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Why Assassin's Creed Unity Might Just be the Best AC Game to Date: E3 Recap

It's no doubt that Assassin's Creed was one of the many highlights in Microsoft's presentation, and it stole the show when it was showed in Ubisoft's, but just what are those few aspects that made Unity stand out from the horde of Assassin's creed games behind it? (Assassin's Creed Unity, E3, Microsoft, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Ubisoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ape007  +   136d ago
im not a huge assassin's creed fan but it looked really good
bixxel  +   135d ago
A disagree!!!!! He's kidding right? I mean seriously.It doesn't look bad.
MWong  +   135d ago
Have to agree, I haven't played too much AC since AC2. Didn't finish 3 & 4, but this game looks to add that extra element with the co-op gameplay. So I will be picking this one up.

It looks like they really have taken some of the communities feedback to heart. So I am very interested in this game.
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XBisLIKEdeadANDstuff   135d ago | Spam
3-4-5  +   135d ago
AC1 = solid effort....many misses

AC2 = Arguably best in series. GREAT game.

AC:Brotherhood - Introduced new cool multiplayer, continued AC2's awesome story. Almost as good.

AC2:Revelations - Meehhhh shouldn't have been made.

AC3 - Worst in the series by far. One of the most glitch filled, buggy and boring games I've ever played in my life.
- Literally made me not want to ever play an Assassins Creed game ever again.

AC4 = Completely redeemed the series IMO. - Arguable the most likeably cast of characters. I ACTUALLY cared about these people and parts of the story were sad.

- All those islands to just explore + hunting.

If it wasn't the best AC game, it's definitely the best Pirate game ever created.

AC4 is the reason I'm excited for AC:Unity
BattleReach  +   135d ago
No matter how good it is, I'm taking a COD/AC/BF break for this year.

I still have to buy and play Infamous Second Son, The Last of Us Remastered, Grand Theft Auto V PS4 and (maybe) Driveclub.

I'll be fine.
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brokenbracket  +   135d ago
LOL, my bro and I were trying to figure out which games to get this year too man, just too freakin' many. It's crazy insane.
Relientk77  +   135d ago
I'm excited, thought this had a killer showing at E3
Let_the_games_begin  +   135d ago
I think AC II is the best of the franchise.

It "actually" lived up to the hype.

AC IV was a return to greatness.

Let's see how good Unity will be.
bixxel  +   135d ago
Unity may be the first game that may beat AC 2.
Let_the_games_begin  +   135d ago
Well, we'll have to wait and see. I'm not won over by the four player co-op. I just think multiplayer shouldn't be in an Assassin's Creed game.

Same way Hideo Kojima has stuck to his guns with MGS (I know it's a linear, stealth game) being single player only.

What made AC II so great was how it corrected every flaw of the original.

I've always said that the best way to make a sequel (or on-going sequels) is to work to the strengths and eradicate the flaws of the preceding games.

AC II was virtually flawless.

I remember the hype leading up to it's release.

The day before it came out, Gamestation (a videogame retailer here in the U.K.) had the game priced at £42. That was unheard of at the time.

Only COD: MW 2 could demand a higher price than the usual R.R.P.

Pound for pound, it has to be in everyone's top 5 best open world games of last gen.

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VengefulPenguin  +   135d ago
YESSS, and i was holding AC2 as the best AC game for forever, Unity blew my mind
CJDUNCAN  +   135d ago
I was ready to skip ACU this year. The series has been milked for every dollar possible, but then I saw it's unveil at e3 and it completely changed my mind. From the drop in co-op, to massive crowds, new parkour system. The game looks amazing.
bixxel  +   135d ago
Not only does it look amazing,but it plays even better!
Broomfondle  +   135d ago
Really. I remember someone saying the same thing about AC4. Pretty game but lacking in any real challenge.
starchild  +   135d ago
I really don't get this. I find the Assassin's Creed games to be about on par with the majority of games when it comes to difficulty.
Master-H  +   135d ago
From what i've seen i think it might have the best gameplay in the series, but can it match or top ACII story ?
MilkMan  +   135d ago
Doubtful. The best one was ACIV. From what I saw it looked like certain mission required coop partners. This ruins the AC experience for me unless you can have AI partners.
If you can run your own assassin crew then this is another matter altogether different, but relying on others for your enjoyment, that's pretty insane.
CJDUNCAN  +   135d ago
it's the opposite. they said certain parts of the game are strictly solo, and you can go through the game solo to, the co-op feature is optional.
MilkMan  +   135d ago
Yeah, cause I was looking for some kind of info on this. I couldn't find any. I did see a playthrough though and the way you get into missions, it stated "best with 4 players" and so on.

So you mean to say I can solo the whole thing then?
Thats different.
Thank you for the update.
Can I bother you for a link to an article or something?
CJDUNCAN  +   135d ago
it was in the video walkthrough, but i'll search for an article on it real quick.

"You can also go ahead with your assassinations solo. "

VengefulPenguin  +   135d ago
optional but fun as hell! Especially if you and your friends have been fantasizing about it for ages
Sketchy_Galore  +   135d ago
I thought Black flag was possibly the best in the series so far but I still haven't completed it as I'm just burnt out on Assassin's creed. I'm not saying I won't buy it as some statement against their overuse of this title or anything, just saying I can't bring myself to want to play it no matter how good it is, as I said I thought Black flag was really good but at some point I just stopped being able to make myself put the disc in the console. I'd just had way too much assassining and creeding. I decided to hold off on playing it until the desire to play that series came back but it hasn't come back in the past few months,
saber00005  +   135d ago
I've played the Assassin's Creed series since it first came out. If they are able to change it up a little bit from AC Black Flag, then it shouldn't have any problem doing well. Black Flag was my favorite AC game so far. Can't wait to see what they do with this!
starchild  +   135d ago
Me too. I thought AC4 was the best in the series so far and I think that Unity is probably going to be even better. I love the new traversal mechanics and the new stealth mechanics (finally proper stealth mechanics!) and those crowds are insane.
VengefulPenguin  +   135d ago
I've been playing it since Assassin's Creed 1 as well, and imo they still haven't managed to make a game that can beat Assassin's Creed 2, in terms of the city, the story, and the feel. But Unity really broke all those bars, the city gives you an uneasy feeling but at the same time it's beautiful yet gloomy, the crowds and the AI seem perfect atm, and as starchild said, the new traversal and stealth mechanics wrap it all
saber00005  +   135d ago
"Why is he doing that? He's going to hurt someone"
Broomfondle  +   134d ago
They absolutely spoon fed you everything in AC4. The only real challenge were the 4 legendary ships and I just couldn't be bothered with them as they were not an essential part of finishing the game. The AI was terrible and all you had to do was attract a group and then smoke bomb them. AC3 was much more of a challenge. I bought AC4 because they said "This is the best one yet". I won't be suckered in again.

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