, what are the chances of a female assassin back in this era? 0%

AgentSmithPS41645d ago

Busty assassin pic inside.

Just in case you only read the headline ;).

nklh4x0r1645d ago

It doesn't really matter, you're just a killing machine under a hood.

uth111645d ago

I have no problem with them adding a female assassin if they want to.

What bothers me is that game is guilty of nothing that 80% of the other games are guilty of, but it gets singled out for hate bc one Ubi developer happened to bring it up. (which is more than the other games have done)

Really though, I don't think anger and hate directed towards one particular game are productive, it's divisive. If you want a female lead, write the game companies asking for this feature and most importantly buy the games that give it to you!

ThreshStar1645d ago

I hate to be a downer on this one, but hypothetical question:

How many people would have to write in or NOT buy other games for this to become an actual discussed issue?

I ask this question because with the recent top-selling games like Call of Duty, GTA, Halo, Battlefield series, and even MMO's almost always cater to the gamer demographic: White, young males.

I think the major issue here isn't that people aren't being vocal enough about change, it's that it takes a MASSIVE amount of pushback for the Video Game Industry to do anything "noble" (I use that term loosely for both them and the actions presented).

We live in a time where minorities, women, and gays have to fight tooth & nail to get to equal ground and our response usually is "There, happy now?! You done complaining about 'equality'?!"

There doesn't need to be equality in EVERY SINGLE GAME EVER MADE. It would be NICE, however, to see a few more game developers think "let's make a game where women can actually feel connected to the game".

I'm a young white male myself and I've RARELY had an issue feeling this way.

UBIsoft is getting attacked because like Grand Theft Auto, they made a massive, Co-op feeling game with no female interest involved. That kinda might sting if you're a woman and having to hear "Sorry, maybe next time! tee-hee-hee!"

uth111645d ago

Well these companies speak one language: sales

If adding women or minorities will increase sales they will do it. So gamers should speak with their wallets. Buy games like Child of Light, Transistor, etc. Make them hits, doesn't hurt that they are great games anyway. The execs will take notice and say we need 'more like this'

SpinalRemains1381645d ago

Already played as one in Liberation.

Are we suggesting that we make every game a female?

What's the difference anyway? Seriously? Its fantasy!