Ninja Gaiden 2 scores 4.2 at Cheat CC

Bottom line, Ninja Gaiden II is a very good action title that has a repetitive yet satisfying combat mechanic. It doesn't look or feel quite like the masterpiece Itagaki stated it was, but it will provide you with several hours of a bloody good time.

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conjurdevil3640d ago

such a misleading title!! I actually laughed at myself!

GiantEnemyCrab3640d ago

Agreed. They gave it a 4.2 not a 4.5 so why the discrepancy in this submission?

I LOVE my xbox3640d ago

Yeah pretty misleading title LOL.
Judging from what I've heard so far though.. doesn't deserve more than a 3.8/5 I think.

chaosatom3333640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

uhhh. NG2 has become like Haze. People just won't stop summiting the reviews.

We all know how NG2 turned out to be.

ukilnme3640d ago

@ chaosatom333

Indeed. Looks like another solid action title.

Montrealien3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

yet another solid review, for a solid action title. Nothing new here, this game has been getting positive reviews across the board, and although I liked Haze, this is not the same pedigree. I just hope we get it at my store today, damn Quebec and their french laws, lol.

solidt123639d ago

At first glance i thought they meant 4.2 out 10 but it is 4.2 out 5. I think they should change the title to reflect that because I almost crapped my pants. I will probably pick this one up.

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ukilnme3640d ago

The scores are a bag of mixed nuts. Just shows that this game is not for everybody and that's ok. I'm sure the haters will be all over this with the usual fud though. Just one more day.

decapitator3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

People who don't read will surely fall for this, a bit misleading but oh well. Still a rent for me.

v1c1ous3640d ago

didn't that site become irrelevant once everyone found out they were stealing guides from gamefaqs? and people that read the guides eventually found gfaq anyways through the guides and left cheatcc forever?

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The story is too old to be commented.