David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff to Star in Indie Game Megamagic – “The Future Of The Industry”

Megamagic by BeautiFun Games – a game that mixes elements of Zelda, Command & Conquer, Pokémon and Streets of Rage - has possibly the best star secure ever for an indie game. The Hoff. Grab it has the details

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SlappingOysters1412d ago

This is a pretty massive result for an indie - they are going to sell bucketloads in Germany!

minimur121408d ago

lol guess so, he's really scraping for money though wow,
I mean he's doing the yearly panto for christmas at the end of this year, I think it's Alladin, but still lol

would be pretty funy to hear him in a game though, but I'm'a see him IRL O.O lol

CoyoteHunter1412d ago

It really makes you re-evaluate a person when you see them do something like this. Great stuff Hoff.

Cookiebex1411d ago

The Hoff's a dude. I respect a guy that doesn't take themselves to seriously.

Heisenburger1410d ago

Can I haz respect?

;) lol I actually agree.

XiSasukeUchiha1411d ago

Hoff in an indie equals fun:)

TM3331410d ago

Makes me wonder what a badass Knightrider game would be like. Badass? Probably kinda' dated, but maybe a fun, short downloadable title.

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