EA Sports is committed to NBA Live series

Peter Moore talks about the NBA Live series and how EA Sports continues to view the game as an integral part of its future.

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DanielGearSolid1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Ok they said that last year

Actions speak louder than words

tlschwerz1446d ago

Did you actually read the article? The fact they are putting out a game again this year solidifies what Peter Moore is saying...

DanielGearSolid1446d ago

OK... youre completely missing the point of my comment...

They said all the right things last year, and the game was a piece of doodoo

So i dont really care what the have to say, all that matters is how the game plays

pompombrum1446d ago

In his defence, I think most people would rather masturbate with razor blades than listen to EA's PR nonsense.

CJDUNCAN1446d ago

They released the game full price then said oh sorry we know it's a piece of crap, see you next year k? lol They need to give up their NBA dreams, maybe go back to a basketball street series type game, but NBA games are a wrap for them.

3-4-51445d ago

Committed = Committed

It equates to nothing other than that.

Do not be fooled by there corporate talk.

Committed DOES NOT = success or good game.

Hitler was committed to his actions. He was a douche.

M-M1446d ago

They may be committed, but they certainly don't have the passion. NBA Live isn't what it used to be.

tlschwerz1446d ago

It's one year in to reviving a franchise, it's not an overnight thing...

iceman061445d ago

But, they had an entire year to "revive" the franchise and brought back something worse than many of the games that they released in the past. That's the real issue. The very basics of basketball weren't even solid with the last live. If they can't get that right on the first game, why should we get our hopes up that it will suddenly change?

ovnipc1446d ago

Dont spend money in a game that cant compete, 2k owns nba. Dedicate more to fifa that its the gane ea does well. Nba 13 was crappp its not worth $10 I played the demo and full game (rented) complete crap.

SUPERMOORE10251445d ago

Can you please speak English?