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Submitted by NewMonday 606d ago | news

Suda 51′s Let It Die is What Lily Bergamo Became

Let It Die is essentially the same game as the previously revealed Lily Bergamo that was shown off last fall, retaining the original idea of what the team is calling an “extreme action game” coupled with asynchronous online gameplay while expanding on them with survival aspects. (Grasshopper Manufacture, Let It Die, PS4)

robtion  +   606d ago
This just looks absolutely terrible. I am a huge fan of Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, and Killer is Dead, they all have loads of style. Lilly Bergamo looked to be continuing the trend with awesome character design and great art design.

This game looks beyond generic. Seriously disappointed :(
ABizzel1  +   606d ago
I was a bit confused when I first saw it, but it seems like it has some interesting ideas at least, still not sure if it's my type of game.

The best thing is with that art style, it kind of gives you a look at what a Next-gen borderland could look like.
NixonMonoxide  +   606d ago
Seeing that Goichi Suda made NONE of the games you listed, I'll have to say you're talking absolute bollocks.

That being said, all those games look & sound stylish...That's about it. They all play like bargain bin shit, especially Lollipop Chainsaw.

Perhaps you should see more of this before you draw conclusions.
robtion  +   606d ago
All the games were made by grasshopper manufacture, Suda's studio, and he was involved in all of them. He was director on Shadows of the Damned, writer on Killer is Dead, and Producer on Lollipop Chainsaw.

As for gameplay all of them were great fun, I doubt you even played them.
SuckerKick12  +   606d ago
Volkama  +   605d ago
Killer is Dead leaned a little too far towards the abstract for my tastes, but I was still looking forward to Lily Bergamo.

This toned down free to play junk? Sigh I hope he moves onto another proper project very quickly.
NixonMonoxide  +   605d ago
Hahahaha! OMG Massimo Guarini directed Shadows of the Damned, NOT Suda you absolute plonker. Suda was the CREATIVE DIRECTOR. that's like an executive producer. It's not remotely the same thing. Wow, writer & producer. Others just use Suda's name to sell their games, because he's the most popular.

Actually I own all those titles, including 2 versions of No More Heroes. The ACTUAL last game Suda made. All bargain bin titles. I enjoy the shit over weekends.

Just because you enjoy grassphopper's gameplay doesn't make it quality. 90% of their games are clunky and actual shit. Hell I enjoyed A2M's WET too, but that doesn't make it a great game, by a LOOOONG shot.
robtion  +   605d ago
I didn't say Suda made all of the games by himself, I said he was involved in making them. Obviously making games is a team effort, team Grasshopper in this case.

I also said the games have lots of style and are great fun to play. I did not say they are triple A blockbuster titles polished to a high quality finish. I think you need to read things a little more carefully.

As for your attitude and personality, you don't seem like a very nice person. Good luck with that.
listenkids  +   606d ago
I was far more interested in Lily, but I guess poor sales on all his previous stylised games pushed him in an alternate direction, whether it's good or bad no one can say yet, though this does look pretty gash.
Legendary-Status  +   606d ago
the same Lily look so good!!! this game is SAW 6 ON STEROID'S
Legendary-Status  +   606d ago they could gave this game to another studio this was gon be real good set in the year 2043 ughhh why... Suda51 gon get alot of remorse for one's not even gon talk about let it die...i want what you sent to the trash!!!
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yokokoroma  +   606d ago
Highly disappointed...Lily Bergamo could've set a precedent, if Suda51 was able to introduce some type of innovative gameplay.
Baka-akaB  +   605d ago
This is horrible . I dont mind them doing their "let it die" concept for another game wich might even be good ...

But teasing this then ending up with that for the same game , is pure butchering .
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Onenyte  +   605d ago
I'm guessing people are missing his main intensions of the game, he's been quite an in-your-face type of guy with his games and I trust him completely.

BUT more importantly, the game sounds freaking amazing .
Baka-akaB  +   605d ago
Well except that's not the issue there . Imagine being shown Overdrive and then it becomes Fuse ... (oh wait that did happen) . Even if it only interested a few souls and wasnt at a stage where gameplay was even shown , of course it will dissapoint those already enthralled and enticed by the original art and mood .

After all , Suda didnt even need to show Lily Bergamo in the first place .

Even after he did , It might have just been easier to say months ago that unfortunately Lily was cancelled . And then show a whole new different game . it'd be less dissapointing .
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robtion  +   605d ago
Nicely summed up. My thoughts exactly.
T-What  +   605d ago
I agree, Lilly looked interesting, fun, great art style, Let it Die, looks meh, and iI own and have enjoyed all of Suda 51's games, I am beyond disappointed:(

I agree with Baka 100% should have said we canceled Lilly and then showed Lit it Die
GameDev1  +   605d ago
Why do people keep approving this?? Lily Bergamo is not confirmed cancelled

That article on gemastu or whatever just suggested since nothing has been heard about Lily Bergamo, it has been replaced with this. And no one has confirmed it

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