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Link’s Gender Is Irrelevant

Pixel Gate writes:

''There’s a strange notion going around (mostly on social media) that Link not being female in recently revealed Legend of Zelda game is some how ‘a shame’. While there is a lack of female protagonists in modern video games (there’s a history of games fronted by female characters, do your research) the argument that a Male Link is a ‘shame’ feels flakey at best. Link’s gender is irrelevant, his gender is never made obvious (bar Twilight Princess perhaps) nor does it play a part in the plot.'' (The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

kalkano  +   417d ago
"his gender is never made obvious"

Not once, ever, have I thought that Link might be female. He's male. Always has been.
GamerEuphoria  +   417d ago
I don't think you're getting what was meant. The point is there's nothing in the games that hinges on Link's gender.
kalkano  +   417d ago
Ok. Isn't that true of most games, in general?
vazurahan  +   417d ago
His grunts etc. are male

He's a pretty boy like Raiden and those you see on anime
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Edsword  +   417d ago
I agree with your response, but I also agree with Kalkano. This is a very slippery slope and needs to end right now. There are plenty of games with female protagonist, perhaps even a higher percentage than what Hollywood puts out. But what does it matter? We all know that males are more prone to play certain genres of games. I am not saying that women don't play videogames, but most are more inclined to play social casual games and not action games. It would be ridiculous to have a 50/50 split between male and female action game protagonist because it doesn't match the demographic playing those games. Compare it to having a 50/50 split of men and women featured on the covers of Sothern Living or Cosmapolitan magazine. Gender roles exist and it's time for our stupid society to accept and embrace it as normal and stop trying to make men and women something they were not meant to be.
Slade23  +   417d ago
@gamerEurhoria It was pretty obvious on link's gender on The Legend of Zelda's Ocarina of Time. Even saving princess Ruto it should be obvious.
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Veni Vidi Vici  +   417d ago
Except for immersion. I'm not sure I want to imagine myself as a lesbian saving the princess that I love. I'm sure that'd be great for some demographics but it's not something I particularly want. Perhaps having Link androgenous allows Nintendo to cover all the bases by allowing people to decided for themselves? Whatever gender you choose, gender does make a difference with regards to immersion, IMO.
GamerEuphoria  +   417d ago
If using the logic/concepts of the people i've been talking to on the subject, no it seems not in most cases. I can see what they mean in some cases (Gears for example, given how macho it is, which is fine). It's tricky to explain
kalkano  +   417d ago
I said most, not all. But for your particular example, there are macho women.
MasterCornholio  +   417d ago
I remember there was an article once where they zoomed in on Links crotch to prove that he was male. I think that was either in Soul Calibur on the GC or Smash Brothers also for the GC.
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3-4-5  +   417d ago
Wind Waker

Link's Sister: " Hey Big Brother! "

Person who wrote this article most likely has never played more than 1 hour of any LoZ game.

Link is a Male/Dude/Guy/Man ! Comprehend this please!
randomass171  +   417d ago
Well of course it's not all that significant, but some people are interested in playing as a female Link. I almost always play as the girl if I have the option. :)
likeaboss302  +   417d ago
That's what Princess Zelda is for. Depending on the storyline maybe she is a playable character.
randomass171  +   417d ago
She's playable in Hyrule Warriors, so I'm rather ecstatic about that! And besides, why don't we make Zelda a boy for a change? That would certainly throw fans for a loop. :P
warczar  +   417d ago
Nice picture of metrosexual Link, Anime sure does have a way of making every male character look a little feminine.
Reeze  +   417d ago
I remember that! I think it was Hyrule Warriors media coverage and the host said "work it, girl!" XD
vazurahan  +   417d ago
His sound/voice has always been male.

Being silent doesn't make Gordon Freeman's gender irrelevant. Same as Link's
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Zichu  +   417d ago
I don't see why people are making an issue with the gender of protagonists...

You can't please everyone or else Link would be a multi-ethnic hermaphrodite who happens to be bisexual...

You can't have him being one race, one gender or having one sexual preference, he can have them all O.o

Just leave games alone, play them and have fun.
vazurahan  +   417d ago
Right. Miyamoto designed him as a Hylian male, it's part of the lore.

I sure don't want to have an option for Larry Croft on Tomb Raider.
christian hour  +   417d ago
After the dust settles, I wonder when animal rights activists will come out and say that there's not enough animal based protagonists in video games.

If a developer chooses a female protagonist, that's their choice, if they don't, that's their choice, don't bring gender politics and feminism in to it. You don't see me going around complaining that most male protagonists are attractive and physically fit in every sense of the word.

It's just pointless, instead of trying to protect someone with low self esteem who might be upset they don't look super macho like Marcus Phoenix, or that they aren't pretty and well endowed like a lot of female VG characters, or that their sex is inferior because it is not represented well in the medium, how about we tell these people its just fantasy, its not real, and nobody expects you to look like that, anyone who thinks yr sex is inferior isn't a real human being, don't give em the time of day.

And if there happens to be more male VG characters than there are female, its nothing against you or anyone else personally, it's all just a bunch of focus group PR bullcrap that is incredibly out of touch with the modern world, they'll get the memo eventually, in the meantime lets jut try and be rational about this and enjoy the games for what they are, rather than what we think they should be in a world gone PC mad.
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Sly-Lupin  +   417d ago
You can please everyone. Its called character customization.

The only people who wouldn't be pleased would be bigots who cannot tolerate other people playing as nonwhite or nonmale Links.
lilbroRx  +   417d ago
Links current design base isn't a white male, its a Japanese male with elf like features. His features in most Zelda games, primarily is eyes and facial shape, are extremely Japanese.

Link is a boy. He was never intended to be anything else. The only people who have a problem with that are egoists who want everything to be tailored to their tastes and people who just like making controversial of which their are a lot in the gaming universe these days.
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kalkano  +   417d ago
No. Some people like actual main characters, written into the story, with actual personalities. I don't want every game to just let me create an avatar.
KonsoruMasuta  +   417d ago
See, that's your problem. You're assuming that everyone is a bigot and racist just because they don't agree with you.
Rute  +   417d ago
Sorry for the Off-topic, but Zichu said that "hermaphrodite who happens to be bisexual", and it got me thinking that can a hermaphrodite even be heterosexual? I wonder what the conservative Christian take on the issue is...
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Zichu  +   417d ago
Lol I actually changed the ethnicity, gender and sexuality a couple of times before I posted it.

It started off as:

Black Transgender who is gay
Multi-Ethnic Transgender who is gay
Multi-Ethnic Transgender who is bisexual

Then ended up being what I posted. To be honest, I wouldn't have a clue that sexuality someone would be if they had both parts.
Rute  +   417d ago
Haha... multi-ethnic transgender gay Link would destroy the competition. GOTY confirmed.

But I have a tentative solution for the problem I mentioned: When a hermaphrodite, having sex, uses only his/hers sex organ that is NOT found on the sex partner, the person is heterosexual.
randomass171  +   417d ago
*timidly raises hand*

I don't think it's a "big" deal, but I think it's nice to give the player more options. I most certainly would never demand to have the ability to play as a female Link, but being able to do so is a welcome change to the usual formula since I tend to like playing as female heroins. It's not essential to Zelda, it's just a nice little thing to see happen.
Zichu  +   417d ago
It doesn't really bother me, as long as it's for the right reasons, they know what they are doing and don't make a point.

Make an immersive experience and I will be happy.

I could see a lot of people getting really angry if they made Link a female...
Nada Nuff  +   417d ago
"....his gender is never made obvious (bar Twilight Princess perhaps) nor does it play a part in the plot...."

"...There’s no ‘masculine’ traits given to Link, nor is there any feminine traits. The character’s gender is never focused on, nor does it have any part in the games plot or overall experience."

These statements make me believe the author has very little experience with the Zelda series.

His voice aside, which other commenters have mentioned, Link looks male. He does have some female characteristics (hair, tunic) but he's obviously male. The "mistaking him for a female" thing is an internet joke.
GamerEuphoria  +   417d ago
How is hair and a tunic a female trait?
vazurahan  +   417d ago
Yeah, those idiots pretend they can't see that he's male. Or do they have bad vision?


christian hour  +   417d ago
Not to say he's right in saying theres nothign gender specific about link in anyway, my sister (she's a 34 year old non gamer) thinks he's called zelda, and thinks he's female, even though i've corrected her on this several times in the last 2 decades, any time I get a new zelda she still refers to link as a female, and as zelda when she's in the room and notices im plaing a game with a familiar character she recognises and so, she tries to relate to me with her minimal knowledge :P despite getting it all wrong, and calling it a gamebox or a gamestation as well, she is AWESOME!
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vazurahan  +   417d ago
Aonuma can say whatever he wants of Link being an avatar or whatever, but he didn't create Link. The game's just passed on to him as a director. Miyamoto's design of Link was inspired from Peter Pan, a dude.
renerak  +   417d ago
So whats gonna happen?, link and zelda will become lesbians? Nobody cares abt the relationship btwn link and zelda? Its like mario and peach, imagine how you would have felt if you went to the final castle in super mario brothers and found a guy instead of princess peach, i would have been like 'where is my princess you bass..tard'. While his gender is not relevant in all zelda games, it was relevant in the few zelda games which we consider the greatest (except for majoras mask., maybe).
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Rute  +   417d ago
Link had for a long time had the feeling that he was a lesbian who was born into a man's body, so he had a sex change operation... ;-)
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randomass171  +   417d ago
You could make Zelda a boy. :P
DarkBlood  +   417d ago
randomass171  +   417d ago
Dang it, you just HAD to go there...
MNGamer-N  +   417d ago
GLBT? Link
sonic989  +   417d ago
if i understand it correctly .
noway i would rather leave gaming all together than this happening .
Afirmitive  +   417d ago
Uh, judging from the animated series and his grunts and screams, especially in smash bro. Its clear that he a male. its its about the guy rescuing the princess. I pray that doesn't get taken away from us.
GamerEuphoria  +   417d ago
No one is questions his gender...the point is it's interchangeable. There isn't a need for Nintendo to walk out say 'Link is a girl in this' and design the character showing clear signs of female features.

The whole post is pointing out how silly the notion is that link not being a female in Zelda U is a 'Shame'
sonic989  +   417d ago
i saw the trailer well he didnt look like a female at all .
people just need something to complain about these days .
message to those people do something with your lives and dont waste it on something irrelevant i couldnt careless about those complaining people .
i remember back then we used to complain about a new game direction a reboot and a completely new designs for existing franchises ( it bothers the fans ) .
BUT this facepalm .
link being a male makes sense he rescues a princess whats the problem people .
i wont be surprised if people started to ask for a gay link in the future if this is the start of it . ( disgusting, and pathetic )
JaggedCarpet  +   417d ago
I think it would be kinda interesting to play as a female Link.
lizard81288  +   417d ago
For whatever reason, i thought of Ugly Americans:


where Randall loses his dick.
TM333  +   416d ago
Maybe Link is kinda like Peter Pan... more like a tranny.

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