Sony's virtual reality

Though Sony acknowledges Morpheus will eventually branch out beyond gaming, for now its efforts are focused squarely on the PlayStation 4.

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UltimateMaster1470d ago

There's already a bunch of games are in development and PS Move implementation.

thorstein1469d ago

Imagine No Man's Sky with this thing on!

Yaay4me1469d ago

Oh man cant wait. I bet people at E3 are having a blast with Morpheus as we speak in the E3 booths.

wastedcells1469d ago

i played it twice, once was a crapy tech demo but the second time was eve valkarie and that was amazing!! sad to say but in all honestly oculus rift was just slightly better but maybe only because Morpheus is not as finished as oculus seemed to be. there were tooo many adjustments needed to get morpheus to not look blurry.

starchild1469d ago

Well, Oculus Rift has had dev kits out for almost two years and they are probably going to release the consumer Rift before Sony's headset comes out. In all likelihood the Rift will probably have the better specs, but I'm still excited for Morpheus too.

wastedcells1469d ago

I love how people disagree and i played it and they probably havent lol

mrpsychoticstalker1469d ago

I don't have a lot of confidence in this type of technology.

GameDev11469d ago

hahahaha Well Project Morpheus isn't based on your confidence, rather actual gamers.

You literally stalk most Sony articles

1469d ago
MRMagoo1231469d ago

I dont think Sony is concerned with xbone fanboys confidence in the product, its for people that like having the best.

SpideySpeakz1469d ago

I hope Sony's head is in the right place this time around.
VR technology could bring forward something that could revolutionize the electronics business.
Here's my opinion on the future of VR:

1. Morpheus needs to be it's own 'thing', and not an accessory for consoles or PC. It's needs to have a backbone, and it's own brand.

2. I believe VR tech needs to expand beyond just video games. It should act as your own personal device just like your smartphone to surf the web, have it's own UI software, applications, network digital distribution service.

3. A VR device that goes everywhere with you, and doesn't have to be plugged into your PC or console to play video games. Streaming capabilities for movies, or games directly on your VR headset.. or just download them directly to your VR headset. Or, even software applications where you can virtually take a tour through homes you're maybe looking to buy. OR, even using the VR device as navigation when walking or driving. The roads or streets you're driving on will highlight to your destination in realtime.

4. Voice controlled UI, make personal calls through your VR headset, built-in WiFi, built-in 1080p camera for taking pictures and video, or using the camera to just walk around with your VR headset on.

5. As for video games, VR exclusive titles on the VR network.

Also, it's needs to be slimmer, less hulky.

If Sony or Facebook pull this off correctly as listed, with a $299-499 price tag, everyone and their mother is gonna want one, and not just hardcore gamers. The possibilities are just endless with VR.

MultiConsoleGamer1469d ago

Tried it.

Doesn't hold a candle to Oculus Rift.

Will be still born and lose a lot of money.

1469d ago
Utalkin2me1469d ago

Why doesnt it hold a candle to Oculus rift? What did you play and did you use move also with it?

wastedcells1469d ago

he is right but exaggerating big time. Oculus was better but not by much. Morpheus needs a re design because it has too many moving parts to get it focused.

Utalkin2me1469d ago

Again, kids with nothing to back up their comments. Just spouting trash and think they mean something.

Clover9041469d ago

Both Sony and Oculus said that their respective VR headsets are not competing against one another. Please stop the whole Rift vs Morpheus thing.

MultiConsoleGamer1469d ago

But the comparisons are completely valid. Both are used for gaming.

During E3 Sony would give out numbered tickets to try the Morpheus demo. You stepped into one of several different stalls. You stood in front of the PS Eye Camera and put on the Morpheus. Then the Sony rep handed you the two Move controllers. The whole set up is needlessly complicated. And the final product isn't even in the same league as the Oculus Rift.

The only reason Sony is saying their product isn't competing is because they know it's an inferior piece of tech.

Utalkin2me1469d ago


Roflamo, kid you're something special. Again you did nothing to add or back up what you said.

I want to know in detail why there is such a big difference between the 2. I can make the same assumptions from watching a video, such as you did.

BitbyDeath1469d ago

It was a typo, was meant to say 'trolled it'

MRMagoo1231469d ago

pretty much everyone that has tried it have said they want one and its gonna be a game changer, they have also said that is is better than oculus rift , yet here you are the contrary fairy.

AgentSmithPS41469d ago

Thankfully Sony will do just fine without you. Captain Obvious wonders why you'd compare a console product to a PC product. I doubt you can get either of them.

DigitalRaptor1469d ago

God what an undercover troll you are.

Sureeee you tried it. I watched a video @ GDC showing actual developers who confirmed that both are close and both dev kits have areas that they individually excel in.

You are such an undercover Sony detractor.

MultiConsoleGamer1469d ago

You watched a video, I tried it in person.

I have facts, you have personal insults and straw man attacks.

See kid, anyone who was actually at the Expo knows I'm telling the truth. Deal with it. The two products aren't even in the same league.

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