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My E3 Winner- No Man's Sky - Zero1Gaming

Trent Cannon from Zero1Gaming.com talks about his most exciting game of E3 2014 - No Man's Sky. (Dev, E3, Next-Gen, No Man's Sky, PC, PS4)

sobotz  +   311d ago
Batman and Witcher 3 gameplay are awesome too.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   311d ago
Agreed, as well as Dragon Age Inquisition. But No Man's Sky is my number one
nucky64  +   311d ago
i'm super-stoked for "the order"; bloodborne, and UC4.....not to mention DA:I, dying light, the witness, MGS, and witcher3...but "no mans sky" was the big surprise for me at E3 (to this point) - i hadn't heard about it but loved it from the minute i saw it. as far as player interaction - i'd like to see it more on the friendly, "lets explore together" type of encounters found in "journey". i'm sick of the "see another player and start blasting weapons at each other" MP encounters.
i'm looking forward to more gameplay info and playing the game.
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djplonker  +   311d ago
I agree totally the trailer blew me away from the second he left that planet!

the category of "cgi trailer" goes to dead island 2 in my opinion!
TM333  +   311d ago
Indeed! I fell in love with the trailer for this game. Really looking forward to it. This just seems so vast, it makes me wonder how they can do it. Plus, it has dinos!!
ChubbyLover  +   311d ago
is this a multi plat?
djplonker  +   311d ago
Yeah :)

its just a timed exclusive for ps4

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BX81  +   310d ago
Good to know. I'll pick it up for ps4 though.
jukins  +   311d ago
would love to play this would be great if they could pull of vr as well
medman  +   311d ago
There are alot of great games I see at E3 that I will be playing in 2014-2015, and that list starts with Uncharted 4, The Division, The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Batman Arkham Knight, The Order:1886, No Man's Sky, Homefront, Hotline Miami 2, ABZU, I mean, my goodness!!!
LAWSON72  +   311d ago
Witcher 3 demo I watched ble my mind it was literally a an AC city in a giant world like Skyrim. IMO it looks the true next gen open world RPG. There are plenty of great stuff that looks impressive like Evolve, Destiny, Batman AK, and that Zelda.
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Pintheshadows  +   311d ago
Evolve for me as it is actually going to be in my hands fairly soon.

I didn't watch The Witcher 3 gameplay. I was already getting it before it was even announced. I am sure it is terrific though. This is CD Projekt afterall.

In fairness there is tons of good stuff coming. Tons of wallet based agony will come with it.
jmc8888  +   311d ago
Hopefully you can upgrade stuff, and add new abilities.

But the game flat out was the most surprising game.

Procedurally generated, infinite universe of stunningly looking and diverse locales.

It's got a ton going for it. I hope they can flesh it out so it feels like a deep experience.
Stapleface  +   311d ago
No Mans Sky was the winner for me as well. Leaving the planet, entering a battle in space then chasing the enemy fighter into the atmosphere of another planet and through the planets landscape.. That just blew me away. All of the life on the planet where they started looked amazing. I think it's awesome that everyone will start on their own planet. From day one the universe in this game is going to be huge, and just keep expanding. I hope it will be possible to fly to the starting planet of everyone else.

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