Playstation TV: Sony wants to be the 'Netflix for games'

Gartner analyst Brian Blau writes "I think it's a smart move by Sony to try to extend the tentacles of their ecosystem, making devices and services that can touch people at different points throughout the day. And that's an approach that we've seen in different types of devices in the market."

"We look at Apple, and they do a good job of that, we look at Google and they do a good job of that. Sony's doing that in the spirit of games. Today, it looks like what they're doing is a good strategy."

Playstation Now isn't the first attempt to launch a streaming service for games. In 2012, US company Onlive closed its doors after failing to convince gamers that they didn't need to own their games, or the devices on which they were played.

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XiSasukeUchiha1646d ago

"Netflix for games" Yep thank you Sony for showing and bringing us games.

miyamoto1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

PS3 is the most used device for Netflix.

"It's a game changer if you believe that games are going to be really popular in households, or if you believe games can extend beyond the core gamer in the household, and I think that's the case."

Software will transcend hardware. I always say that.
And that software is PS Now.

Dear Sony, please make a PlayStation Phone... NOW!

There is no better time to leverage the Power of Video Games than today.

KinjoTakemura1645d ago

A Sony smartphone being capable of playing Playstation games and streaming video? It would be the equivalent of a political coup in the gaming industry. That is an epic idea.

DualWielding1645d ago

Game streaming may be the future but we are still years away from that...... Netflix is already having trouble with ISPs screwing it, and demanding more money for them not to reduce their speed... it'll only be worse with games because ISPs see gamers as second rate customers and game streaming requires even more bandwidth

Tru_Blu1645d ago

Yep with the death of net neutrality came the death of streaming services. ISPs will and are making them pay out the nose. Netflix already had to raise it's price to pay for the extortion money Verizon and Comcast got from them. Maybe in 20 years when google has had enough time to wire up most of the US with fiber will it even be plausible to offer a massive streaming service.

vongruetz1645d ago

This is one of the few articles from a non-gaming website that doesn't screw up what the PlayStation TV can actually do. Other sites don't quite understand what it can or can't do but just have a vague idea that it streams all sorts of game somehow, or that it streams Vita games.

Who'd have thought the Guardian would be on top of things here.

Jdoki1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

If Sony want that, they need to get the price right.

That'll be the only thing to stop this service being a success. The rumours that some games may cost $19.99 would be a killer.

I would happily pay a flat fee every month if it were priced similarly to Netflix.

The other big problem is that PlayStation TV only outputs up to 720p / 1080i and 2 channel audio. For Movies that's a big black mark in my book. For PSNow game streaming it's not such a big deal.

EDIT: Also, thinking about the PS4 remote play capability, the lack of 1080p could hurt image quality of some games.

sic_chops1645d ago

And they can the Netflix of games if they implement this right.