The New Legend of Zelda Plot Revealed at E3?

The latest Zelda Wii U trailer may have revealed something big at E3!

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DiscoKid868d ago

The hair is not really a reason for it being Zelda, because those hair tails have been a design for Link since Link to the Past.


gk07868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

right ,this same looks so sick tho ,very impressive

TheWackyMan868d ago

You're not allowed to say that on this site! You'll make a certain fanbase very angry.

RiPPn868d ago

negative bubble for unfunny trolling attempt

Spooney323868d ago

This link is carrying a sword. Look closely after he/ she pulls out the manado arrow it's sitting right next to it with a master sword sheath. The person writing this article needs to do their homework.