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Dead Rising 3 for PC is ‘Optimized’ for 30 FPS

Bad PC ports are the bane of PC gamers existence, it appears as if you will be forced to play Dead Rising 3 at 30 frames per second or suffer the consequences.

A Capcom developer said during a recent Twitch stream:

“We’re not gonna stop you from uncapping the framerate, but we can’t guarantee the experience.

“We just really don’t know what’s gonna happen, you might see some weird stuff with physics, some weird stuff with zombies.” (Dead Rising 3, PC)

Shredmeijster  +   230d ago
The f*ck?
WalterWJR  +   230d ago
Gamer1982  +   230d ago
Which translated means ported straight from Xbox One.. Xbox One.. Ruining PC games since 2013..

Well at least there no no reason for me personally to buy an Xbox One now.. This game was the ONLY reason I was interested in one.. Another so called exclusive bites the dust.. Nearly all 3rd party exclusives have gone multiplatform pretty much since the launch of the Xbone.. How are MS gonna sell consoles when people know they are eventually going to make there way to PC or PS4?? I guess if that timed DLC is important to you..
Eonjay  +   230d ago
That good old platform parity. This is getting ridiculous. Can't have it looking too much better than the least common denominator.
PS4isTHEkneesOFbees  +   230d ago
Um, how can the Xbox ruin a PC game, when it was an xbox game FIRST and you guys simply got a port of it? So stupid. You should be thanking them for getting it AT ALL.

Good luck playing Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon or Gears of War on pc...

Eonjay - you're clueless as usual. Another retarded comment from you, just like the rest of them. When in doubt, blame it on parity!
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Somebody  +   229d ago

Well, MS launched the XBox program and left the PC struggling to itself for during the "PC is dead years". A lot of devs jumped ship and PC lost tons of exclusive titles. When you think PC, FPS games is the first thing people would associate it with...not anymore, not after Halo.

Consoles received a lot of ports from PC titles but they never stop for a while to thank the PC for Battlefield, Wolfenstein, XCom, The Witcher, Half Life, Unreal, Doom and more. PC gamers are whining about these games for not being optimized properly but console fans seem to act as if these games have always been console exclusives and never originated from the PC.
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choujij  +   229d ago
"How are MS gonna sell consoles when people know they are eventually going to make there way to PC or PS4??"

IMO, this is the first of many, and here's why:

What is the Xbox One? It's PC x86-64 architecture, running a custom version of Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft themselves said the porting process from Windows can be done in a day (of course, due to how similar the platforms are). However, that's also a double edged sword, because that works the other way around as well.

So once the exclusivity duration is up for a title, why the hell wouldn't a developer take a couple of days to port the game over to Windows, so they could easily sell thousands of copies more? It's a quick and easy buck, one that Microsoft themselves have been guilty of in the past, even with their flagship series, Halo! But what probably tempted them with H1 and H2 and not last gen so much? It may have been the fact that the first 2 Halo's ran on the original Xbox, which was also (you guessed it), PC architecture.

So how much more is Microsoft going to be tempted this time around, especially considering that their console is already running Windows?

But allow me to come to the defense of the Xbox fanboys in saying, be that as it may, that doesn't mean they'll port Gears or Halo over to Windows. And yes, that's correct. They could still simply choose not to.

Just don't be surprised when titles like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break make their way over to Windows PC, just like Dead Rising 3 is.
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UltraNova  +   229d ago

I wouldnt be surprised, I'd be happy why? Cause the need to get an Xbox1 for those few good looking titles like Quantum Break (Halo and Gears do not interest me at all) will diminish while those 400 bucks remain in my pocket...

I cant see a single reason why its bad for most Xbox games to be ported on PC...

OT: Porting a game to PC which isnt as demanding to begin with and still capping at 30fps and being warned of major instability issues should you choose to un-cap it is borderline insulting to PC gamers and gamers in general..its what I call a quick buck with no love...
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Malphite  +   229d ago
"We just really don’t know what’s gonna happen"

That's weird. I mean why can't they put some effort into the port and optimize the game for 60fps at least?
Milesprowers  +   230d ago
Can't wait to play this at 120fps
sungam3d  +   229d ago
Get ready to boot up your Benny Hill sound track.
porkChop  +   230d ago
How about you stop being lazy and optimize the game for higher fps?

"We just really don’t know what’s gonna happen"

That quote right there just tells me they don't even plan on testing the game.
Milesprowers  +   230d ago
It's because the Game developers sync the Game Logic to 30fps, so running beyond 30fps will jerk up the psychics
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General Shrooms  +   230d ago
EDIT: wrong reply
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dogdirt2000  +   229d ago
It's generally pretty easy to design around providing the physics system with a lockstep/fixed delta T for updates whilst allowing for a decoupled renderer, so this seems to be a case where even the core system(s) aren't designed with the PC experience in mind. Having a variable physics update can quite literally be game-breaking if there are large fps spikes or spurts of low fps causing large gaps between each physics update. This is just a shame, and a little odd!? :P
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LordDhampire  +   230d ago
O man, all these lazy ports, Good ole Capcom...idiots of the game world....driving their own company into a ditch...
Deadpoolio  +   229d ago
That is literally the stupidest comment I've read today....Good job genius it has nothing to do with Capcom, and everything to do with Micro$oft and their stupid parity clause, it literally has to be the same specs as the Xbox 792p version..

Sooo hard to grasp that when he says they aren't going to stop people from uncapping it but cant guarantee the experience at that point
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LordDhampire  +   229d ago
Deadpoolio, parity clause doesn't affect pc, thats why darksouls 2 is optimized for 60fps on pc, or unlocked, because windiws is a microsoft platform.

And saying capcom isn't running themselves into the ground is like saying you don't need oxygen....a straight lie

Capcom continues to release monster hunter on nintendo consoles despite lackluster sales in comparison to the psp versions, or making a ps4/xbone version instead releasing it on wii u, where it just isn't the same. Release other wii u games which no one buys because its third party.

Capcom needs to get with the times, japan isn't the major market these days which they continue to cater to just like nintendo, instead of adapting like sony.
CyrusLemont  +   230d ago
That's a bummer
brich233  +   230d ago
Stop whining guys , there will be workarounds, be glad that your getting the game.
Ghost_Nappa  +   230d ago
But they shouldn't be selling a game that limits your framerate on the one platform that gives users the freedom to choose your own experience. I don't have a pc and this pisses me off.
cyclindk  +   230d ago
Guess it is the equivalent to what happens when devs push "parity" with all versions... Pc gets the worst end though, at least for those with better rigs.

Parity... Is bs
onyoursistersback  +   230d ago
are you confirming that the XboxOne is weak.....?!
Plagasx  +   230d ago
What the actual......I can't believe this..

I was so damn excited for the PC version..
Ghost_Nappa  +   230d ago
Guess they saw NFS Rivals and thought "durrrrrrr dis ars gewd ideays!!!!!!!"
MasterD919  +   230d ago
PC gamers always get a raw deal...This game is great, so it's a shame that PC gamers won't get a top-notch experience.
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Pandamobile  +   230d ago
They make you settle for the Xbox One experience, regardless of whether or not you play on Xbox One it seems.
PS4isTHEkneesOFbees  +   230d ago
Really? Did they lock it to 720P as well or is that just you leaving an ignorant comment?
Pandamobile  +   230d ago
Please learn the definition of "ignorant".
GiantEnemyCrab  +   230d ago
Still ticked that Capcom opened their mouth and stated this game is Xbox One only and specifically said no PC or other platforms ever. Then they go and do this crap even with over 1.2mil in sales.
DxTrixterz  +   230d ago
Don't be surprised if they announce it for PS4 soon. Capcom is in very bad financial situation . They are desperate for money.
DevilOgreFish  +   230d ago
"Don't be surprised if they announce it for PS4 soon."

I guess i shouldn't be too surprised if they mess up that version too to be sub 800p.
Stapleface  +   230d ago
Seriously? Your upset because other people will be able to enjoy a video game? That's selfish and pathetic.
younglj01  +   230d ago
maybe he brought an XB1 just for this game, and with this announcement I'm sure he could have just updated his PC(if he have one). $450 for just DR3 or spend $100 on an upgrade...

I'm sure if this happen with any "exclusive" title within a years launch would make anyone mad I think...

But I agree 100%
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DxTrixterz  +   230d ago
I don't really care if it's 30 or 60 or 1million fps whatever. As a DR huge fan DR3 was the only reason I wanted to get X1. Now I just get it on PC. I'm happy.
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younglj01  +   229d ago
1million fps would melt your face...
hiredhelp  +   230d ago
This is a Port make no bones about it if it was optimized right it wouldnt be locked at 30 just dam lazy.
ElmoCooksGlass  +   230d ago
Who cares the game sucked on X1 and fps drops were horrible and it should at least be 60 fps for pc but that sucks 4 people who didnt play it
Immorals  +   230d ago
This isn't a dungeon, go away.

It was a great launch game and the fps issues weren't common, and were patched quickly.
ElmoCooksGlass  +   230d ago
I wonder y is every console game ported to pc when they should just make it for pc and take advantage of the full power pc has
InTheZoneAC  +   230d ago
or people can just buy it on the console and enjoy whatever exclusives it has unless you insist on playing every RTS, MMO and MOBA game out there that you must own a pc.
Stapleface  +   230d ago
I'm going to blow your mind. Games are made on pc's and every console would be gameless without them. You can knock pc's all you want, but you can't hate them if your a gamer. You can try, but every time you turn that console on your using the product of a pc user. It's even worse for the Sony fanboys, every time they turn on their ps4 games, they are likely using something made on a pc running a Microsoft OS. Making their precious exclusives not possible without the help of pc's (and Microsoft to an extent..lol).
InTheZoneAC  +   229d ago
I'm not hating on PC's, just stating you're missing out on the better exclusives...

Don't even know why every response is defensive. People assume whatever, and out comes a defensive response. Maybe everyone's the same on here?
jegheist2014  +   230d ago
now ifo nly theylll bring ryse to pc with 60 fps glory ill die happy modders will mod this like they did darksouls make game run n look sppectacular pc community is known for bypassing these kind of htings
Eyesoftheraven  +   230d ago
You might see me not playing the game.
TardcoreGamer  +   230d ago
60 or GTFO!
TardcoreGamer  +   230d ago
The difference between a game that runs at 30 vs 60 can be likened to the difference between a hand job and a blow job.
PS4isTHEkneesOFbees  +   230d ago
I do find this funny. Also, the community will have it fixed within days, just like NFS Rivals, which makes me wonder why the hell Capcom can't do what a couple people can in a day or two..
Codewow  +   229d ago
It's true... And it's sad.. There's gotta be a reason the devs don't bring it to 60 fps on PC..
SpideySpeakz  +   229d ago
Still an improvement from it running on the Bone at 15-20 fps.
Meltic  +   229d ago
looks like he doesent give a sh!t about the game to PC. Then why should i support the developers ?.
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user5669510  +   229d ago
Capcom a joke I been stop buying their games. They're lazy money no matter what platform their games on. Next is going to be SE and Activision ( I Dont remember the last game they put out that wasn't a sequel )
nklh4x0r  +   229d ago
You f*cked up!
kingduqc  +   229d ago
thanks consoles

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