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GTA 5 PS3 vs PS4 GIF Comparison Of Multiple Location Shows Stunning Difference

"We have some new GIFs screenshots for GTA 5, as the game appears on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, PS4)

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PR_FROM_OHIO  +   533d ago
Damn looks like I'll be buying this again!! Lol
minimur12  +   533d ago
all the gifs going on at once is crazy lol
Maddens Raiders  +   533d ago
Anthotis  +   533d ago
This will definitely make me feel better about wasting my money on watch dogs.
Tony-A  +   533d ago
As a GTA fanboy, it was absolute torture having to wait so long till I heard about a next gen version of 5, but I told myself not to buy because I needed the best console version possible.

I even caved in and bought it, but returned it after a day because I just had to wait till E3 to hear news about a next gen version.

You have no idea how happy that announcement made me. I've been waiting since September...

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Tony-A  +   533d ago
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SuperBlur  +   533d ago
America is for Americans !

I'll deff get it again in the future when on sale if they dont give us some form of discounts to those who already bought it last year
ITPython  +   532d ago
I hope they add quite a few more main missions to the mix, GTA5 was slim pickings in that regard.

I wasted as much time as I could screwing around, hanging out with the characters by playing mini-games etc, and doing the side missions, sometimes only doing one main mission every 2-3 days. But even then the main missions just flew by and it was over before I knew it. Heck, it seems like a majority of the games map wasn't even utilized, but there just for filler. Which is a shame, there was so much opportunity for great and unique missions in parts of the map that never got used officially.
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Raf1k1  +   532d ago
I was hoping to see more of the map used in story missions too. When I saw the prison I was certain I'd be breaking in/out at some point but it didn't happen.

A lot of the places in the map that weren't used for SP were set up for use in MP instead.
MWong  +   532d ago
The next-gen upgrade looks amazing. I will be getting it. I can't wait to see what RockStar does with RDR2.
DealWithIt  +   532d ago
Was hoping to see some RD3 / RDR2 news this E3 :(
GarrusVakarian  +   533d ago
Me and my friends constantly said that this game would have been so much better with more powerful hardware, and that we thought it was being held back by last-gen. Glad to see it's being given justice by a current gen and PC port, free of limitations.

The textures, traffic density, pedestrian density and lighting all look much better. I'll more than likely pick this up day one, i would love to get back online with a few friends.
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0ut1awed  +   533d ago
Yup. I probably would have bought it if I had a lastgen system at the time. Glad I get to get my cherry popped in ultra settings at 1440p. :) Also can't wait to see the mods that come along.

Although Radio Mirror Park won't be anything new. A buddy introduced me to that stations soundtrack and it's been a part of my music library for a while now. Which actually made the new reveal trailer that much better. Gave me shivers lol.
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0ut1awed  +   533d ago
Ahh, good old n4g. How I've missed you.

I simply said I would enjoy it at maximum force on my PC. I never once bashed consoles in that statement. Hell I've owned every console from the snes to the ps4. I had just sold my 360/ps3 to finance my pc a bit before the release of gtaV otherwise as I said I would have purchased it.
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ZodTheRipper  +   533d ago
What's your issue with disagrees? If people won't play it on PC technically they should click disagree. Noone marked you for trolling, they just don't agree with your opinion.
starchild  +   533d ago
Give me a break, ZodTheRipper. What you said is ridiculous. That's not what is happening and you know it.

There is no obligation to hit the disagree button. People only do it when they strongly disagree with something. Why would anybody strongly disagree with what platform a person chooses to play a game on?

If someone says "awesome. I'm getting this game for my Xbox One", I don't hit the disagree button just because I'm getting the game on a different platform.

For example, there's a guy right below that says he's "getting it for ps4" and he only has three disagrees. I'm nearly certain there are more than three people that have visited this article that plan to get the game on PC or XB1.

And you know what? I own a PS4, but I'm getting the game for my PC. However, I'm not going to hit the disagree button. I seriously don't see the point in that.
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Prime157  +   533d ago
Starchild, I agree and disagree with 90% or more of the posts I read. Also, I've disagreed and bubbled people up much like agreeing and bubbled down. They are two tools.

I believe, whether I'm optimistic or not on said subject, that many people use the two systems more objectively than fanboys like to think.

Fanboys are the most outspoken at times, but the metric works better than, say, disqus.
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ITPython  +   532d ago
"Glad I get to get my cherry popped in ultra settings at 1440p"

There's your disagrees. Elitist PC master race Gestapo confirmed. You can try to act innocent, but your comment reeked of elitist PC fanboyism.
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modesign  +   533d ago
getting it for ps4
THE-COMMANDER  +   533d ago
Same here.
ZodTheRipper  +   533d ago
Thanks to this 2 friends are making the jump to nexgen as well... and they choose PS4 as well because of the better hardware specs = better performance. And now someone please tell me how specs don't matter...
mkis007  +   533d ago
Stop asking for them to; they keep trying to tell everyone.
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Malphite  +   533d ago
Did they change the aspect ratio of the game on PS4 or was it just for the trailer?
Tatsuya  +   533d ago
on PS4, day zero!
BigBosss  +   533d ago
definitely getting the PS4 version, game looks really good!
LAWSON72  +   533d ago
I might get this on Xbone if my friends get it but if not I will wait for Steam sale because I already played SP
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Milesprowers  +   533d ago
getting it for PC
SuperBlur  +   533d ago
The graphics and mods will surely make the city feel even more alive but i think i'll skip the pc version , R*games anti cheat is shit , they need to give us dedicated servers and let users host their own servers .. i dont care if i cant change the game mode rules or w/e .. i just want to be able to ban or kick the little shit head that ruins it for everyone . until then i'll skip it and buy it 5-10/5$ on steam
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The Meerkat  +   533d ago
Just look at that grass.
Rute  +   533d ago
Even more grass than in Colorado.
GarrusVakarian  +   533d ago
Dem grassy mountains that were formerly flat PS2 textures. Lol.
Pogmathoin  +   533d ago
I've been wanting to go back and play this, same with Minecraft... guess better to wait for Next gen versions...... fantastic stuff! All the new Halo's too, Tlou...... funny, we have been waiting for new games, yet excitement is for the ones we played already......
Thundercats   533d ago | Spam
Ashunderfire86  +   533d ago
I hope their is a trade in deal for PS3 and 360 owners, to get the game cheap for next gen. Say goodbye to Watchdogs this Fall cause GTA 5 is still King even on next gen, with more variety of missions.
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Zero-One  +   533d ago
"...the current community of PS3 players, and Xbox 360 players will have the ability to transfer their Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression to the PS4 game."
Ashunderfire86  +   533d ago
I know but a trade in the last gen for current gen version deal I am talking about.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   533d ago
Except for the grass these gifs just look darker?
Im not very good at noticing small graphical details.
MysticStrummer  +   533d ago
I don't think the differences are small...
Clown_Syndr0me  +   533d ago
For me theyre not that significant, as graphics never are. I wouldn't play a game again purely because of better graphics. However I will play it again just to get online with friends.
MysticStrummer  +   532d ago
Who said anything about playing the game again purely for better graphics?

I just think it's amazing that you'd say the differences shown here are small.
mrmarx  +   533d ago
i thought it was th xbone version vs the ps4 version lol
Jojo0903  +   533d ago
I know, I assumed the xb1 was the better looking pics and the ps4 the other.
johny5  +   533d ago
Wish they did the same and ported Red Dead Redemption. Could you imagine what it would look like on the PS4 in 1080p60fps?
PaulKersey  +   533d ago
Agreed. Since so many games are being delayed, some remasters of last gen's best games would be fine with me while we wait for new stuff.
MysticStrummer  +   533d ago
When the video played at the conference and they showed the train, for a second I thought it was either RDR remastered or RDR2 and nearly lost my mind.
mr233  +   533d ago
Had a great time playing this game. BUT it was so big, so involved, and time consuming that I don't see myself doing it again. The difference in graphics is nice, but i'm moving on to other things. I can understand current gen upgrading and cashing in on older gen games. But IMO, I think it is better with older games, not games that finished out the last gen.
cfc83  +   533d ago
Nah. Played the 360 version. I dont intend to pay 45 quid for a few better road signs. Online was a major fail.
paul-p1988  +   533d ago
I might pick this up, but only if I can play with both PS3 and PS4 players. If not i'll just keep the PS3 version and use it on that instead.

I loved the game on PS3 anyway and most of my mates who have it have yet to upgrade to the next gen so that's the biggest thing to determine my purchase.
Mrveryodd  +   533d ago
I stopped playing playing my 360 ver of the game so I could get it for xbox one .
Just hope they sell it for a reasonable price.
Watch Dogs was a $99 download , I paid $64 day one from Target , not much incentive to do the digital download when I can buy a game $35 cheaper for the disk version of a game.
Just have to wait and see.
Minute Man 721  +   533d ago
All my friends were telling me to get this game for 360 or PS3. Glad I waited
newflesh  +   533d ago
Yet it's still the same game that was on last gen consoles, bar more pretty graphics, which were amazing to begin with.
AgentSmithPS4  +   533d ago
Good things come to those who wait, I get to play the PS4 version of GTA V, TLOU, and probably lots of other games I missed since being a BF addict.
gnothe1  +   533d ago
i knew it was coming....I forgot how many hundreds of millions of dollars were claimed to have been spent on this game...they just didn't wanna kill the current gen sales by stating it was coming to next gen...but since im not a big GTA fan it didn't matter to me...
uth11  +   533d ago
Hey, Where's all the remaster hate? All the Money grab accusations?

Or is it -different- when it comes to this game? :/
MysticStrummer  +   533d ago
It's not exclusive so fanboys get confused.
SuperBlur  +   533d ago
So W_D coming out on all platform is fine but if r*games does it , it should not be ?
uth11  +   532d ago
No I agree, which is why I don't understand the remaster whining.
DrJones  +   532d ago

No. Plenty of that on this game as well. If you would actually look at any forum.
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jak3y13oy  +   533d ago
Yes i cant wait for autumn! (or 'fall' for you Americans ;))
Back-to-Back  +   533d ago
Look at all these sheep ready to hand rockstar another 60. Save your money and support another game.
totalrecoilzz  +   533d ago
yea bring it on my gtx 780 cant wait wait for this unoptimized bull shit that will run at 30 fps.
Eyesoftheraven  +   533d ago
A pessimistic attitude I don't entirely agree with whether joking or not, but I still LOLed. 780Ti here and naturally GTA 4, Assassins Creed series, Watch Dogs comes to mind.
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totalrecoilzz  +   531d ago
but you are agreeing with me as your saying watchdogs gta 4 assassins creed etc is what im talking about so you understand my comment as all these game run like shit regardless of your pc power.
Eyesoftheraven  +   533d ago
So glad I waited. I played through the story on PS3 upon release and shortly thereafter returned it to Gamestop in hopes for the PC and PS4 verisons to come. Going to be glorious!
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OpenGL  +   533d ago
I hate to do it but I will probably buy this again on PS4 because while I have already played it a lot on PS3, the visual upgrade is just too much to pass up. I'm pumped about the files / progress transferring over so I don't have to restart in GTA:O.
Sirlancealot  +   533d ago
If Sony allows us to pay a 10 upgrade fee on our ps3 copies to turn into the ps4 version...then that would be the illest.
andrarfc  +   533d ago
If specs mattered so much to all of you then PC'S are the logical choice surely? The gap between pc's and ps4 is far far wider than the gap between ps4 and x1. This is a fact.
MasterCornholio  +   533d ago
The only one who mentioned the game looking better on one console over the other is Thundercats. He claims that all multiplats are better on the Xbox One which we know isn't true. And as for you you have to understand the some people (like me) are just excited to play this game on the PS4 because it will be much better than the PS3 and Xbox 360 version. And for you telling people that if they want better graphics to get a PC. Here's the thing, sometimes people want to buy a system for less than 500$ and play games on it. In the market we have the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One. Out of all three systems the PS4 is the most powerful which grants it the ability to play the best version of multiplats on console. That's the truth and if someone like me chooses the PS4 over the Xbox One because of that there's nothing wrong with that decision. I'm sure 8 million PS4 owners would agree with me.
MasterCornholio  +   533d ago
Glad I waited.

_LarZen_  +   532d ago
I knew Rockstar would do this. The wait will be soooo worth it! :D
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