E3 2014: N4G Hates What I Had To Say About the Bloodborne Reveal

GeekParty James Trujillo writes: "People seem to be missing what I tried to say in my short response piece to the Bloodborne reveal. First off, I never said it wouldn’t or couldn’t be a good game. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II are all fantastic. Bloodborne should feature similar gameplay, artistic direction, and story elements, so why wouldn’t it be great?"

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JoGam1256d ago

Dude, let me speak, hopefully for everyone here. What you said is your opinion. No one could give a frick-n-frack about what you said. To you or some the game could be shit. To others can be the coming of christ. Just know I'm getting it day one.

Tito081256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

I honestly see the guy is asking for hits, I don't really think he's expressing his opinion, and he's saying that FS should stick to keep making more Soul games rather than a new IP, I believe he's an XBox fanboy being butthurt about that game being exclusive, because if the game was a multiplat, he wouldn't be writing all that nonsense, and he knows there'll be people defending it, he hasn't seen much about the game and still talking crap about it, and he's the one who wrote if FS is a trick pony, the fool knows what he's doing, I don't remember anyone complaining about Ninja Blade being a 360 exclusive at the time it was revealed for it, smh, one trick ponies should be Ubisoft and Activision for their constant milking of the Assassin's Creed and COD franchises every year.

NewMonday1256d ago

hey DiggingTrenches !

why are you writing articles about N4G community instead of actually commenting like a normal person?

AgentSmithPS41256d ago

I can't hate it, it was too long to read I just want to play this game :).

joab7771256d ago

Honestly, I cant understand why he or anyone would want a Demon Souls direct sequel. We got DS2 from a different team at the end of a generation to tide us over...similar to Batman Arkham Origins. Now the big boys are back at the table making the game we want.

They have already said that its IS a spiritual successor like Dark Souls was. How did that work out? Pretty good huh?
I love lore but I dont want another direct sequel in which its the same mechanics in a new world. I wanna see new ideas, original content.

Dontb worry. It will be crushing difficult, have insanely immersive environments, and oh the bosses in 1080...I am salivating.

Left he other team make Demon Souls 2. I want the spiritual successor in which we get everything we love and so much more we dont even know we love yet. Bring it on From, and thanks for pushing forward and not looking everyone else does.

rdgneoz31256d ago

What has me salivating is bosses / environments in 1080p and no blighttown frame rate drops.

Sideras1256d ago

I had hoped for Demon's Souls 2, but I'll take this anytime. Victorian style horror with souls gameplay? Yeah not only did they just nail my style preference they also nailed my favorite game. Really my only fear was that it would be something completely different, but the leaked webms kinda confirmed it was a soul-ish game.

JP13691256d ago

Agree with everything, but Sony owns the Demon's Souls IP, so if the other team took that over, it would have to be exclusive. A mutliplatform release is more likely, so it will probably be Dark Souls 3. Who knows though, they could resurrect an older franchise, or start a new one altogether.

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Apollo11256d ago

Every one liked the announcement. I really hope this game will be good too. Going to purchase it for sure.

OrangePowerz1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

It's not really like leaving the Dark Souls franchise behind. All of the Souls games are one hand connected with each other and on the other hand not. All of them are essentially their own game sharing the Souls name and essential game mechanics.

It doesn't really matter if it has Souls in the name or not to have some sort of connection with the 3 Souls games.

I couldn't care less if it's called Demons Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, something else with Souls or Bloodborn. The important part is that the gameplay that made the previous games great stays intact.

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