Super Smash Bros. Gameplay from Best Buy

GamersPrey: We got a chance to play Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U at Best Buy.

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Santana1378d ago

Hopefully they announce a solid release date soon, cause I need this game asap.

3-4-51377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

November 17th = Tuesday 2014

November 20th = Friday 2014

My Guess

M-M1378d ago

Avoiding that first stage, you know a dude will get dizzy playing it over and over again lol. Game looks amazing though, Smash is always a reason to pickup a Nintendo console in my opinion.

mcstorm1378d ago

What a line up of games the Wiiu now has. Loving my Wiiu at the moment and cant wait to get this game too but until then ill have to make do with the 3DS version.

Hope now Nintendo has a great lineup of games the sales start to pickup too.

truechainz1378d ago

Most anticipated title for me. Everything else in gaming is just a bonus.