BGR - E3 Day 2: I Tried Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset and It’s Absolutely Amazing

Jacob Siegal of BGR: I started E3 Day Two at Sony’s booth, with a wealth of new games to choose from. After walking in circles trying to decide what to pick up first, I settled with Driveclub, the exclusive driving game that was originally meant to launch alongside the PS4. One of the game’s developers explained to me that although they had a “good” game ready last November, they wanted to make a “great” game, so they decided to delay Driveclub’s release date.

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jaredhart1643d ago

Hoping it becomes successful. Been wanting good VR since the 90's teased it.

Prime1571642d ago

Virtual boy... Lol.

I loved virtual boy, though.

jaredhart1642d ago

Well, the virtual boy was part of that.

I'm thinking more how VR was in everything including movies and Aerosmith videos. Various systems in the 90's promised it.

There was even that cheesy VR game at Dave and Busters that was fun even though it had very primitive graphics and limited gameplay.

ZodTheRipper1643d ago

Good to hear, this thing is high on my wishlist.

xhi41642d ago

Can't wait! Uncharted VR edition - give it to me now!

quiddd1642d ago

A stealth VR game would be off the hook

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The story is too old to be commented.