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Quake Wars 360 doesn't have cockpit view

talkplaystation has spotted that the 360 version of Quake Wars doesn't have the cockpit view while the PS3 version does.

"It seems that the best version of Quake Wars is the Playstation 3 version because the Xbox 360 version does not have cockpit view… no one knows why its not like its something that will demand huge power.

So how will this effect 360 users? Well i find it harder to aim in third person view in a tank and switching to first person gives a more precise, more accurate aim because its kinda zoomed in more. In fact in games like Battlefield i always switch to first person view whether flying a helicopter, jet or driving a tank." (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, PS3, Quake Wars, Xbox 360)

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Mc Fadge  +   2685d ago
It's clear guys,
The PS3 version is infinitely better!
sonarus  +   2685d ago
PS3 version = definitive version confirmed. PS3 version was so good, they downgraded all the textures and handed it off to the mart to do the port and somehow they still managed to get the cokpit view in.

Jamie Foxx  +   2685d ago
360 version didnt have the close up view of the tv while the ps3 version did,this problem is getting more frequent,strange unless its some technical issue
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KingME  +   2685d ago
Although I have no interest in the game. If I did, being that they created the additional views for the PS3 and not the 360, that would be unexceptable and because of that, I would buy the game at all they ommited the views and I ommited the purchase.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2685d ago
Jamie - wtf are you talking about the 360 version has the 2 different views of the TV in GTA IV.

Anyway, I would rather lack a c*ckpit view than have worst textures and performance. This game blows anyway but it blows especially hard on the PS3 (must be all that cell power! LOL)
JVIDICAN  +   2685d ago
@ giant
on the ps3 theres 3 views the two the 360 has and a fullscreen mode
lucas107  +   2685d ago
ps3 had bluray
ps3 has bluray so it has room for bigger videos on the tv in gta4 it has nothing to do with power of the system just the help of extra space on the bluray disk
Kain81  +   2685d ago
Cause DVD-Limit. Could this possible^^
Fishy Fingers  +   2685d ago
Not a chance, this would hardly impact on the size of the game. Frankly if even the developer claimed size limitations I wouldn't believe it.

I hate to see people write this unjustifiably but I honestly think in this case it's just nothing more than lazy developers. Maybe different teams handled the different ports.
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Jack Bauer  +   2685d ago
well the PC version required 5 gb and the console versions according to ign i think were stripped down of a few things (not sure why but ign PS3 version scored lower?)... i think it is not size limitations.
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krackchap  +   2685d ago
maybe they ran out of disk space.

lol, just kidding
Jamie Foxx  +   2685d ago
be careful theres certain people on here who cant take jokes,everthings serious and guard their consoles like sentinals as i have found out today LOL like *cough* ther*****sson *cough*
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thereapersson  +   2685d ago
I own both consoles, dude
I defend whichever one I feel should recieve it at the time. Hell, I was one of the people who approved that 360 GTA article. It's just really hard to tell with all the idiot fanboys on this site who is joking and who is serious. I harbor no actual hard feelings towards you, ok?
KingME  +   2685d ago
Way to take the high road thereapersson, I'm sure some people on this site were trying to get you to stoop to their level. LOL like *cough* Jam** F**x *cough*

@madestar(below) - can any fan for any console truthfully tell us why....Thought so.
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madestar  +   2685d ago
can any 360 fan tell me why there isn't a cokcpit view??? .................thought so
kewlkat007  +   2685d ago
madestar better question Does any 360 gamer have the game?

haha Expy the question was asked on the Thread..silly

It's dumb to think 0 xbox owners will not buy this game.

Why are you not playing it?

@Expy - gotcha
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Expy  +   2685d ago
Apprently so: http://forums.xbox.com/896/...

@ reply: Cos I never liked any of the quake games before hand, also, not a title I was ever expecting to purchase. Besides, I only play games on the 360 that I can't play anywhere else (either it be PS3, or PC).
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jojo319  +   2685d ago
Can any PS3 owner tell you why there's no cokcpit view? Nope. you can guess and have your theories, but the fact is no one knows. So what is your point?
sleepbox  +   2685d ago
can you find me a 360 fan that actually plans on buying this POS?
OoLegendoO  +   2685d ago
A disaster !
green  +   2685d ago
how many of you guys here commenting will actually buy this game?
Relcom  +   2685d ago
I would bet -2

Game is awful, doesn't deserve the quake in the title.
Farsendor1  +   2685d ago
i will when the game comes down 20/30$
timmyrulz  +   2685d ago
They must have been paid off by Sony (well that what we would have heard if it was the other way round)
Who cares though anyway, not seen a good review for this rushed lazy pc hand me down port
ELite_Ghost  +   2685d ago
sony doesn't give a shet for this game, why would they waste money on that?
iNickk  +   2685d ago
This is article is very opinionated:

"Well i find it harder to aim","i always switch to first person view"

Just an observation. :)
Snoozer282  +   2685d ago
Talkplaystion didn't spot, Gametrailers did in their comparison.

Either way, I have no interest in this after playing the PC version.
iNickk  +   2685d ago
Oh, and btw, i heard the reason that the 360 version doesn't have the 3rd person view could be because two different companies handled the ports.
mightydog01  +   2685d ago
Well we know what they goners say its not good so who cares....But the question is why did they not include it in the 360 version. maybe was limitations on dvd9 disc that they could not fit it on.It looks like dvd9 becoming a real problem with developers and its going to get worst cause they goner have to step it up a level when like killzone2 comes out....Games are not getting smaller they will need more space to grow thats how its always been in gaming history
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2685d ago
If you think a c*ckpit view was not included because of disc limitations please go have your head examined. Out of all the reasons that has got to be the dumbest.
tordavis  +   2685d ago
Both GTAIV and Quake Wars were lead on 360. Those extra features that PS3 received were afterthoughts. I'm sure in c0ckpit view will be added through a patch. I think that's really important to gameplay. The fullscreen TV mode in GTAIV...not so much.
avacadosnorkel  +   2685d ago
Quake wars didn't lead on 360
although the crappy company that made the PS3 version got fired by Activision after it was done.
tordavis  +   2685d ago
I thought the console version of Quake Wars was done on 360 first. Does the PC version have inc0ckpit view? If so that is totally strange that the 360 version doesn't have it.

With GTAIV the 360 was the lead platform though.
sandip787  +   2685d ago
and this, my friends, is why i chose a ps3 over a 360; for amazing benefits like this.
urban bohemian  +   2685d ago
falviousuk  +   2685d ago
well in my crappy 360 version i can PLAY BEYOND the suffocating c0ckpit view.


ps i dont have the game and dont intend on buying it. Have it for PS and played it once

pps Jeez cant believe it wont allow me to use the work c0ckpit properly
Beg For Mercy  +   2685d ago
this is the a problem when you run out of disc space its the same issue gta4 had on the intro of gta4 the ps3 had more pictures leading of til the game started and and it had the up close tv option
sleepbox  +   2685d ago
...and the 360 version of GTA4 will be optionally 10+ hours longer in a few months...and the 360 version doesn't freeze as much...and the 360 version allows custom soundtracks...and the 360 version doesn't require you to RUN OUT OF HDD space while installing the game for a mere 2 second decrease in loading SOMETIMES...and the 360 version has been declared the superior version for various other reasons by nearly every credible source.

Oh, nm, the PS3 version had more pix in the opening and allowed for close-up TV view. It's better, my bad.
falviousuk  +   2685d ago
Or it could jsut be that it took longer to load up the PS3 version initially meaning that you saw more static pictures.

Not played the PS3 version so this is pure speculation on my part
AngryHippo  +   2685d ago
....this game is really bad, c0ckpit view or no c0ckpit view, ps3 version or 360 version, this game is not worth buying....end of story.
Baka-akaB  +   2685d ago
How about both ps3 and 360 fanboys agreeing that the game was quite a bad pc port on both consoles ?
lokin  +   2685d ago
this is getting sad
both versions suck. and to all my fellow ps owners stating that disk space/DVD has anything to do with this....dewds just get over yourselfs's. like one of the xbot boys said.... the xbox version does have better textures and framerate but for some strange reason they are not posting this on this site.... make me wonder sometimes why I still call you my comrades. sometimes I can see who is the grown up bunch here
Valin  +   2685d ago
Is this serious......
Like come on.............

"It seems that the best version of Quake Wars is the Playstation 3 version because the Xbox 360 version does not have c*ckpit view… no one knows why its not like its something that will demand huge power.

Are they serious? How does that define the game at all? I might as well say more people on 360 have headsets therefore all online games are better on 360. It's just an unbelievable fanboy clutching at straws. Move along.
lokin  +   2685d ago
.... dont let a awfull game take up your time when you guys can go and fight over something else like which version of the next GTA would be the best
LONEWOLF231  +   2685d ago
Even with the cool Cokcpit feature the GAMES online LAG is unbearable!!!! They better patch it up soon cause if not my copy will soon be found in the used games bin over at Gamestop!
qwerti  +   2685d ago
not enough space on the dl-dvd? sucks, doesnt it?
OpiZA  +   2685d ago
Oh no....
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urban bohemian  +   2685d ago
That game smells like
jcfilth  +   2685d ago
good for a rental..
this game actually looks like fun.

I've seen the trailers and that's what it looks like.I've nevers played any Quake game so I don't know how the gameplay is, but I'll give it a rental like I did with Haze.
wetowel  +   2685d ago
maybe they just simply forgot to add it for the 360. haha
Dpa  +   2685d ago

How could this have happened i mean and they had to do was:
Step 1. Rip off BF2
Step 2. Lazily port to consoles

And wow n4g, why filter the word c_ckpit?
demolitionX  +   2685d ago
360 ain't good for anything nomore!!!
Vito_corleone  +   2685d ago
Whatever this game looks like a pile of steming poo.
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