Hyrule Warriors E3 2014 Breakdown

ZD writes: Nintendo released a new trailer for the Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors spin-off, Hyrule Warriors, during its online E3 presentation today. Besides confirming two new characters, the footage highlighted the game’s fast-paced action and teased a familiar Zelda villain at the end. Here is a full in-depth analysis of the trailer, informed with tidbits gleamed from the Nintendo Treehouse live-streaming of a Hyrule Warriors demo.

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vork771410d ago

so the great fairy is now sexy ok

MSBAUSTX1409d ago

Don't confuse sexy with Slutty. There is a difference. However, big HD boobies in a video game doesn't hurt its chances to sell to certain audiences.


It is almost exactly like it was in Ocarina of Time, just not so blocky anymore, what is the deal with the two of you (just curious)?

randomass1711409d ago

Team Ninja is doing their work alright lol.

NiteX1409d ago

Just looks like the fairies from Ocarina to me...

Summons751409d ago

It's an HD version of the one from Ocarina of Time....same laugh too, nice try but try harder.

kingPoS1409d ago

Must be the natural look she's sporting.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Pozzle1409d ago

I think she was always supposed to be sexy.....but the N64 graphics made her terrifying and pointy instead lol

vork771409d ago

that what i was joking about lol

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