New Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Trailer Showcases Brand New Mega Evolutions

Twinfinite writes:

"Today, Nintendo has released a new trailer for their upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Within, you’ll get a good luck at combat within the new remakes and the redesigns of the three Hoenn starter Pokemon. More importantly, however, you will get to see Mega Sceptile, Mega Blaziken, Mega Swampert, and Mega Diancie in all their might and wonder."

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-Foxtrot1441d ago


Really, what is the point of Mega Evolutions in this game...a remake of a game BEFORE X and Y.

It didn't have Mega Evolutions in the old games so it shouldn't have them in this one.

Askanison41441d ago

Suspension of disbelief.

The mega evolutions here look like great fun. What's wrong with that?


SaintAlpha1011441d ago

They said that these games are more of a re-imagining than a remake.
This re-imagining is probably set after X and Y, so having Mega Evolutions makes sense.

-Foxtrot1441d ago

How can you do a re-ikmaginging with the same characters and story set after X and Y

Red and Blue were remade with the same story

Gold and Silver were aswell

Why would they just re-do Ruby and Sapphire...doesn't make sense.

They are just trying to force a way to include mega evolutions despite the fact they don't belong in this game.

Nolando1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


Maybe re-imagining requires some imagination on the part of the user as well ;)

I don't mind, I look forward to this and the mega evolutions of the starters rock!

I like Mega-evolutions I tend to use them as a last resort if I feel like the battle isn't going my way it gives me a wild card.

The only request I have is, AS MUCH AS I LOVED X & Y and what they did with those games I felt it was WAY TOO EASY and with very little end game content. Hopefully they fix those things I want a challenge and a reason to level up my Pokémon after the Elite four. I just hate how the game just stops and there's no progressive way to level to 100 (other than just grinding). I don't want to be over leveled by the 3rd gym.

Beetey1441d ago

Mega Evolutions are going to be an integral part of all future Pokemon games. After including them in X and Y, I'm not sure why you would expect them to be excluded from these remakes, especially since you will be able to play multiplayer between these and X and Y (presumably).

I personally am incredibly excited to see new mega evolutions included, and I look forward to seeing what else they choose to add.

Nolando1441d ago

shoot I meant to press agree sorry dude!

yeah mega evolutions are a cool new part of Pokémon.

Summons751441d ago

That's why its a remake and not a eshop port. They are upgrading it and improving it. Steel types and abilities weren't in Red and Blue but they sure put them in the remakes.

Claim down, megas were great in X and Y and really added to the startagy of competitive gaming.

On that note I still want a Mega Ludicolo!

truechainz1441d ago

The other remakes had plenty of extra stuff that wasn't in the original game too. Especially Heart gold/Soul silver. It is honestly pretty impressive you found something complain about here. Luckily for you, you can play this story without mega evolutions all you like with the original versions.

Chard1441d ago

I think you're missing the point of Pokemon. Re-releases like this are not made to please every manchild who wants his old single player game intact, they're about evolving the metagame, and making money.
Doesn't make sense you say? Nothing about Pokemon makes sense!

TheTowelBoy1441d ago

Same can be said about Soul Silver and the advanced breeding systems, and differing battle formats that happened after Silver version released. They were in Soul Silver because they advanced the series.

jambola1441d ago

Pokemon Fire red and leaf green had breeding, which wasn't in red/blue/green, what's the difference?

thehobbyist1440d ago

You're logic is flawed to hell.
Ruby and Sapphire introduced double battles to the series. So should the Gold/Silver remakes not have double battles? After all, they take place BEFORE the events of Ruby and Sapphire. And in Ruby and Sapphire double battles were "just invented"

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mirthor1441d ago

Did any of you read the article? It's flame bate. It says that during the live stream of a website, not the press conference, a demo for a website, that it was on PC. The article is misleading as anything I've ever read online. I'm not saying it wasn't on PC at the conference, but this article confirms nothing.

mirthor1441d ago

I posted on the batman article and it posted the same reply here for some undeterminable reason