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Aonuma Excited By Zelda Reaction, Confirms Link Is In Footage, Customization Teased

Aonuma has revealed how excited he is by fan reaction for The Legend of Zelda Wii U. He also also confirmed that the character in the footage is in fact Link, but has teased character customization. (Eiji Aonuma, The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   533d ago
Damn then that customized is a little too broad don't you think?
cleft5  +   533d ago
Okay so if that is Link, maybe you can pick to be a male or female Link. That would be a cool option. I still think that this Link is female, I am sure they will confirm one way or the other eventually.
randomass171  +   533d ago
I would love to be able to do that. FemLink would be so cute. :)
The 10th Rider  +   533d ago
Okay, what's the point of allowing you to choose between female Link and male Link if they both look rather ambiguous anyway?

I mean, she wouldn't have to be sexualized, but she should at least LOOK noticeably female. The Link in the trailer arguably doesn't look much more feminine than some pictures of Skyward Sword Link or Hyrule Warriors Link.
randomass171  +   532d ago
I think that's the cool thing though. If Link represents the player, why not let the player toggle Link's gender to further represent the male and female gamers' preference, particularly if they can work it well into the experience? I generally like playing as girls in action games, so this is right up my alley!
The 10th Rider  +   532d ago
I was just pointing out that this Link obviously isn't female. I mean, like I said, there's not much point in him being female if he looks just like male Link in the first place.

Also, saying you should be able to choose Link's gender is attaching an importance to Link's gender. If you there's value in making him female isn't there value in him being male in the first place? Value that would be taken out of the story if the option was added in? I mean, playable Zelda would be fine, a new playable character (who actually looks female, lol) would be awesome as well (Link's twin sister?) But for the story's sake please keep characters' genders fixed.

On another note, I don't think he represents the player so much as gives them a 'Link' into the world. If someone NEEDS a certain gender of character to feel connected to the world, that's their own loss.
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R00bot  +   533d ago
Customisation? Oh lawd I need dis. This looks like heaven distilled into video game form.
Ac7iVe  +   533d ago
This game will be epic ! Can't wait
gedden7  +   533d ago
Ya see what nintendo does with just a little bit of horsepower.. The will be game of the Year when released hands down!
oSHINSAo  +   533d ago
im sure gonna get a wii u when smash comes out... hope they still giving away games...
gedden7  +   532d ago
You know they will!
Eamon  +   533d ago
Before the only customizable thing about Link was his name.

GeofferyPeterson  +   533d ago
This game will single handedly resurrect the Wii U and make it the dominate system.
Ol_Boy  +   533d ago
Nowhere in that article did Aonuma tease or say that the character is customizable. It's just an assumption made by the writer. This is how rumors get started lol. That trailer is gorgeous. I can't wait for the game. If only I could speed up time XD
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Cobra951  +   533d ago
My thoughts exactly.
gprime  +   532d ago
Agreed. All he said was that they wanted you not to focus on Link. There was no mention of customizing
Blacklash93  +   533d ago
Nothing of the sort is said about customization. That's baseless conjecture on the article's part. Read it to see what I mean.
link2Dpast  +   532d ago
what if this is done on purpose a young link, customization, change in the game, he has said this zelda was like no other. I have a hunch that this game will really play on the role of buildling the legend as a long story. Big world big story. My point is what if this zelda is like mass effect , you were able to use your created character in the sequel. wouldnt using the same link you created in a future version be something completely unique to the zelda universe. He has been pushing the fact that he never said it was link in the trailer and in actuality he is right we create the character, we give him his name, so why not control his destiny in a big open world which is something else they are emphasizing, what if missing a side mission effect the progress of the gaqme and ending , i think this zelda is gonna be the one to triumph Oot
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