E3 2014: Bioware is Saying All The Right Things With Dragon Age Inquisition

Since Bioware first began talking about Dragon Age Inquisition they have come at it from the angle of redeeming the series. They may not have outright said this game aims to fix all of the many problems Dragon Age II suffered from, but most of the features they have been touting seem to directly address issues from DAII. Bioware seems to saying all the right things about Inquisition, and it certainly looks to be turning out fantastic.

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Blacklash931644d ago

Yeah. I really need something to boost my confidence in Bioware. This looks like it'll fit the bill, so far.

I mean, I liked Mass Effect 3 *overall* and the Citadel DLC was an awesome fanservice send-off, but I need Bioware to flex that genuine and satisfying storytelling muscle again.

incendy351644d ago

Everything they have shown looks so good. I think, I hope they learned their lesson after the last game. Plus I am dying for an RPG right now!

Ocsta1644d ago

Dude give Divinity: Original Sin on PC a try in that case. Looks like its got the old-school/new-school RPG goods. Then there's Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity coming up. Man those games (along with Dragon Age 3) are the only reason I have hope for 2014 right now :/

Heisenburger1644d ago

Yeah I'm really liking everything they are saying. The fact that they've felt the desire to add mounts is a hugely positive sign to me.
I'm also looking forward to playing The Witcher, afterwards. My enjoyment level will likely be much higher for DA than it would be if I got my hands on The Witcher first. So for me, it's all good.

lazyboyblue1643d ago

Yeah agreed, these two games are definitly the right way round, release date wise.

Blacklash931643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I don't exactly get why people are so contemptful of Inquisition. Bitterness over previous Bioware games? It's cause to be cautious or to move on to other games, but not toxic. People seem like they actively want to make it out to be bad for the sake of glorifying The Witcher. Fanboys... :/ Why can't people just have good wishes and be open to enjoying everything?

Anyway, I'm wishing the best for both. They both look like they have the potential to be very nice RPG experiences. Even if one isn't as great as the other, there's no reason they both can't be good.