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Gauntlet - Preview | GamingLives

GamingLives gets all nostalgic and takes a closer look at Arrowhead's upcoming remake of the 1985 arcade classic, Gauntlet.

"Arrowhead Games have taken the Gauntlet of old and have lovingly crafted a new masterpiece that retains almost all of the characteristics of the old and melded them with modern graphics to recreate a masterpiece and imbue it with all of the nostalgia one would expect of something that is almost thirty years old. I cannot express enough how well they have managed this process and how impressive it is that they have faithfully kept the detail and quirkiness of the original, yet have still given it a modern feel and flow with pristine environments and impressive effects that could well pave the way to this becoming a modern-day classic." (E3, Gauntlet, PC)

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