We Played Shigeru Miyamoto's New Star Fox Game | Kotaku Preview

Kotaku: Aesthetic improvements can come later. It first matters if a game is fun. With Miyamoto being just about the most respected game designer ever, that should be a safe bet, but my own first hands-on with the new Star Fox was a bit of a head-scratcher. It's not immediately clear how a Star Fox game benefits from two screens. I played three modes of Miyamoto's Starfox project to try to get a better understanding.

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MSBAUSTX1624d ago

They better get this one right. Of course it is Nintendo and they rarely get huge first party title wrong. Dual screen tells me one person flying and one person shooting for multiplayer. I want to option to use the motion or not like in MK8. This needs to be tested extensively which I am sure they will do. I am looking forward to the holiday season to see if more footage emerges for this. Keep it coming Nintendo. Great E3 so far!

bigfish1624d ago

We played Shigeru Miyamoto's new starfox game and it was crap,,, now where's Uncharted 4

SaintAlpha1011624d ago

I knew N4G was filled with Sonyponies, but jeez.

MNGamer-N1624d ago

Jerks like you are what are wrong with the gaming community. Uncharted looks great, but trollish snobby comments about other games make you look like an idiot.

user56695101624d ago

yeah we dont like playing games in a new way. we what to play the same old games with a new coat of paint and call the revolutionary. go sony let do the same thing every gen and copy off pcs and then downplay them. we love that the only thing different from pc, xbone, and ps4 is the power. booooo nintendo for always doing something different and taking risk. booooo them

Darkfist1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

that doesn't look fun to play at all, better let us use normal controller.

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