Halo 5's secret Spartan is Agent Locke, and his story will be revealed in Halo Nightfall

Halo 5: Guardians' mystery Spartan is Agent Locke, and the solider's story will be told in producer Ridley Scott's episodic series Halo Nightfall.

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Septic1409d ago

I am a genius.

I called it ages ago. I said it was a new character that would be introduced in the live action stuff.

All hail me.

TheRealHeisenberg1409d ago

Lol, I hail the amount of humility in your comment.

JohnJ1409d ago

4 games for the price of one - remastered and with extras? Yes, that is awesome
Love Agent Locke, little that I know, good or evil -
He - is - badass!

Lawboy21409d ago

Seriously can't wait for my halo xbox one journey to begin....I knew when Bonnie Ross said a huge leap she was saying we would play all five halo's on xbox one...I'm so stoked for this game...and can't wait to get my hands on MCC in nov....great job Microsoft and 343i ...thank you

christocolus1409d ago

343i are doing a great job with the franchise.I thanked bonnie and kiki on twitter for a job well done. Can't wait to get my copy of Halo mcc and halo5 next year.

2cents1409d ago

So much Halo goodness coming!!! One of the greatest sci-fi stories of this generation just keeps getting better and better.

will the Arbiter be the Chiefs confidant, or his Achilles heel. Will the UNSC target or Assist the chief in his search for Cortana. Will the chiefs new found knowledge and power make a show in Guardians, after it was unlocked within him in Halo 4. Will agent Locke be a new hero or nemesis. So many questions, so many possibilities...

I just cant wait.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1409d ago

They made it seem like it was The Arbitor in the MC Collection trailer.

Muadiib1409d ago

It was though, there were two people in the trailer.

2cents1409d ago

I believe it was the Arbiter briefing Agent Locke in the trailer.

LAWSON721409d ago

You are correct the Arbiter was warning Locke about the legend that is Master Chief

etownone1409d ago

I want to see more Halo 2 remastered on Xb1.

I think everyone that has an xb1 will/should get this game.
Only game I've seen with such value for AAA games was The Orange Box.

LAWSON721409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I already know Halo 2 will look sick, I want to see Halo 3 at 1080p.

etownone1409d ago

Halo 2 will definitely look better then Halo 3.

LAWSON721409d ago

Okay? That has nothing to do with what I said I just look forward to seeing how good it will look at 1080p

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