Toronto Sun - Destiny hands-on preview: What works and what doesn't

Is this fated to be the next great sci-fi shooter?

Destiny, the new game by the creators of the Halo franchise, arrives Sept. 9 on the current and last-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, riding a massive wave of expectation, hype and a marketing campaign reportedly worth a staggering $500 million.

Its pedigree is unmatched: the game is the first by storied development studio Bungie since 2010’s Halo Reach, after which they surrendered the multibillion-dollar Halo juggernaut to Microsoft’s own 343 Industries, the developers of Halo 4 and the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians. Now teamed with publishing giant Activision, and no longer exclusively bound to the Xbox platform, Bungie is once again looking to the stars.

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