Tons of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire screenshots

Check out 100 screenshots from Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

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GdaTyler1406d ago

Day one buy. I've been waiting for a remake of my favorite generations of Pokemon. My body is ready for Hoenn.

CaptainPunch1406d ago

Haven't played Ruby and Sapphire since I was 10, now I'm 21 so it's been a while. Can't wait to play the remakes.

Aratax1406d ago

AWWWWW YISSSS. Just thinking about it makes me feel just like a purple pikmin.

CloudyAero1406d ago

I really hope they didn't get rid of the customization options. Being able to buy your clothes, etc was a really neat feature in X & Y.

GdaTyler1406d ago

I would use that to make it really more akin to the Emerald protagonists.

DeadManMMX1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Man sometimes I feel like Nintendo holds itself back so much. Why is there still no console version of Pokemon? I played my copy of Red way back in 1998 and the whole time I kept thinking man this will be awesome when they make a 3D version. Maybe on N64!!! All these years have passed nothing. Also what is up with they're online focus which is non existant. The president said recently that they weren't going to focus on that this generation. What? You said that last generation and the one before it. How long do you think you can hold off without being left completely behind (arguably this has already happened). How about an Achievement system maybe we could call it Stars!!! On both 3DS and the Wii U. I just want to see them try to move forward a bit and a little more innovation in they're first party games. Link has been in Hyrule doing the same stuff for 30 some years. If this was God Of War or any other similar franchise people would be calling for reinvention. At what point does tradition make way for innovation. I'd personally like to see Link in Hyrule 2255 a city similar to the one in the Fifth Element with the temples hidden thoughout the city. Just an idea.