Sony Explains Why PlayStation Vita TV Was Renamed for North America & Europe

When Sony announced the PlayStation TV for release in North America and Europe this year, it was noticeably missing the ‘Vita’ part in its title, as the device was called PlayStation Vita TV in Japan.

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user74029311646d ago

it was changed so much its even spelled differantly!

My_Outer_Heaven1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

It's probably been changed from being called Vita TV to prevent people from thinking this as a Vita alternative, even though people should be smart enough to realise what it actually does.

Deadpoolio1646d ago

That doesn't even make sense considering it literally is a Vita alternative as it's nothing more than a screen less Vita....Not sure where people keep getting this idea that it's like an OUYA or open sourced or anything other than a Vita that uses your television for the screen...That is literally an exact definition of what it is

Skate-AK1646d ago


You can also stream your PS4 to any TV if you have Playstation TV hooked up also. It's basiclly remote play without having to take your console anywhere.

My_Outer_Heaven1646d ago

I'm sure Sony don't want Vita sales to diminish so they label the Vita TV as PlayStation TV.

MajorGecko1646d ago

or they want the vita dead so they dont have to make western games for it here

smt_Nocturne1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

PS TV Compatibility List!

soul sacrifice, soul sacrifice delta, Toukiden, Persona 4 Golden and Final Fantasy X/X-2 all supported. check official list for more.

ftwrthtx1646d ago

I don't care what they call it, I want one.

Anon19741646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Me too! If for nothing else than a PS4 extender alone. That's worth $100 to me.

Although the renaming isn't hard to figure out. The "Playstation" name has more brand recognition. I was puzzled why it was ever called the "Vita TV" in the first place considering playing Vita games was only a part of what it did. Dropping Vita from the title avoids consumer confusion. The Vita is a portable handheld. The PS TV is a separate console which can also play Vita games, among other things. It's not that hard to figure out.

What I do know is these things are going to sell like hotcakes, and certainly isn't going to hurt developer interest when it comes to making games for this and the Vita.

darthv721646d ago

As one of a handfull of PSP-Go owners....I have wanted one of these since the vita was announced. i was thinking Sony would revise the vita with tv out but this way is much more compact and convenient.

i keep my go on the TV dock and a sixaxis at the ready when i want to play digital psp games on tv.

Now with the added power of playing retail and digital vita games...this is will be a great addition to have.

forcefullpower1646d ago

I agree. Got a few mates in the uk that one. Just for a ps4 extender to their office while the biatch is watching soaps. I have been saying to my friends this is what ms should have done with the 360 or something similar. Sonys idea of playing games via streaming is good.

ABizzel11646d ago

I just want DualShock 4 compatibility and allowing the touch pad to function as the touch screen for Vita games.

Darrius Cole1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Same here I'm getting one.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 on my television set. Oh yes, I'm buying it.


That thing plays PS One games, PSP games, and PS Vita games on your television and it costs $99US. It is going to rape-stomp in sales if it makes it here by Christmas.

FamilyGuy1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

One HUGE feature of the PS Tv that they aren't advertising as much as they should (at all actually) is its ability to be used as a FULL second screen display output for split screen and co-op gaming. Knack does the co-op gaming thing but all games that have split screen can be played on two separate screens, instead of splitting a single screen, if you have the PlaystionTv.

Remote Play, playing your PS4 games in another room without moving the whole console, playing vita games on a tv screen and PS Now game streaming are the major features that they constantly advertise but it does even more.

I can't wait to pick this thing up, $99 and I can finally play all the PS Vita games that I downloaded through PS+ LOL.

Agent_00_Revan1646d ago

Me too. I've been waiting for one since they announced it. I've thought many times about importing one because I didn't want to wait.

It's going to primarily be a PS4 extender with Remote Play in my Living Room. But I'm sure I'll utilize it's many other functions.

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bahabeast1646d ago


TimeSkipLuffy1646d ago

I voted for a rename right after they said it won't play all Vita games. I'm happy that they changed it. It's not a full Vita device anyway but I'm very happy to see it being released in Europe! *___*

Fixay1646d ago

The name change makes sense.

Almost like there selling it as a set top box, like the boxes that turn your tv into a smart tv and this adds playstation games on top

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