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Submitted by Kurazy 2810d ago | rumor

PS3 40GB downward compatibility hitting this October?

As german site reports, downward compatibility for the 40GB PS3 will be available this october via firmware upgrade. They talked to a Sony importer from germany who told them, Sony is going to release a new firmware which allows a fully software emulation of PS2 games.

Since Sony announced that they're going to offer downloadable PS2 games in PSN, this rumor sounds believable. (PS3)

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sonarus  +   2810d ago
It will probably only work for downloadable ps2 games.
chaosatom333  +   2810d ago
they start giving us Ps2 games via PSN network.

Sony still cares about backward compatibility contrary to what people think.
Altis1  +   2810d ago
Its better than nothing. I sure would like to play God of War 1 and 2 in (somewhat) HD.
sonarus  +   2810d ago
I have played GOW enough. Unless there are heavy graphical improvements, i don't need it. I would get Shadow of The Collosus. That is the only game i have played that i would get. Other stuff i would buy would be games i didn't play for one reason or the other
Lucreto  +   2810d ago
If they did PS2 games as a download I hope for Suikoden 3. It never came to Europe and I boycotted most of Konami's games. I was considering not getting MGS4 in spite.
iamtehpwn  +   2810d ago
If they allow it for Downloadable PS2 games
Then it'll also be allowed for Disc-Based PS2 games.

Either Way. SWEET. But.
I have a 40gb. There's no way I'm going to have enough space for all this sexual goodness. ;-;. I'mma have to upgrade to at least a 500gb HDD.
Dir_en_grey  +   2810d ago
Being able to play disk based games would only boost their sales of the PS3. It would be a stupid move for Sony to do it only for downloadable games.
OgTheClever  +   2810d ago
If PS2 games are offered as downloads then they sure as hell better make Ico available. It's impossible to get hold of now and since i've only ever played a demo, I want to see if the rest of the game is as good as I've heard.

I expect it would be far easier to change the original code of PS2 software than to make the PS3 hardware compatable with the original PS2 discs.
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darkpower  +   2810d ago
"It never came to Europe and I boycotted most of Konami's games."
Lucreto  +   2810d ago
Consider your favorite game series and the newest sequel doesn't come out in your country and they refuse to say why. Will you keep confidence in that company?

I know its pointless but a principe is a principle.
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theKiller  +   2810d ago
did anybody had doubt??
i knew it since they introduced the ps3 40BG model!
Jack Meahoffer  +   2810d ago
Sonarus why would it only work for downloadable games?
Its software emulation it'll work off disc too. Why wouldn't it the 360's BC works off disc. Its the same thing.

If this actually happens it would be awesome. Removing BC in a rush to reduce price was a black eye for the PS3 in my opinion and this would totally remove it.

Wouldn't help the long term value of my 60GB though...
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I LOVE my xbox  +   2810d ago
Don't deny the power of the PS3.
Lifendz  +   2810d ago
Holy crap Sony
did they plan this or what? Seriously, it's like there's nothing but positive news for PS3 right now. If they were to announce something like Final Fantasy anything at E3 you could forget it. Sony, you continue to justify my purchase. Keep it up!
PopEmUp  +   2810d ago
tHE real translation
We have hot news for you! In a conversation between us and a Sony import dealer from the United States, which imported to Germany, we have learned that the 40GB version of the PS3 in October backward compatible with PS2 games. The whole aim via a firmware update from equip.

So said our contact man joking added that it now hold all 60GB models, which he is still in stock, should get rid of, because after publication of the firmware a significant loss of value would suffer. This sounds perfectly plausible, since many to a lot more expensive 60GB model only because of backward compatibility do what with the same functionality of the 40GB model would then be abolished.

On the question of how this technical page will look, we were assured that this will be "100% by software emulation" happen. According to the dealer, the firmware is planned for October, one hundred percent but he could not assure.

We also can not guarantee the accuracy of this message, but the fact that Sony recently announced, even PS2 games over the PSN distribute to want to make this a very likely.

We keep you on new information up to date.
Rourker  +   2810d ago
@ Dir_en_grey
I think you mean it wouldn't be the best move, because only offering PS2 games on PSN is not stupid it's just not the best (it would obviously be better if you could play all PS2 disk media aswell). If thats what you mean and I think it is then I agree with you.
Presentist  +   2810d ago
Now you can install 5 games on your Harddrive, and play 5 year old PS2 games.

Kidding, this is great news, makes me want to get a 40gig.
lessthanmarcus  +   2810d ago
I can has downloadable PS2 games for my PSP?
Julia Bond  +   2809d ago
ooo now i can play myy fav kingdom hearts in HD! :]]

<3 xoxo
ECKOo9  +   2809d ago
Awesome either way, if the PS2 discs will work as well then kick A. OO that rhymed!
LenHart  +   2810d ago
Now thats a BIG news
and a GOOD news

However i never play PS2 games on PS3

But many do so it is a great news indeed

BTW new reviews for NG2

7.5 from worthplaying and GAMEPRO
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Mr Playboy  +   2810d ago
NASIM you don't even have a PS3

LenHart  +   2810d ago
@PLAYGAY aka Breakfast
12th June

thats the last time u XBOT will ever talk in forums


doomsday for XBREAK3FIXME ==just 9 days away

go play flop gaiden 2 at 585P
ravinshield  +   2809d ago
thats the last u ps3 girls r going to write in the forums

hopefully ya will be finally playing a fuking game
Nadine Coyle  +   2809d ago
you got a point there. they might buy a game and spend an hour or 2 playing th game.

''LenHart - 21 hours ago

Ignore1.2 - @PLAYGAY aka Breakfast
12th June

thats the last time u XBOT will ever talk in forums


doomsday for XBREAK3FIXME ==just 9 days away

go play flop gaiden 2 at 585P''

you are serious right. whats going to make us stop going on forums. if you think plastic queer dildo is going to kill us or something.
you must have an infecion in your brain or something.

breakbox cant fix me  +   2809d ago
i am in deep sh!t
<-------------------------- ----
grkblood13  +   2810d ago
this will be sweet IF it happens. good thing I got an 80 GB model.
WINZLOW  +   2810d ago
yes yes and yes at the both of you
sonarus, chaos, and altis. it will probably only be for ps2 and we need HD remakes of MGS series GOW series and Twisted Metal!!!! Speaking of TM, anyone hear any news about a new game?????

bubbles for all
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DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl  +   2810d ago
why would they make it have bc if they are going to put the games on the psn? who wants to pay for a game when you might already have it.
Mikelarry  +   2810d ago
is good news for us 40gb owners. downwards compatiblity i thought it was backwards
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cyclindk  +   2810d ago
Just wait for forward compatibility...
omodis420  +   2810d ago
does this mean all my ps2 games will work on it? Or just the downloadable games.
Mikelarry  +   2810d ago
@ 4.1

@ 4.2 erm i hope not i hope we could just play normal ps2 disk games. that would ROCK
celticlonewolf  +   2810d ago
I would have liked
It to be so that you can just pop in a ps2 game and play it not downlaod it from psn. With install games and the movie and tv stuff that is sure to come people will run out of space all to soon. Im so glad I got the 60gig then upgarded real cheap. one of the best things about ps3 along with walpapers you can do yourself that is a sweet little perk. I have that woamn from forgotten kingdom on mein she's hot lol how cool is it that my wife did the back drop for me lol(shes much better at making wlampapers than me)
DethWish  +   2810d ago
I really really hope so..
And what I know they never announced it, just thought about it.
whoelse  +   2810d ago
I don't remember them saying that...
livespawn  +   2810d ago
this is good for those people who have a big ps2 collection and don't want to keep their old ps2 lying around
xboxftw  +   2809d ago
You're right condolezza rice..
Siraris  +   2810d ago
When has Sony ever said they were going to offer PS2 games as download? They have only ever said they were NOT going to offer PS2 games as downloads.
titntin  +   2810d ago
I seriously doubt the credibility of this story.

The source - a console importer? The kind of dodgy console importers who deal in 'Grey' goods that I've known in the past would tell you anything!

One of the chips removed from the PS3 in order to scale it back for the cheaper 40 gig model, was video processing chip which the PS2 relied on. It was the removal of this chip that made it so much more difficult to do PS2 software emulation , and while nothing is impossible, I would be extremely surprised if Sony had wasted any dev time on this issue with so many other more pressing issues vying for their attention!

I do have back-wards compatibility having bought a 60gig on release day. I used it once - just to see what upscaled PS2 titles looked like! When you've got a decent collection of PS3 titles, you really don't want to go back to the old PS2 stuff - at least I don't, and I don't know anyone who actually uses the feature.

I seriously doubt this report.
omodis420  +   2810d ago
It would be nice for people who have kids. Lame games like Rugrats and Sponge Board are like 5 bucks. And my old PS2 just broke. My son is craving his Tomater Madness game. HAHAHA

I really hope this turns out to be true.

But you are right it won't.
Zeevious  +   2810d ago
SCEI - PS2 Emulator Job Posting
There was a job posting for a PS2 emulation engineer almost 6 months ago, January 2008.

"PlayStation 3 compatibility feature engineer" with a job role that would require the applicant to "implement and improve an emulator on the PlayStation 3 and next gen systems. Target systems:PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP"

Unfortunately the original SCEI job listing is no longer posted (I'm pretty sure they filled the job since January)

Google turned up a reference to it on a fan site:

Considering emulators are often available with Dev SDK's, the 'implement and improve an emulator on the PlayStation 3...' ring's true.

Sony knows they screwed up omitting compatibility. The PS3 is more than powerful enough to emulate the PS2 entirely in software.
(PS2 emulation on average runs on 2GHz 512MB RAM systems. Well within PS3 specs.)

The other thing to consider is the PS3 is one of the TARGET emulations...most likely for the PS4.

October is a reasonable time line to completion of an existing emulator.
I'd give this more credit that it may seem to be worth.
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BWS1982  +   2809d ago
I won't comment on the credibility, but I'd comment on the fact that not everyone ever got to own a PS2, so someone like me has a plethora of games I'd like to play, in addition to getting into the next gen with the PS3 games. Don't assume we all own (or owned) a PS2. Yeah, they're cheap now, but why spend the money if Sony's got the capacity to put it into the new gen hardware?

I want BC badly.
agent864  +   2809d ago
i agree
any info from an importer is suspect. he says he has stock of 60GB's he needs to dump now before the price premium is eroded. maybe its true or maybe its second hand out of repair stock he's trying to unload. why would he divulge that information that would make his stock less valuable immediately.

Anyhow, i thought that the insane clock speed on the PS2 GS chip was the reason why the PS3 could not emulate the PS2 in software. Maybe some ultrasmart engineer figured a way around this. I would like to believe this rumor -- even tho I have a 20G with full hardware BC -- but for now it belongs in the dubious bin.
qwerti  +   2810d ago
if thats true, i know a ton of people that will buy one. my guess is that it will come with fw 3.00, jsut like there was a psx emulator in psp fw 3.00.
Avto  +   2810d ago
Well they can change the games so they could run on PS3, but I hear they were hiring coders so they would make PS2 games work on PS3
sinncross  +   2810d ago
This is good, though i hope the firmware has something else for 20/60/80gb adopters, such as full mp4. and avi. support.

After Sony have done this, they need to improve the upscaling features... something on level with bleem which really made ps1 games look great... and if something lie that happens, ps2 will have new life breathed into them.
timestoby  +   2810d ago
well it would be nice if it was for physical ps2 discs,cause ps2 has alot of quality games that i havnt even played and not owning a ps2 ever this would be great.i mean the quality cant look as bad as ps1 games lol. but the download ps2 games via network would be great aswell. BRING IT ON DITCHES LOL.
himdeel  +   2810d ago
I agree...
...that the firmware if this is real and included would ONLY be totally awesome is if you could play ps2 disc on the system using the firmware. If not then it's okay but would require a MUCH better offering of PS2 titles on PSN. Nevertheless PS2 firmware for PS2 disc would be a wonderful convenience that I'd truly appreciate.
#17 (Edited 2810d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
f789790  +   2810d ago
I want full PS2 software emulation eventually
I know I paid less so I can wait a year or two for the feature but eventually I want it or you are guaranteeing that I get custom firmware to unlock it.
Figboy  +   2810d ago
good for 40gig users.
i have a 60gig, bought about 4 months after the PS3's release, so i've been enjoying the PS2 games i've yet to beat in upscaled HD since i got my HDTV in June of last year.

i always expected Sony would enable PS2 emulation via firmware, as i expected them to offer PS2 games via the PSN at some point in the future.

why people got so up in arms about the removal of BC to make the console cheaper is beyond me.

i mean, if you want to play PS2 games so bad, wouldn't you ALREADY have a PS2?

and if you didn't, why was that extra $100 such a big deal to pay to get PS2 backwards comp in the PS3 models that had the feature?

i mean, a PS2 is, what, $130 US now, and a PS3 with PS2 BC is $500, without, $400?

i got rid of my PS2 when i got my PS3 (i gave it to my roommate). i didn't need it, and i viewed the $600 i spent on my PS3 as worth it at the time; $600 for built in Wi Fi, standard 60gig HDD, Web Browser (which i'm not ashamed to admit i use quite a bit when i'm too lazy to get up and turn on my computer in the mornings), free online gaming, built in memory stick readers (which actually came in handy when i was showing my family the pictures me and my fiance took on our trip to Iowa on the big screen TV. it's also been useful when i download UT3 mods for the PS3, PS1 and PS2 BC, so i didn't have to have more than one system hooked up to my TV, and, of course, built in Blu Ray player, which, at the time, was going for over $1000 just for a STAND ALONE BR player.

in short, i thought it was a deal. i didn't really understand what there was to complain about. the PS3 packed a lot of features in there for $600.

do i feel sorry for those that didn't pick it up back then. not really. i mean, they either didn't pick it up because of COST (understandable), or they didn't pick it up because of that old standby of the "PS3 has no games," and "isn't worth it."

back on topic, i'd love to have them re-release Ico on the PSN with updated to HD graphics (not new graphics, just graphics that make it more HD friendly). i've played it upscaled on the PS3, and the game is just too pixelly to work in HD. it just wasn't designed for it. Shadow of the Colossus, on the other hand, looks GREAT on my 40" HDTV. as if the Colossi weren't intimidating enough already...

there's a few titles that i think would be great for the PSN treatment:

Beyond Good and Evil (maybe people will pay attention to it this time)
Klonoa 2
War of the Monsters (speaking of that, they need to make an online enable next gen sequel of this. that would be AWESOME)
Second Sight

to start off. all of them quality. all of them underappreciated by the masses. a cheap, HD ready PSN version would be good for them.
Lord_Ash  +   2810d ago
Your talking about people who have a choice but don't forget gamers in Europe don't, they only have the 40G model, and by the way before I got the PS3 I played a few games on my HD TV and they looked awful almost unplayable but after getting the PS3 and the upscale feature they really looked good so having a PS2 for HD gamers is almost not an option.
LiQuid revOlvEr  +   2809d ago
@ figboy
your saying you spent $600 on 60g ps3 but in Britain (where i live) for the equvalent cost you could only get a 40g!!!
devilhunterx  +   2810d ago
hehe i got the 60gb PAL version. Let me tell you, playing GOW2 on a HDTV on a ps3 is SWEET.
user858621  +   2810d ago
PS2 Downloadable games will put xbox originals to its grave!!!! XD oh and the 360 lmao
wwwkilla  +   2810d ago
Had a 60gb but i got that lil blue light
Yeah that is wuz up I had a 60gb but fored to down grad to 40gb becuse the blue light of death I lost a lot of good stuff that is the best 3 out there had my for a 1 1/2 and I got that error coad was foced to get the 40gb the big thing was no backwards got my money back for it so I bought the 40gb and bought every thing I had for the 60gb just had to buy sd attioment 2 extral usb ports any way take god for this hope it is ture
uckitsayitchbay  +   2810d ago
where in the heck did you learn to type... what are you like 5?
LiQuid revOlvEr  +   2809d ago
you, my friend are obviously f*cking retarded-

1. there is no ps3 rrod!
2. you cant type!

be honest, youre a 360 fanboy
juuken  +   2810d ago
...That is awesome news.
solidboss  +   2810d ago
what i dont understand is that if this is true then why release different systems and market them as saying " the 80 20 and 60 gig can play ps2 games" but the 40 cant? thats dumb. they should of at least had the forty gig play ps2 games from the start rather then wait for some damn firmware. im not a fan boy i think the ps3 is a very powerful machine. its jus sony makes stupid decisions with it.
LJWooly  +   2809d ago
The reason they removed BC from the 40GB model was to make the console cheaper. To have full PS2 BC, you would basically need the entire chipset from the PS2 in there, which isn't very practical.
cl63AMG  +   2810d ago
hell yes
Homicide  +   2810d ago
360 sucks. I'm glad I bought a PS3.
The playa  +   2809d ago
What a constructive comment. I guess thats about the best your going to get out of a ps3 gamer ;)
breakbox cant fix me  +   2809d ago
no you also get this

Lord_Ash  +   2810d ago
Seems really hard for them getting allot of good stuff from the PS2 library to the PSN because of license and stuff, I mean look at PSX games there is barley any, then again if the games are recent enough I think they can track down the original creators, I don't know I just hope they do this right.
livespawn  +   2810d ago
heh, im starting to feel the same way about my 360 now that its out played by my ps3, come june 12 i will be holding a funeral service for it ;)
antt3  +   2810d ago
well well...
As an owner of a 40 GB, this would of course be a cool addition. When I purchased the 40 GB, I did so knowing there was no BC, and not caring one whit. I didn't own any PS2 games, so it didn't matter.

But, I can say with certainty, if this option were given to me, there's a few PS2 games I'd pick up.

But what about the 80GB owners who paid $100 extra, in many cases only because of the BC? I know I'd be a little peeved. I mean, if the 40 GB gets BC, the only difference between the machines is HDD size and a couple extra USB and Memory card slots.

Well, I guess only time will tell if this is true or not.
thehitman  +   2810d ago
Trust me 40gigs and sd slots and etc is a big difference IDK wat the hell i do if i owned a 20 or 40gi SKU. Honestly I rather pick up a 360 than those 2. I can put my pics or things from my camera/psp I can hook up my video camera usb charger guitar hero and usb mics at the same time I actually wish it had 2 more so i could hook mouse and keyboard but oh well.

I guess this is good for the ppl who picked up a 40gig not knowing it didnt play ps2 games and still do. Now ppl cant complain against Sony for not having it.

Also idk why ppl want ps2 games via psn. Just grab the ps2 version its not like its going to be upgraded or something. All ps2 games are upscaled anyway into HD. I dont see why ppl want it just take up space on ur HD.
#29.1 (Edited 2810d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ace-Jury  +   2810d ago
maybe there is a chance ill get to play Res4 and MGS3...the 2 games i feel i have missed out on
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