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Finishing The Witcher 3 In 100 Hours Is A Speedrun, Says Dev

Developer reckons that finishing The Witcher 3 in 100 hours equals to a speedrun. Also, it looks like Geralt is now able to bargain for his rewards! (PC, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox One)

micx  +   533d ago
100 hours for a speedrun seems hefty.
Spinal  +   533d ago
There's a good thing and a bad thing to grasp here.

An rpg taking long to complete while it's great if there's plenty of content but it can be annoying when a game feels like it will never end lol. Some stories don't need to be dragged out.

I couldn't get into Witcher 2 something about the combat. Witcher 3 looks great tho an ill play it on the ps4 instead of my PC this time. Again cause of the combat doesn't suit mouse an keyboard.

I'm looking forward to dragon age tho that will be a PC purchase for me. That an Destiny for my Ps4.
SilentNegotiator  +   533d ago
Unless they developed the game for over 5 years, it's doubtful that they created over 100 hours of unique content. And since my understanding is that they made the map beyond gigantic, my concern is that the length comes from a large part in the really long travel.

vishmarx  +   533d ago
1)i find that extremely hard to believe.
2)amazing if its true
3)sadly ill prolly never complete it
nklh4x0r  +   533d ago
A good example of a too long bad game: Ride To Hell Retribution... *shrugs*
Nerdmaster  +   533d ago
If you don't have a joystick to play on your PC, I doubt you are a PC gamer.
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qu1ckset  +   533d ago
Witcher 2 was amazing , graphics were a benchmark for awhile and still look better then some of the newer launched games and still tax top of the lines systems with uber sampling turned on. My only complaint was the controls felt clunky with both KB+M and the 360 controller, I really hope they streamline the controls more with Witcher 3 to make it feel less clunky!

@Spinal why in the word would you get Witcher 3 on PS4 and Dragon Age on PC !? You got that backwards , should get Witcher 3 for PC because it will be a benchmark for graphics and be much more immersive and will have controller support on PC for both the 360 and XBO controller! Dragon Age I'm prolly picking up for PS4 as there won't be much difference between PS4 and PC version .
anticlimax  +   533d ago
If you're a tactical isometric man, like myself, playing Dragon Age without KB + M just doesn't make sense.
hay  +   533d ago
I believe this guy didn't took into consideration how real world works. People tend to treat game as completed once they went through the path of least resistance.

Mucho contento bueno magnifico, nonetheless.
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fenome  +   533d ago

The PS4 supports keyboard + mouse, play it however is good for you though, I just wanted to throw that out there in case people didn't know :)
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AgentSmithPS4  +   533d ago
I heard them say it would take 15 minutes on horseback galloping to even reach the next part of one quest from A to B. They fast traveled instead since they had to show what they wanted.
SilentNegotiator  +   533d ago
Is fast travel available in the actual game, though?
AgentSmithPS4  +   533d ago
"There's also a fast-travel option to-and-fro from known locations." says eurogamer
SilentNegotiator  +   533d ago
Oh well that's promising. I was worried that they were counting constant back and forth traveling. But then again, now my concern has shifted more towards repetition. Will it stay fresh for 100 hours?
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ArchangelMike  +   533d ago
I guess that's one of the Trophies we'll get to unlock... "Speed Run Trophy - complete the game in less than 100 hours"
Magicite  +   533d ago
For a JRPG fan this is a melody to my ears.
Of course if this does not mean grinding for 50% of time.
TheTwelve  +   533d ago
I will lose myself in this game.

I haven't wanted to fast-forward time in so long.

Witcher 3, come quickly!
KinjoTakemura  +   533d ago
Who wants to pay $60 for a game that's only 10 hours long? Come on. These types of games aren't meant for one or two days of gameplay. They are supposed to small novels, epics, sagas. A game that will make you say to yourself, "Damn that was good." Child Of Light is pretty, but there isn't much else. I want a game that I can enjoy and replay to explore areas that I missed on the first play through. Paying 60 bucks for a game that's 8 to 16 hours and only worth playing once hardly justifies my purchase. Who ever came up with the idea that gamers want shorter games is an idiot.
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Crazay  +   533d ago
I simply LOVE the idea that a game could be so big that 100hrs is a speed run but I can't see that being completely truthful unless he means getting all achievement/trophies and doing every single mission. I mean even Skyrim which was absolutely gigantic could be done in way less time.
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Aurenar  +   533d ago
the more time passes, the more the wait is intolerable.
Alexious  +   533d ago
Perhaps you can go and live in Poland, what do you think? Maybe you can even sneak in their offices by night and play some!
XiSasukeUchiha  +   533d ago
Damn I'm hyping for this game:)
shammgod  +   533d ago
If thats true this game will take me a year to finish.

Which is not a bad thing...

I usually don't have a ton of time to game, so 100 hours to me is like 300 to 400
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bumnut  +   533d ago
I guess you have kids too then :)
raWfodog  +   533d ago
Exactly! Between my wife, kids, and work, games that take 40 game hours to complete mean that I will be playing it for over 6 months. If this game indeed takes over 100 game hours to complete, I will be playing it for years to come :)
Alexious  +   533d ago
It certainly will save you money in your wallet...
ArchangelMike  +   533d ago
LoL Same here. A 100 hour game for me is like... man I'll still be playing this game 4 months after...
RosweeSon  +   533d ago
Ah what's 4 days non stop ;(
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   533d ago
CD Projekt RED is going all in it seems.
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Alexious  +   533d ago
This is by far their biggest project yet. The first 1 & 2 not being on console meant that they weren't as popular as this one can be.

The extra polish can be critical to achieve the masterpiece status.
sorane  +   533d ago
The second one was on consoles. They tried with the first but cancelled it.
dodgemoose  +   533d ago
That's crazy. This is going to such a good value for money purchase. It's games like this that I'm happy to pay the £45 for.
Let_the_games_begin  +   533d ago

That's the retail price for games in the U.K. now.
dodgemoose  +   533d ago
It's currently £49.85 on Amazon. ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/The...

Most PS4 games seem to drift around the £45 mark after being out for a week or so.
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--bienio--  +   533d ago
39.99£ for Pc not bad😉
GameDev1  +   533d ago
Depends, is he talking only mainstory or mainstory and side content?

Still very impressive
dodgemoose  +   533d ago
The guy said 'whomever finishes the game in 100 hours will get a medal because it’s gonna be a speedrun, there’s a lot of content', which could suggest he's referring to both main story and side content. I think the whole point of a speedrun is only doing the mainstory though, but don't quote me on it.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   533d ago
i highly doubt this. they are just building hyp. id take bets it will be less than 100hrs to completion
AgentSmithPS4  +   533d ago
I can hear them now "The time to completion has been downgraded!"
qu1ckset  +   533d ago
Sorry this is a very trust worthy developer and not Ubisoft!
Captain Qwark 9  +   532d ago

they had the whole piracy issue a while back, did a flip flop ms style and suddenly everyone considers them the greatest dev on the planet ( i will agree they make flippin amazing games and havent f*cked up since ) but 100hrs for a speed run, thats just plain unrealistic. very few if any games in history have accomplished something like that. i highly doubt one of the first triple A games of the next gen will be the one to do so. i stand by 100 hrs to completion which by all means is still amazing but this was to generate hype and will be explained/ripped apart/etc when the game releases. ill bet money on it happily
Tzuno  +   533d ago
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Einhert  +   533d ago
Best Game at E3 easily
lonelyplayer  +   533d ago
IMHO Witcher and bloodborne are the best.
Einhert  +   533d ago
Bloodborne had no gameplay shown so I can't say it is up there.

It is From Software so I have no doubt it will be good.
GameDev1  +   533d ago

Actually blood borne had gameplay but indoors


It is even in N4G hottest topics
bomboclaat_gamer  +   533d ago
blood borne has some horrible frame rates so far
judging by that video
Hassassin  +   533d ago
Not saying Blood Borne is bad, but it looks like more of the same. It may get repetitive after playing the same formula for the fourth time.
I love the Souls series though.
lonelyplayer  +   533d ago
Until the Japanese guy come and beat it in 20 minutes
ArchangelMike  +   533d ago
Exactly my thoughts :)
jazmac  +   533d ago
This game is the only one I think has a (tiny) chance of being well optimized for PC, the fact they're taking a year to fine tune the game is good to hear, also current gen/PC only might further help that chance.

Witcher 2 aside from a few hiccups at launch, today runs incredibly well and still looks pretty fuckin good.
--bienio--  +   533d ago
I was skeptical to Witcher 3 after (successful) though too colorful second part ... after what I see now witcher 3 returns to the Slavic climate .. time to upgrade PC:)
AgentSmithPS4  +   533d ago
You want something not colorful play Evolve ;).
It looks fun though and I assume they'll have some variation in maps.

I like the wide variety of environments in W3, you could even use it to make real life exercise exciting with the right equipment lol.
cyclindk  +   533d ago
I wish all the devs woukd wear cameras and show the game off from start of development to finish, 24/7, live streaming
noxeven  +   533d ago
I assume he means if you do everything. I have the feeling the main story will be at max 25 hours. That's being generous mind you.
Meltic  +   533d ago
ubisoft said WD story would last 30 + hours and it was 10 hours. I hope the witcher devs is holding their pormises and 100 + hours is more than enough for me for a SP game.
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TrollingKoala  +   533d ago
I can see The Witcher 3 being one of the best RPGS of this generation if they get everything right.
Rivitur  +   533d ago
Holy hell!
KinjoTakemura  +   533d ago
Finally, a RPG that will be true to the genre. Exploration and immersion is not for people with short attention spans.
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Krosis  +   533d ago
My thoughts exactly. Bloody kids and their ADD--the very type that think "reading is boring".
Scatpants  +   533d ago
I just hope it s not like Bethesda games where the main quest is like 3 hours long and they have 97 hours of side quests.
DEEBO  +   533d ago
really can't give it the best game of e3 with metal gear,zelda,batman,rainbow six,uncharted,halo 5,the division,ACU,destiny,bloodborn e and many more games out there but it will be a great game.

Game length doesn't make a game great but one thing about the witcher is the choice and different outcomes of the story you can make.
waltyftm  +   533d ago
ooh i like the sound of that ;)
somedude342  +   533d ago
look at all you idiots who believe this shit
thehobbyist  +   533d ago
Yeah, seriously. They say "100 hours is a speedrun" I say "Challenge accepted!"
HacSawJimThugin  +   533d ago
I put over 120 hrs in Skyrim and didn't finish it. It became boring and repetitive after that much time. I will share some of the blame because they gave us sooooo much to do and I tried to complete everything except the main mission. After doing so many side quest and exploring I simple gave up. I'm a bit more optimistic with the Witcher tho, I still play the hell out of two.
Gh05t  +   533d ago
I remember putting 90 hours into Morrowind before touching the main quest. I didnt mind that as it was ground breaking and new but I never did finish Skyrim either.
Irishguy95  +   533d ago
The problem with Skyrim is that the battle system, story and quests were all ****. Witcher 3 will have a good combat system, good story. Quests remains to be seen but looking promising.
Gh05t  +   533d ago
Challenge Accepted!

Just kidding, anyways I bet he is referring to 100% completion of the game not just the main story. So basically if you can get a platinum medal or 100% achievements in less than 100 hours you deserve a medal.

I do hope I am wrong but that seemed like a politically correct way of saying "...whomever finishes the game in 100 hours will get a medal because it’s gonna be a speedrun, there’s a lot of content!"

Define "Finishes." Is it 100% achievement, side quests, main story; what is his definition of finishes?
Nerdmaster  +   533d ago
I'm trying to not get too excited about this game. I had high hopes for both the first and the second game, and I didn't like them very much.
X-Ender-XI  +   533d ago
I wonder if 50 of those hours are spent trying to seduce the lovely ladies of the forest.
Scatpants  +   533d ago
I don't have time for that. 50 hours would be long for me. I'm still getting it of course, theres just a very high probability I will never finish the game. It is still my most anticipated RPG.
Belasco  +   533d ago
This sounds to me like a challenge. Guaranteed we will see a much shorter speed run on You Tube.

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