Mortal Kombat X E3 screenshots

The first official E3 screenshots of Mortal Kombat X has been released introducing Kotal Khan, D'Vora, Ferra/Torr

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pompombrum984d ago

Yeah, this game is going to be epic!

XisThatKid984d ago

WHAT?! a legit fighter on PS4 lemme have ASAP!

hades07984d ago

Was super excited after the reveal trailer, but seeing the gameplay in action looks more of the same. The reveal made me think that the environments would be more interactive than they actually are. Still excited for the game but not as much as I was.

billybehr984d ago

Looking good! Loved MK9.

chaox_90984d ago

MK9 still looks great to this day after 4 years. It still give the feeling of next gen. You can say MKX is a combination of injustice and MK both but I think they won't bring stage throwing where you kick the opponent to the other stage. hope to see frost come back.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante984d ago

MK9 was good but too bad this is just Injustice with MK characters and not a real MK game.