Interview: How Martin Scorsese and Charlie Chaplin Inspired Clown's Secret

"A few days ago we reported on the upcoming adventure title, Clown's Secret, from Expression Studios. It certainly caught our eye, being best described as a 2D adventure game inspired by the work of silent film extraordinaire Charlie Chaplin while channeling the creativity and fun of Monkey Island.

We caught up with lead game designer, director and writer Luciano Rateke ahead of its late 2014 release to find out some exclusive details on the development process and what we can expect from Clown's Secret." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1619d ago

This game sounds really quite amazing. Love the way this guy talks about it - real passion and well-conceived.

CoyoteHunter1619d ago

What a fascinating concept. I wonder if it'll connect with people who have never seen a silent film before?

Cookiebex1619d ago

He had me at Monkey Island

Lrateke1619d ago

I'm quite amazed to see Clown's Secret here and loved to hear your opinions.
Thank you very much!

Luciano Rateke - Game designer of Clown's Secret

LeeFace1619d ago

Loving the art style for this game so far.