Nintendo: That Amazing Zelda Footage Was In-Engine

Kotaku: "The breathtaking footage Nintendo showed today for its 2015 Wii U Zelda is real, a Nintendo rep tells me. I asked if it was pre-rendered. No, they said. It's in-engine."

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Vegamyster1113d ago

Zelda + a open world like Skyrim, my body is ready.

Neixus1113d ago

Why compare it to skyrim? All the Zelda games have been open world.. :x

Vegamyster1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )


In the 3D games and most of the overhead ones you're in an open world but you're on a set path most of the time, Eiji Aonuma said you can walk to the mountains in the background if you want which is why i compared it to the open world of Skyrim.

WiiUsauce1112d ago

feels like being in a Hiyao Miyazaki film.

randomass1711112d ago

Ni No Kuni wants a word with you... but DANG I can't help but agree. It looks quite close to that colorful style.

BattleN1112d ago

did you pull a joker move lol

Metallox1113d ago

The grass though... looks amazing, I would eat it.

ChickeyCantor1112d ago

There is enough growing around link. Don't be that guy.

BattleN1112d ago

lol to all grass lovers!

higgins781113d ago

Please let Nintendo stick with Wii Motion Plus (1:1) for this game, going back to more 'traditional' controls will feel for me a step backwards.

Zodiac1113d ago

Agreed. Skyward Sword really ruined traditional controls for me.

Dudebro901113d ago

Only the minority wants the Wii controls.

_LarZen_1113d ago

Sales numbers say something else

silkrevolver1113d ago


Skyward Sword's sale numbers are good... but look at Twilight Princess'.

By FAR the best selling Zelda game, and it has the epitome of traditional Zelda all over it.

Chrischi19881112d ago

The sales numbers dont really represent the love for the motion+ controls. It is still a Zelda, most will buy it because of that, even if they dont like motion+.

CrowbaitBob1112d ago

Ugh, motion controls. Please NO! Can't we just go back to playing games the way God intended!?

Chrischi19881112d ago

God intended no gamepad controls or any of that. What a dumb comment.

CrowbaitBob1112d ago

I'd suggest that if we're going to start taking "God intended" comments seriously we might as well realize that there's no evidence to back up either of our statements.

I stand by the basic premise of my supposedly dumb comment which is that motion controls suck. Zelda games have been amazing for generations without requiring waggle and flailing.

Chrischi19881112d ago

Then dont say, the way god intended.

CrowbaitBob1112d ago


It's a colloquialism. It's not meant to be serious. It's just a way of intimating that something is unnatural.

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eworthington01112d ago

I enjoyed the motion controls in skyward sword...but I wished I could plug in a classic conteoller the whole time ya know.

higgins781112d ago

In other words defeating the entire point of what made Skyward Sword so cant have both. Either you have a game built with Motion Controls (Plus) at its core or you go back to more 'traditional' methods, personally I will feel a massive sense of disappointment should the latter happen.

eworthington01112d ago

I liked the motion controls... I didnt have any problem with them. I thought they were great. Just flicking and jolting wasnt the zelda Im used to. Not that its bad at all. More wii twilight princess I wish wouldve had classic controller support.
Skyward sword became one of my favorites. I may have worded it wrong... I guess.

randomass1711112d ago

I personally want classic controls, but I hope they let you toggle in motion controls as an option for fans like yourself. :)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1112d ago

Looking at all of the control schemes for Smash Bros.-

makes me believe that Nintendo will have at least 3 ways to play the New Zelda and 5 controller options.

IMO- I will use Motion Controls.
I can't even finish TP because TP-Link feels so sluggish compares to SS-Link.

SS ruined me for all other (known) control-schemes.

higgins781112d ago

Could not have put it better. Playing any Zelda after Skyward Swords innovative control set-up feels archaic in comparison.

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Kevlar0091113d ago

"It's Cel-shaded like SS/WW, it's not the Tech Demo"

Still looks amazing, and is a year away so it s by release

eyeofcore1112d ago

Those fake Zelda fans will say that... (sad)

Enjoy the game and its Open-World, be happy!

Ck1x1112d ago

It's not cel shaded though, that's what people have to stop saying! It has more of an anime generated look but not cel shaded, people have to learn their art styles. SS wasn't cel shaded either just to clarify things!

BattleN1112d ago

What if it drops summer 2015 but the more time crafting is better for the game!

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