Will Microsoft Offer Itagaki Exclusive Deal?

With the shocking news of Tomonobu Itagaki's resignation from Tecmo, just where will the highly revered developer produce his new games? There's been speculation for a while now of discontentment over at Tecmo, with Itagaki be-littleing some of his co-workers and pubicly commenting on his dislike of Ninja Gaiden Sigma (the PS3's remake of the Xbox original).

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sonarus3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Why is xboxkings better than SDF?

If you can approve this, you can also approve this

1.This site is run by the mart.
2. Most of their articles have no merit and are just stupid. already confirmed to have 1080p support at the back of box)

By the way peejee, i saw your comment about MGS4 coming to the 360. Lol, i laugh anytime i see a 360 fanboy hate on MGS4 yet secretly wants it on the 360. I know offcourse you can't play it for fear of rape from the mart

On topic though, Maybe Msoft will maybe they won't I don't think he will struggle too hard to find a new job though.

Jamie Foxx3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

microsoft need more inhouse game companies so probably there a match made in heaven somewhere,and microsoft have the funds to aid him so it would be good for them both i think and 360 owners.

at sonarus i totally agree xboxkings can be the 360s version of SDF if where all honest at times,and sometimes their informative to 360 owners its chalk and cheese with them but love them or hate them XBOXKINGS ARE HERE TO STAY

DC RID3R3674d ago

@ Sonarus

WTF has got to do with "Will Microsoft Offer Itagaki Exclusive Deal?"

On topic

If MS have any sense a deal should already have been worked out.

mikeslemonade3674d ago

With Itagaki gone Tecmo may consider a NG2 for the PS3. Itagaki was a large influence on why there was no PS3 version of NG2.

Mr_President_3674d ago

and give him a studio. M$ needs more 1st party studios

PirateThom3674d ago

Because SDF isn't a real site, it's run by 360 and Wii fanboys parodying Sony fanboys, which is really funny because some people think it's serious.

PirateThom3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I should also point out, XBoxkings isn't a real site either.

Any site that is system focused and talks about other consoles only in a negative aspect is just a flame site and not news. People really need to stop posting news from there, especially the people who are obviously writing the articles. If people find your news interesting enough, they'll find it and add it, rather than you having to add it yourself as you always seem to have to do.

Mainman3673d ago

What did Itagaki say about Ninja Gaiden Sigma?

kewlkat0073673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I swear your in love and secretly think about Mart every second of the day.

Let it go buddy...People like that, makes others famous.

On the Topic: I have liked all the franchises this guy has worked on and I wouldn't doubt MS could give him a deal.

After all, this is about Video Games. I don't care about a developers workplace and why he/she did not get well with some others. I do not work there and don't know what goes on. I don't give a sh^t. that's their problem. I'm all about the end product.

I just care about a Dev making a great fn game and me enjoying it.

Too much Soap Opera on this site, with many "paparazzi" type Fanboys trying to make a name for themselves.

DarthTigra 3673d ago

"By the way peejee, i saw your comment about MGS4 coming to the 360. Lol, i laugh anytime i see a 360 fanboy hate on MGS4 yet secretly wants it on the 360. I know offcourse you can't play it for fear of rape from the mart"


damrightfresh3673d ago

Its not going to happen ..Itagaki dont like to be controlled he don't like Microsoft he only like the

avacadosnorkel3673d ago

that SDF link was hilarious.

The picture at the bottom that changed was the cherry on top.


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Silogon3674d ago

This guy can get a job anywhere he wishes to, besides Tecmo of course. Why would he limit his options? Capcom, Konami, Square enix are just some of the places this guy would easily fit into. I don't like the guy personally, I often feel he's a pompous ass but in a way he's pretty cool too but at the end of the day the guy is amazingly talented and he will have no trouble getting a job again. Be it with Microsoft or wherever. If the money was right I bet he'd even work for Sony.

Ok, maybe not Sony but anyone else is a go

JoelR3674d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Coworker Insulting Primadonna's need not apply at most game developers...
If he had the poise of Sid Meir or at least the skills of Gabe Newell maybe but he has neither.

Disagree if you want but the last 3 developers I worked for would NEVER hire such a corrosive worker. Hurts team play.

deeznuts3673d ago

He's already been verbally fellating Microsoft Game Division, might as well get to physically doing it to secure his next job!

Maybe that's why Shane Kim has that smirk in his picture ;)

The Lazy One3673d ago

If microsoft offered him his own studio, that's better than anything anyone else would be likely to give him. He could get a project lead anywhere, but running a studio gives you ultimate control in every regard.

I wouldn't be surprised if they did something like they did with mystwalker.

Pete_Approved3674d ago

Whats your problem man? With Xboxkings. Just deal with it, I can`t help it where posting damn good news :P

And to get on-topic! (like we should, sonarus) I hope Itagaki-San will take the offer! He`s making good games.. But you allready knew that by checking out the other news on Xboxkings.. And N4G offcourse :P


tonsoffun3674d ago

But dude, this isn't news. It is unfounded speculation on the authors part.

DC RID3R3674d ago


That's why this news story is sectioned under RUMOUR. That's what RUMOURS are until they're either confirmed or denied.

boodybandit3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

tonsoffun is only responding to peejee. Maybe you need to take the time to read what peejee posted.

Peejee himself wrote: "Just deal with it, I can`t help it where posting damn good NEWS :P"

PeeJee <-- great journalist integrity by the way with *where* instead of "we are"

Edit: DC Rider are you the one that wrote this speculation for xboxkings? If that is the case now I understand your reply to tonsoffun.

So here we have one sided blog articles submitted by the people that run the blog and protected / defended by people that write for the blog? Wonderful

tonsoffun3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )


So where is your source for this rumor then? Who is your inside man that gave you the hint? See, there isn't any: you made a completely false statement with no evidence to add support to your claim.

It isn't news, it is made up, a complete fabrication.

Not only that, but you then approved said story yourself. Talk about conflict of interests....

Shaner_Bock3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

What offer? Until MS actually says that they will or even have offered him anything this is just unfounded speculation being peddled by an Xbox fansite.

Shaner_Bock3673d ago

I realize all I did was reiterate what you said on 3.1 and 3.4, but really this story....I mean fabricated rumor with absolutely nothing to go rubbish. Now if the rumor came from a reputable source, such as Kotaku or, then I wouldn't have a problem with it being posted on N4G.

tonsoffun3673d ago

It's fine bud, I am glad there are others that think the same.

Bubbles for you.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3673d ago

i didnt realise there has been an official offer, unless he's been offered a job writing for xboxkings

Pete_Approved3673d ago

hah, your funny man. No we haven`t got that much money to get Itagaki work for us :P Such a shame..

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ActionBastard3674d ago

This feels like an exercise in willful mediocrity. Will the Ross and Rachel get back together? Will Microsoft Offer Itagaki Exclusive Deal? Will anyone give a damn?


Yes, No, and No

Smits3674d ago

I really hope he and Microsoft can come to a cool deal. Not only because it will bring the 360 a lot of cool exclusives, but also because, as he said before, he loves developing for the 360. So it's nog only the fact that the games will become exclusive, more that the quality is garanteed good.

Nevers3673d ago

Itagaki's HALO 4: Boobs of Doom... jk

Seriously tho... someone better snatch this guy up ;0