Nyko reveals PS4 and Xbox One intercoolers and other accessories at E3 2014

Nyko has revealed several new accessories for its PS4 and Xbox One "Modular Line" at E3 2014.

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KrisButtar1562d ago

I've always figured the consoles were stress tested with over heating so an intercooler would be pointless and if the do over heat they likely would in the 1st year anyway. People are going to buy them either way though

Agent_00_Revan1562d ago

That and, they stated when they announced it that a big part of the PS4's design was so it could 'remain as cool as possible'. Its why the entire backing is nothing but heat vents.

Blaze9291562d ago

why do they still make these after what they did to Xbox 360s?

porkChop1562d ago

No thank you. I remember when the 360 first launched they made an intercooler that actually screwed up the cooling and caused 360's to break faster. Not buying any intercoolers. Consoles are made to withstand the amount of heat they produce, an intercooler is not needed.

Agent_00_Revan1562d ago

I remember that. I'm so glad I never bought one. Lol, the 360's fans were pushing air outward, but the intercooler push it inward. Going completely against the internal fans.

Immorals1562d ago

My xbox one don't need no cooler!

Kal8531562d ago

I had the same problem when I got one for my 360. Not even remotely interested unless they make a white one to match the white PS4 I just preordered. Then only if it gets good customer reviews.

Baka-akaB1562d ago

Cool more stuff to actually kill consoles

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