GTA V release date has been leaked from Amazon

Yesterday, the alleged GTA V release date (on PC, PS4 and Xbox One) was leaked thanks to Amazon site.

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MrSwankSinatra1468d ago

It looks plausible since it's on a tuesday, though it really sucks that it's in october. How many games are they gonna fit into that month?

dragon age: inquisition, alien: isolation, evolve, the evil within, assassin's creed unity, super smash bros for 3ds, borderlands: the pre-sequel, middle earth: shadow of mordor, sunset overdrive, bayonetta 2, battlefield hardline, driveclub and now apparently gta v.....

christrules00411468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I love this because during the winter time I want to be inside and just relax with a game. During the summer time I am outside a lot and I do play most games when they launch.

Out of that list I'm going to be buying Dragon Age Inquisition, Assassin's Creed Unity, Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor(my most anticipated) and GTA V.

GTA V would be my most anticipated but I played the heck out of it on the PS3. Can't wait for the PC mods.

This seems like it could be accurate plus on steam it says fall 2014.

MrSwankSinatra1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Personally out of that list i'm buying Dragon Age: Inquisition, Assassin's Creed Unity, Alien: Isolation, The Evil Within, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & GTA V.

I really want to play Dragon Age Inquisition though, that game just impressed me so much. Plus that game will hold me over on the RPG side of things until the witcher 3 comes out.

Tetsujin1468d ago

What's this outside you speak of? Is it cross gen?

Just means I have something to play between study time in college.

SolidStoner1468d ago

"outside" is a simulation survival! you just go there and survive, sometimes you get to relax.. you can download it for free.. and everyone is playing it!

joydestroy1468d ago

lol it's funny because this date was on there pretty much right after it was announced as coming to current gen platforms and PC.

Dagexon1468d ago

The only game I'm really excited for and gonna get is Shadow of Mordor, it just looks soooo cool :) And yeah winter is a great time for gaming, it's cold outside so you just want to be inside anyways plus there's always a bunch of releases

wsoutlaw871468d ago

come on, no evolve love guys

@Tvensky not my type of game i guess.

lilmetal1468d ago

There's Nut you can play outside.
It's like, a portable Nut.

RVanner_1467d ago

Shadow of Mordor is my most anticipated as well. Don't see that much hype for it.

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djplonker1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

battlefield harline

little big planet 3

far cry 4


they are the reasons I cant justify buying a game I have already completed :/

KwietStorm1468d ago

When they said GTA V coming to PS4, it became justified for me. My Share button will be broken by the end of Q1 next year.

InTheZoneAC1468d ago

I'll most likely be passing on BF Hardline, the beta is ok, but the entire setup of cops/robbers/Call of Duty doesn't appeal to me.

I'll be getting those other 3 along with GTA V :)

bleedsoe9mm1468d ago

noway all those game launch in October some will be pushed into November and early December .

Gamer19821468d ago

There is nothing to leak as its no secret.. They havn't set in stone yet as although the games pretty much finished they want it perfect before releasing..

christrules00411468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Nice. I'm not big into multiplayer because I don't have my pc plugged into the router so I don't have a consistent enough connection and I kinda gotta buy a air conditioner which is about 3k. So I can't really afford to get an electrian to make another outlet so I can plug my pc in.

I was excited for The Evil Within but I'm kinda afraid(pun intended) that it's not going to be that good. I played Outlast and it is my favorite horror game to date. But after seeing gameplay of The Evil Within when there was traps with these super slow creatures coming through the window plus he was shooting them in the head that it's just not going to scare me at all.

Outlast just kinda set the bar higher for me. I haven't played Amnesia yet either. Hoping during the steam sale that there will be a cheap bundle.

wsoutlaw871468d ago

you dont need an electrician just run a wire. If you have to, drill a few holes, why not. 3k for an ac? What are you getting a central ac

ScamperCamper1468d ago

I agree that October might be a bit of a squeeze, but I'm up for it. I think though if this isn't the new game that Rockstar was said to release by March 2015, then they need time. Oh yes there will be DLC and Online stuff coming. They need the time to do that. More DLC in December makes a lot of financial sense. That's a big part of it. PC wise, can anyone confirm if these specs will be anything close to reality? http://www.grandtheftautofo... Might need a new card. I dunno.

Deadpoolio1468d ago

You do get that games are allowed to come out on days other than Tuesday correct? Nintendo games occasionally come out on Sundays, InFAMOUS came out on a Friday...Tuesday is not the set date

filchron1468d ago

all those games suck except for alien and smash bros. and maybe bayonetta for the 3 Wiiu owners that are going to buy it. i say let it come out whenever

showtimefolks1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Games i am buying for rest of 2014:

GTA5(this could realistically sell 6-10 million combined on ps4,xbox one and PC)
TLOU(i know its July 2014)
Drive club
Dragon Age(every time i see it, i want to see more. Is this real time combat like Dragon age 2 or pause and play like the original Dragon age?)

middle earth: shadow of mordor is a buy if it turns out to be good. I have played almost every LOTR game but not many have been that good.

I want to play sunset overdrive but i don't want to buy a console to play one game, but it looks like a lot of fun(reason for not buying more than one console for me is because of time. I barely have time for ps4)

early 2015 is also packed for me:

The order 1886
The witcher 3

wastedcells1468d ago

Shadow of mordor is good!!! Troy Baker voices the main character, he was in the booth when i was there and was pumped up during the game play demo. It looks really cool, some surprise game play twists too.

mmofanatic1467d ago

Nice list, man. I don't what I will do!

Crazyglues1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Please, Please.. Please be the date, that would be awesome.. October is a great month to release this

And yes I had this before but you can bet your last dollar I'm buying it again, and what justifies that for me..

(it was one of the best games I played last gen -- too awesome. And it looks amazing, I'm sure Rockstar is going to do something cool, like more content or added story that will justify the price-- there one of the top developers, and I'm happy to come back to GTA V)

Can't wait..

||.........___||............ ||

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XiSasukeUchiha1468d ago

Fall 2014= September, October, and November! so yeah makes sense.

Let_the_games_begin1468d ago

Now, everyone is awaiting the resolution and frame-rate differences between PS4 and Xbox One.

If Xbox One can't do Diablo III at 1080p then NO WAY will it run GTA V in full HD. That then begs the question - why even release it on Xbox One?

MrFit1468d ago

Another fanboy boasting about resolution.
why release it on Xbox one? because not everyone is a sony fanboy and the people who have an Xbox one will buy it.
I have both systems, but I'll be happy playing it on xbox one, it's not like i'll be playing both side by side and comparing them.

Let_the_games_begin1468d ago


It has nothing to do with fanboyism.

The Xbox One version will be 720-900p.

I'm sorry. That's a minor improvement over the 360 version.

Think before you label someone a "fanboy".

I'm a PlayStation fan. Yes. But, I talk sense.

Skankinruby1468d ago

You own both consoles but you are deliberately gonna buy the inferior version? I see speaking common sense would serve no purpose with you

PaulKersey1468d ago

So the guy who claims to own both systems is going to buy the inferior version? Fess up... you don't own a PS4.

TrollingKoala1468d ago

Because some people just like playing on other consoles with their games?, he could have friends that are going to be on Xbox One or some other reason,granted it would be nice to have a bumped-up resolution on the Xbox One but it is not going to define your overall experience of GTA V, you guys need to chill.

1468d ago
Ripsta7th1468d ago

So what if he's getting the inferior version? Its not all about graphics . maybe he hasmore friends on XBL than PSN. Did you ever think about that? Hate the Sony fanboys in this site

Jaqen_Hghar1468d ago

why would you buy any multiplatform on Xbox One? A man doesn't get why you would wanna play with less pixels and less stable framerate when you have the system for the better version RIGHT there.

showtimefolks1468d ago


so if we expect ports from last gen to be 1080P we are fanboys? also having both consoles and buying the inferior version good job


Whats wrong with buying it on the xb1 ?

did it ever occur to you that maybe he has more friends on xbox live he would play with then on psn?

I have both systems and I am considering buying it on xb1 because all my friends online are mostly going to be playing it on xb1. If gta online allowed cross platform play then it would be an easy choice.

A game like gta though, especially if you are buying it again to play online, it's more of a social thing then anything else.

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dodgemoose1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Believe it or not, unlike yourself, most people don't sit in anticipating waiting for developers to tell us what resolution and frame-rate their games will be. If that's your thing, then that's cool, but I'd much rather get excited about the game itself. To me they're just by-products. Runs at 1080p? That's great. 900p? Fine by me, I trust the developer's decision.

Also, suggesting a game shouldn't be released on the Xbox One just because it isn't 1080p really shows your priorities are a little bit worrisome. I get the sense you'd purchase the most mundane of games if it simply 1080p and 60 fps, because in your mind it seems that these factors are what determines whether or not a game is worth playing. If that is the case, I kinda feel sorry for you - you're missing out on some great stuff.

With reference to GTA V, I do believe it's worthy of an upgrade to the latest systems for performance reasons alone. I've put over 10 days play into GTA Online on PS3 and I can tell the hardware is struggling. Constant texture pop-ins, the draw distance is too low for sniping, regular crashes (which is exclusive to GTA), and quite simply the loading times - they're so long.

Skankinruby1468d ago

Invalid argument. That logic only makes sense for a game you've never played. However if you're going to simply upgrade a game you already own the ONLY point of doing so is visual improvements, resolution being the most important one.

dodgemoose1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

You can't just presume every single owner has played GTA V. The PS4 and Xbox One will be many people's first console and I personally know a handful of people who made the decision not to purchase GTA V, knowing it would at some point some to the current generation.

I also disagree that the 'ONLY' point of upgrading is for visual improvements. If Rockstar are offering me the exact same game but with better graphic fidelity, then I probably won't purchase it. As I stated in my post above, I want performance improvements more than anything else. There needs to be more substance to GTA Online as well. I'm talking 32 player lobbies, and God forbid Heists is still not released when this new version launches.


Nope. Part of me weeps every time I remember them saying it would be available at launch.

JeffGUNZ1468d ago

@ Dodge,

Wait, heists are STILL not out?!

MrFit1468d ago

I didn't say the Xbox One version is better, just that it doesn't matter to me.
I'm buying that version beause everyone I game with is on the Xbox One and like the controller better.
I just think it's childish to say they shouldn't bother bringing out the Xbox one version because it's not as technically impressive as the PS4 version, when not everyone has a PS4.
I'm quite sure it'll be an amazing port on both systems.

christrules00411468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

There is a lot more then resolution to a game. There is different texture qualities that varies from low, medium, high, very high and ultra. Then there is a whole list from shadow quality, physics quality even to the point of anti aliasing the game uses.

A developer could make a game 1080p with low everything and no anti aliasing. It would be true 1080p native however it wouldn't look very good.

Then lets factor in how big of a screen a person uses. The bigger the screen the more it blows up the game which dilutes the quality of the game away.
It also depends on how close you like to sit from your tv. I know some people are really into multiplayer games and sit close to there tvs but a ton of people say consoles are more of a couch friendly experience and sit further back as well.

If you compare the same game at different graphical settings but move further back it blends into a game that looks the same.

Then lets even take 1080p vs 4k into this situation. Sony recommends for a 55 inche tv to be sitting 5 or 6 feet away with a maximum closeness of 3.6 feet for a smooth look.
Take a look at this article on it.
For quadruple the resolution to not impact it until you are 5 or 6 feet away on a 55 inche tv is just insane.

So from resolution standpoint it's a really small factor on how good it'll look. Gotta think what anti aliasing, what texture quality, how big of a screen are they playing on and how far away are they from there screen they are playing on.

Sure it may not be true 1080p but it doesn't mean it won't look it from the setup people have.

BTW if someone is a Sony fan and they say Xbox One won't run 1080p. It comes off as a fanboy comment. If a person isn't a fanboy they usually put that they own the system they are talking about. Not the other way around.

Zancruz1468d ago

The Truth! Most people i talk too game setups do not qualify them to even be talking about graphic resolutions.... Smh, Hell I stop talking to them about it, IF they don't even know TV/Monitor calibration is or if they haven't done it to their Setup for the simple fact they're not even getting the most out of their system.

The back of my couch six feet away from my Highend 60in, I lean forward when playing games so it's more like 5 feet and I'm surrounded by 11 Speaker 7.2 surround sound system... Turtle Beach headphones? Oh Please... lol

LamerTamer1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I agree with most of that. I do think that games do look better at native resolution. In most cases that is 1080p. There is more to PQ than just how many pixels are pushed but upscale artifacts add blurriness and pixel crawl due to the filter they put over the screen. At native res 1:1 there is no filter and it looks sharper. I sit relatively close so I can see right away if something is not native res. Watchdogs for example looks pretty bad at 900p, with loads of aliasing and filter blur in the details.

If I had a choice between AA and higher res I would take the higher res. AA coupled with lower res can blur details, and make distant objects blochy. Obviously native res + AA is best but these consoles struggle with that as of now.

ScamperCamper1468d ago

I think Rockstar might have a credibility problem is they favored one console over the other. These guys are perfectionists. If Rockstar can't do it, nobody can. I'm sure they will do their best. If it's not running 1080p, be assured that is clearly on the Xbox One and not Rockstar. I'm sure they would be upset for the sake of the gamers also. I don't doubt them yet though about pulling it off. I'm sure they worked a lot on it.

OpenGL1468d ago

I'm going to re-buy it on PS4 (I already own it on PS3) but even the Xbox One version will still look and run much better than it did on last generation consoles, even if it's 900p, 792p, or even 720p.

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kennyg37391468d ago

Please don't be true, that's the same day as sunset overdrive

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

So many games coming out during that time span that I must have like Destiny, Forza Horizon 2, Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadow Of Mordor, AC Unity, Sunset Overdrive, Farcry 4, and last but not least Little Big Planet 3 of course.

So I can't justify buying it just yet, I haven't beat my PS3 copy and don't plan to because I just can't go back to playing last gen consoles when I have a PS4 and Xbox One. Maybe I can get it on Black Friday for a good deal.