Xbox One: Has Microsoft's E3 Changed Perceptions?

NowGamer: "With Microsoft trying to close the gap on the PS4, we ask whether E3 has helped the company to change perceptions about the Xbox One."

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Septic1646d ago

I think it has. When the X1 showed its wares last year, some people said it was just a temporary measure to entice gamers (a trojan horse if you will) whilst trying to leverage its multimedia ambitions.

This year, with Phil Spencer at the helm and this E3 show, we can remain confident that the Xbox division squarely has gaming in mind. That is its primary focus and there are great things to look forward to not just in 2014, but beyond that for Xbox gamers.

darthv721646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

the system was going to sell to those who were interested to begin with. Those who are in the process of deciding will look at the two models (w/kinect and without) on the shelf and go with the one that they feel offers the most for their investment.

Dropping the kinect just saves those who had not yet gotten one...$100. Granted they will need to get kinect at some point (depending on the appeal of the game that makes use of it) but they will.

Its the games that sell the system and MS had a good showing of multi and exclusive games. Anyone that is a halo fan will most definitely get the MC collection. I know I will and I dont even have the XB1 yet but that wont stop me from buying the collection. When i do get the system...I will have something to play on it waiting for me at home.

When it comes to those who already bought into the next gen (PS4/Wii-U) I think it has at least entertained the idea of buying into the XB1 for the games they wont be able to play on their other systems. Which is ideally the direction most gamers go. they would rather not feel limited to a single platform but it is understandable that they have to due to financial obligations and/or room to accommodate multiple systems.

Personally, i have never left myself out of the goods from any generation. And im not about to start now. I've already got the wii-u. just need the other 2 to make ME feel good about playing all those cool games coming out later.

gamer78041646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I agree, it will shift more units, but its really more of a slight of hand.

For at least half of its life prior to releasing the kinectess version, you could get a an xbox one with kinect, and forza or titnalfall, and a year of gold, for about 450-460. The middle of the road deal was 450 for an xbox and forza or titan fall. Either way you are essentially paying more to get a kinectless xbox, than you could have gotten before the kinectless launch.

It's a bit of slight of hand by MS, but really for a long time the xbox one has essentially been the same price as a ps4 and thats including kinect, providing you wanted either flagship title forza5 or titanfall.

Course i didn't take advantage of any deals unfortunately, but when you buy day one thats what happens.

VforVideogames1646d ago

Indeed they have, as I said before I was waiting for this years e3 to make my decision on which console to get and now as of yesterday my shiny new Xbox one sits below my 65hdtv, XBOX.....ON.

Evilsnuggle1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I own both OG xbox and 360 both at launch gamertag evil snuggle . I don't see a reason to buy a xbone juan . I have not seen one xbone executive that you get my to buy one at 400. PS4 has the superior mulitplatform version of 3d party games . Im jelly of Below but it will come PS4. I love phantom dust but it was a japan game now it's going to be american develop i don't like that . microsoft will americanzine phantom dust to a bro boxes game. xbone graphics look last gen 2.0 to me every game expect Ryse it don't have enough horsepower . i might buy one when it's $200 can't see paying more than that for such weak hardware. I loved OG xbox great game must underated game console of all time and dreamcast .

[email protected]

not everyone has the same taste in game not one of those game interest me at all .

corvusmd @

how does microsoft have the best network now microsoft is a ip prover. fanboys fantasies . Xbox live is no better than PSN that is xbone fanboy delusion . Microsoft nor SONY has no control of your internet speed , bandwidth or strength of your connection it your ip provider. Dedicated servers that entirely up to the game developer and game published . I have both xbox live and PSN online multiplayer is identical on both service . Microsoft nor SONY are ip providers and have no control over the internet.

MysticStrummer1646d ago

I'd say the perception changing stuff happened before E3. I don't see how E3 changed anything.

threefootwang1646d ago

They've definitely gone in the right direction. The problem for me specifically though is if they'll stay committed 3-4 years from now, if those same exclusives will still be coming out. That was my main grief with the 360, my last two years before selling the console, just about every game I bought was a multi-platform.

I'm going PS4 this gen as a result but hey, I'll still be keeping up to date with all X1 related news, and if they do indeed stay true to their word, then an X1 down the road is always a possibility!

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averagejoe261646d ago

Ehhh I don't think so. Showing a bunch of multiplatform games isn't enough. At least they didn't shoot themselves in the foot this year which can be looked at as a positive.

mhunterjr1646d ago

That's a pretty ridiculous comment since they've shown 8 exclusives coming out THIS YEAR ALONE
Halo: The Master Chief Collection (includes Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer beta)
Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon 2
Ori and the Blind Forest
Dance Central Spotlight
Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved
Project Spark
Killer Instinct: Season 2

To claim that they are the ones leaning on multiplats is to be ignorant of the truth.

darx1646d ago

He knows that! You didn't need to waste your time typing out a list.

NCAzrael1646d ago

And what was the big focus for the beginning of their presentation? Oh, that's right, yet another Call of Duty. Sorry, if they want me to feel that they care about exclusives, maybe they should focus more on their exclusives. I'll get CoD on my PC for the SP campaign just like I do every year. I'll get the new BF on my PC for the MP, and I'll get all of the exclusives for my PS4. The only thing the XB1 has that I'm excited about is Forza, and Microsoft's decision to once again make sure that the several hundred dollars I put into my racing setup is a waste on their system ruins that excitement.

Kingthrash3601646d ago

In all season2 isn't a actual game but a doc...hardly worth a mention.... Project spark and sunset overdrive were at last years e3....other than that you are right.

No_Limit1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

@NCAzrael ,

"And what was the big focus for the beginning of their presentation?" "Sorry, if they want me to feel that they care about exclusives, maybe they should focus more on their exclusives."

and what was the big focus for the beginning of the Sony's presentation, again?


"Project spark and sunset overdrive were at last years e3"

So was The orders :1886, the difference is both of those games on XB1 will be out this year.

mhunterjr1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


So because they lead of with COD they aren't focused enough on their exclusives? Which 1st party didn't show any third party content?

It's hard to argue that they aren't focused on 1st party, when they are delivering quality 1st party hits, at a faster rate than any of their competitors.

I get it, YOU don't like anything other than Forza, but most gamers would find plenty of xb1 exclusives to play this holiday.

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1646d ago
marijanFTW1646d ago

xbox one is dead. PS4 demolishes it even in US and E3 won't change that

April NPD: PS4 Outsells Xbox One for Fourth Consecutive Month

Bizzare211646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

That was April. It's now June. Get over it.

incendy351646d ago

Justin Bieber also led sales for months. Is all other music dead?

bleedsoe9mm1646d ago

Serious question , did sony ever announce how many ps4's they sold in April ?

kewlkat0071646d ago

Ofcourse it changed perceptions. Maybe not that of fanboys.

X360 sold more based on NPD for 32 straight months but what did Microsoft win...nothing

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cyclindk1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I think it was all positive, but that not all the negative perceptions about it have been washed away, namely the fact that, despite Microsoft's best efforts, they have sort of blundered through this deal from the beginning launch. Misreading the market, and some greed of course, but overall all this positivity has come from being so poorly recieved on so many levels to begin with.

So it isnt quite the same as coming out if the gate with all cylinders firing rather than building momentum months after the fact.

Time will tell, if they keep it up they will still stand a fair chance in the ol console war, IF they can manage to avoid any other mishaps.

slate911646d ago

In my opinion if you had a negative view before (and you were justified in having one), and the show, or the past few months for that matter, havent changed your perception then it will never change and you'll miss out on some memorable gaming moments

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