10 reasons Nintendo won E3 2014

Microsoft may have had the good looking games, Sony may have brought out some cracking trailers, but it was Nintendo that won this year’s E3 conference.

They had a great sense of humour, the games announced looked amazing (if a little samey – isn’t that the Nintendo way?) and there were some decent surprises to show that the Wii U is not as dead as we thought.

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Geobros1529d ago

Nice article!! I enjoyed very much Nintendo's digital event and the treehouse later. She won E3 without press conference, thats not easy!!

Madock1528d ago

In fact they made the companies that DID have a press conference look like they weren't there

solboogie1528d ago

About time Ninty! The Wii Uturn to the top begins!

Lrateke1528d ago

Nintendo Treehouse was the best thing to happen in E3 in years- Nintendo really rocked!