E3 2014 - 'The Last of Us' Infected Making Appearance in Diablo III

The gruesome enemies of The Last of Us will be featured in Diablo III for PlayStation.

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ArchangelMike1471d ago

I guess we know now why it got delayed for so long. I'm still getting it though :)

SoapShoes1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Seriously... You're so transparent it hurts, nodoze. -_-

Angrymorgan1471d ago

Its a good touch but really adds nothing to the game.
its just aesthetics....meh

Rhezin1471d ago

ya this game is meant to be played on PC. I won't be getting it on ps4. Don't really care either. More Last of Us DLC for the actual game itself would be cool though, sadly…it's in another game?

redknight801471d ago

Yeah, more Last of Us DLC would be grand...but this is simply a couple extra added enemies in to a great franchise, why would you complain? I, personally, don't want the truly amazing LoU story getting ruined/diluted by pointless DLC stories and such and this little bit of added content to Diablo III is harmless. Not a massive selling point or anything, but hey, it is cool.