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Submitted by PeeJee at Xboxkings 2810d ago | rumor

Will Microsoft Offer Itagaki Exclusive Deal?

With the shocking news of Tomonobu Itagaki's resignation from Tecmo, just where will the highly revered developer produce his new games? There's been speculation for a while now of discontentment over at Tecmo, with Itagaki be-littleing some of his co-workers and pubicly commenting on his dislike of Ninja Gaiden Sigma (the PS3's remake of the Xbox original). (Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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sonarus  +   2810d ago
Why is xboxkings better than SDF?

If you can approve this, you can also approve this

1.This site is run by the mart.
2. Most of their articles have no merit and are just stupid. already confirmed to have 1080p support at the back of box)

By the way peejee, i saw your comment about MGS4 coming to the 360. Lol, i laugh anytime i see a 360 fanboy hate on MGS4 yet secretly wants it on the 360. I know offcourse you can't play it for fear of rape from the mart

On topic though, Maybe Msoft will maybe they won't I don't think he will struggle too hard to find a new job though.
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Jamie Foxx  +   2810d ago
microsoft need more inhouse game companies so probably there a match made in heaven somewhere,and microsoft have the funds to aid him so it would be good for them both i think and 360 owners.

at sonarus i totally agree xboxkings can be the 360s version of SDF if where all honest at times,and sometimes their informative to 360 owners its chalk and cheese with them but love them or hate them XBOXKINGS ARE HERE TO STAY
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DC RID3R  +   2810d ago
@ Sonarus

WTF has got to do with "Will Microsoft Offer Itagaki Exclusive Deal?"

On topic

If MS have any sense a deal should already have been worked out.
mikeslemonade  +   2810d ago
With Itagaki gone Tecmo may consider a NG2 for the PS3. Itagaki was a large influence on why there was no PS3 version of NG2.
Mr_President_  +   2810d ago
M$ should pick him up
and give him a studio. M$ needs more 1st party studios
PirateThom  +   2810d ago
Because SDF isn't a real site, it's run by 360 and Wii fanboys parodying Sony fanboys, which is really funny because some people think it's serious.
PirateThom  +   2809d ago
I should also point out, XBoxkings isn't a real site either.

Any site that is system focused and talks about other consoles only in a negative aspect is just a flame site and not news. People really need to stop posting news from there, especially the people who are obviously writing the articles. If people find your news interesting enough, they'll find it and add it, rather than you having to add it yourself as you always seem to have to do.
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Mainman  +   2809d ago
What did Itagaki say about Ninja Gaiden Sigma?
kewlkat007  +   2809d ago
sonarus you'd be voted MOST OFF TOPIC on this site
I swear your in love and secretly think about Mart every second of the day.

Let it go buddy...People like that, makes others famous.

On the Topic: I have liked all the franchises this guy has worked on and I wouldn't doubt MS could give him a deal.

After all, this is about Video Games. I don't care about a developers workplace and why he/she did not get well with some others. I do not work there and don't know what goes on. I don't give a sh^t. that's their problem. I'm all about the end product.

I just care about a Dev making a great fn game and me enjoying it.

Too much Soap Opera on this site, with many "paparazzi" type Fanboys trying to make a name for themselves.
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DarthTigra  +   2809d ago
"By the way peejee, i saw your comment about MGS4 coming to the 360. Lol, i laugh anytime i see a 360 fanboy hate on MGS4 yet secretly wants it on the 360. I know offcourse you can't play it for fear of rape from the mart"

damrightfresh  +   2809d ago
Its not going to happen ..Itagaki dont like to be controlled he don't like Microsoft he only like the
DJ  +   2809d ago
Wow, that entire site looks stupid.
avacadosnorkel  +   2809d ago
that SDF link was hilarious.

The picture at the bottom that changed was the cherry on top.

Silogon  +   2810d ago
This guy can get a job anywhere he wishes to, besides Tecmo of course. Why would he limit his options? Capcom, Konami, Square enix are just some of the places this guy would easily fit into. I don't like the guy personally, I often feel he's a pompous ass but in a way he's pretty cool too but at the end of the day the guy is amazingly talented and he will have no trouble getting a job again. Be it with Microsoft or wherever. If the money was right I bet he'd even work for Sony.

Ok, maybe not Sony but anyone else is a go
JoelR  +   2810d ago
Coworker Insulting Primadonna's need not apply at most game developers...
If he had the poise of Sid Meir or at least the skills of Gabe Newell maybe but he has neither.

Disagree if you want but the last 3 developers I worked for would NEVER hire such a corrosive worker. Hurts team play.
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deeznuts  +   2809d ago
He's already been verbally fellating Microsoft Game Division, might as well get to physically doing it to secure his next job!

Maybe that's why Shane Kim has that smirk in his picture ;)
The Lazy One  +   2809d ago
If microsoft offered him his own studio, that's better than anything anyone else would be likely to give him. He could get a project lead anywhere, but running a studio gives you ultimate control in every regard.

I wouldn't be surprised if they did something like they did with mystwalker.
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2810d ago
You sonarus
Whats your problem man? With Xboxkings. Just deal with it, I can`t help it where posting damn good news :P

And to get on-topic! (like we should, sonarus) I hope Itagaki-San will take the offer! He`s making good games.. But you allready knew that by checking out the other news on Xboxkings.. And N4G offcourse :P

tonsoffun  +   2810d ago
But dude, this isn't news. It is unfounded speculation on the authors part.
DC RID3R  +   2810d ago

That's why this news story is sectioned under RUMOUR. That's what RUMOURS are until they're either confirmed or denied.
boodybandit  +   2809d ago
tonsoffun is only responding to peejee. Maybe you need to take the time to read what peejee posted.

Peejee himself wrote: "Just deal with it, I can`t help it where posting damn good NEWS :P"

PeeJee <-- great journalist integrity by the way with *where* instead of "we are"

Edit: DC Rider are you the one that wrote this speculation for xboxkings? If that is the case now I understand your reply to tonsoffun.

So here we have one sided blog articles submitted by the people that run the blog and protected / defended by people that write for the blog? Wonderful
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tonsoffun  +   2809d ago

So where is your source for this rumor then? Who is your inside man that gave you the hint? See, there isn't any: you made a completely false statement with no evidence to add support to your claim.

It isn't news, it is made up, a complete fabrication.

Not only that, but you then approved said story yourself. Talk about conflict of interests....
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Shaner_Bock  +   2809d ago
@ PeeJee
What offer? Until MS actually says that they will or even have offered him anything this is just unfounded speculation being peddled by an Xbox fansite.
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Shaner_Bock  +   2809d ago
@ tonsoffun
I realize all I did was reiterate what you said on 3.1 and 3.4, but really this story....I mean fabricated rumor with absolutely nothing to go rubbish. Now if the rumor came from a reputable source, such as Kotaku or, then I wouldn't have a problem with it being posted on N4G.
tonsoffun  +   2809d ago
It's fine bud, I am glad there are others that think the same.

Bubbles for you.
DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl  +   2809d ago
And to get on-topic! (like we should, sonarus) I hope Itagaki-San will take the offer! He`s making good games.. But you allready knew that by check...
i didnt realise there has been an official offer, unless he's been offered a job writing for xboxkings
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2809d ago
hah, your funny man. No we haven`t got that much money to get Itagaki work for us :P Such a shame..
ActionBastard  +   2810d ago
This feels like an exercise in willful mediocrity. Will the Ross and Rachel get back together? Will Microsoft Offer Itagaki Exclusive Deal? Will anyone give a damn?


Yes, No, and No
Smits  +   2810d ago
He just rocks
I really hope he and Microsoft can come to a cool deal. Not only because it will bring the 360 a lot of cool exclusives, but also because, as he said before, he loves developing for the 360. So it's nog only the fact that the games will become exclusive, more that the quality is garanteed good.
Nevers  +   2809d ago
HAHAHAHA it'd be interesting
Itagaki's HALO 4: Boobs of Doom... jk

Seriously tho... someone better snatch this guy up ;0
Veryangryxbot  +   2810d ago
Probably got fired
cos he badmouthed his collegues in front of the whole world.

You can be good but if thats the way you treat your co workers, you know you wont last long in the organization.

Especially seeing how his "inferior" co worker managed to do 1080P Sigma while Itagaki could only do 585P rofl.

And people talk like as if he could go to MS. Why. Its not like MS is itching for a guy like him. Rofl people talk like as if MS is backing this guy up or something. He isnt some sort of idol. MS doesnt want a guy like him.
butterfinger  +   2810d ago
I don't know...
As much as he runs his mouth, I was beginning to think that Aaron Greenberg and Shane Kim were preparing the welcome party already:P It would be hilarious if, now that he's gone, they made Sigma 2. lol
Silogon  +   2810d ago
That's a possibility, the guy who made sigma said they weren't done with ps3 development. Stranger things have happened but I somehow feel the next DOA game will be on ps3 & xbox 360 now for sure.
lokin  +   2810d ago
@ Veryangryxbot
dewd... A sony fan on a Xbox thread...... trolling. Didnt i ask you to go to your mom and ask her to please take you to school? dumbass
morganfell  +   2810d ago
if you look at the content of his own statement he said tecmo didn't pay him a bonus. when he argues they told him to take a hike or sue if he didn't like it. the products will go on without him and be great. it is like saying god of war can't be made without dave jaffe.
Pain  +   2809d ago
This guys a Tool.
Good riddance if M$ get sloppy seconds, like Rare they/he will over hype and Fail like always.

This guy if with M$ will help level out the idiocy of ballmer.
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Kleptic  +   2809d ago
dude he probably did get fired...the douche should've if he didn't...

Sigma, a game that HE CRITICIZED, was better than his 'masterpiece'...

sorry man...NG was a decent action game franchise...but it doesn't hold a candle to the best games of the industry...

"only my team could achieve the awesomeness that is NG2"..."all sub HD and poor framerate included"...seriously...t he shat this guy said gets funnier every day...
info  +   2810d ago
Xboxkings.....what a bunch of morons. Just nothing to do with your days, 5 people trying to convince each other about which is the best sad has youth become .. Worse is there will be a PS3 version of that site as well somehow...

just go and do something least Itagaki like all the other developers put some skills and experience into making, creating something for better or worse.

Just depressing that there are many just limited to use things with no spark of creativity or imagination just hatred-filled adolescents.
Silogon  +   2810d ago
They might not want a guy like him (disposition wise) but talent wise, he's one of the best in the business and the fact is the guy has always made some of the best looking games for the console he makes them on. They're always showcase pieces.

Like him or not he's very talented and well known in the industry. Microsoft would be lucky to snag someone like this. It might make their ill fated Rare acquisition not seem so bad, since this guy can actually preform still.
Veryangryxbot  +   2810d ago
lol you talk like as if its any company's fking glory to have a guy like him.
When it is in fact not.

lol Rare? wtf.
You realize Rares quarters are in England right? Can Itagaki even speak English. Wtf are you on about. He is a Japanese developer living in Japan. Even if English is not a problem, he isnt going to move to the States or England!

SE, Konami, Capcom? Lmao wtf. You realize this guy is the same guy who bashes developers working for these companies?

And the best? He is NOT one of the best. You dont have a clue what you are talking about.

This guy is not highly respected bro. He is a joke in the development world in Japan. A joke. The other developments treat him like an outcast. A joke. You talk like as if he is some sort of god...maybe because he works for the 360 lol.

whatever makes you sleep better at night yo. Itagaki is done for.
#8.1 (Edited 2810d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Silogon  +   2810d ago
What are you on about? I didn't make the claim he should go to Rare. In fact, I made the claim that buying Rare was a mistake for Microsoft cause they clearly can't preform anymore and this guy can. Meaning, at least Microsoft would have someone worthy in their stable.

As for the other devs, I'm sure they'd all be more than happy to have this guy's talents at their disposal. It's a business. It's all about profit and expanding.
Mike134nl  +   2810d ago
He is cool just look at him he got the matrix vibe going on for him.
Also explains article a while ago that there won't be any ninja gaiden games anymore. Looking forward to future games
Ashton  +   2810d ago
itagaki moving out of tecmo is good for PS3 owners
tecmo can now focus more on PS3 with him gone,,he was like a dam standing infront of the ports to the PS3
ActionBastard  +   2810d ago
Maybe it's part of the deal he made with Tecmo after the sexual harassment case against him?
Havince  +   2810d ago
he hold any exclusive rights to any part of Ninja Gaiden ????
Ashton  +   2810d ago
no,,both ninja gaiden and dead or alive franchises
belong to tecmo ,,,not him
Veryangryxbot  +   2810d ago
Chances of Sigma 2 and DOA becoming multi platform,
just increased by 100 fold.
tonsoffun  +   2810d ago
Isn't it a bit of a conflict of interests that the author of the article was one of the guys that approved it?

I have no probs with articles from any source that are well thought out and written well. BUT this can't even be described as a rumor: there is no inside source, just one person speculating.
Fishy Fingers  +   2810d ago
Leeching for hits, simple as that. Seem to be a growing trend on N4G. As it's popularity grows they will they and use that for their personal gain. It's nothing new.

Honestly, if I ran a 2 bit site Id probably try the same thing ;) You can't blame them for wanting their site to stay alive.

Either way, the users/mods approve it so the users/mods must want it.
#13.1 (Edited 2810d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Smits  +   2810d ago
Speculations are also news, even if it's from an individual
Yes, that may be the case. But what's wrong with that? Just someone trying to swing up a discussion. It's not like winning or losing, just a fun topic to speculate on!

Don't blame the author for approving his own posts, blame the system. Although I must say, If your article is good enough (which it is), you don't even need to do so.
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2810d ago
I posted it on N4G, He on XBK, I don`t see the harm of that?

And get on-topic (again) I guess this would be the last NinjaGaiden, same as DeadorAlive from Techmo or anywhere else.

It`s time for something new I guess.. just like Itagaki thinks.
titntin  +   2809d ago
Absolutely mate. This site has proved time and time again that is is not fit for posting here - and the little boys who run it are partially responsible for the dreadful state of submissions on this site.

The kind of flame bait articles it writes along with completely unfounded speculation based on nothing, is exactly the kind of useless bumf thats chocking this site and hiding real news thats is actually worth pursuing.
boodybandit  +   2809d ago
Excellent response titntin
Agreed. The articles about advancements in gaming, new ips, new perps, and other "positive" gaming news usually take a back seat to fodder. Most are more interested in heated debates (with the mine is bigger and badder than yours) then actually talking about the reason we are here, the games!
#13.5 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
The Lazy One  +   2809d ago
What's so wrong with it?
It's not an entirely illogical leap to assume that Itagaki would move to MGS. They didn't even word it as if it were a fact.

The title of the article itself is a flippin question.

Cool ur jets guys. If they said that microsoft did, in fact, offer him a deal, then you can be pissed. They are more than free to speculate.

I'm sure if we removed all the articles that were just opinions, a lot more would be removed from the other side of the fence (every 360 is dead article wouldn't be there. Every article saying the 360 doesn't have any games would be gone.)
tonsoffun  +   2809d ago
Dude, this sort of speculation and the discussion that rises from it is nowt more than a forum discussion.
media73   2810d ago | Spam
Smits  +   2810d ago
Exclusive rights
That's the whole question, indeed. I hope he has the rights, but as he already stated: "...will be the last NINJA GAIDEN I will create..." So that implies that he doesn't have the rights (or the tools, as in a studio?) to do so.
somelikeithot  +   2810d ago
Sony should nab him and team him up with David Jaffe, to make the ultimate action combat game????
would love to be a fly on the wall just to see them working together!!!
devilhunterx  +   2809d ago
yea. and then the greek girls will have jelly boobs too
The Lazy One  +   2809d ago
Waste of resources...
Putting two people that can already make great action games together is just a waste of one of them.

It would be better to just have them make 2 different games.
JoelR  +   2810d ago
Well hopefully nowhere - When your Ego is greater then your Skill it's time to call it quits in the industry.
I really don't think most developers would want to hire Itagaki as his primadonna ways (and his pettiness in putting down coworkers) is not a poison most developers would want on the developmental floors...
beavis4play  +   2810d ago
i don't know, microsoft took on rare and that seemed like a good move, but it hasn't exactly led to great games.
and this guy is a loose cannon.if he can't make NG and DOA, how does anyone know if he can come up with new IP that will be a successful?
Baka-akaB  +   2810d ago
How ironic would it be if he where to suddenly work for sony and magically comes to love the console ? Of course i wouldnt bet about it , and guess microsoft will set him up a new studio . Or he could get hired by something like mistwalker .
juuken  +   2809d ago
...Yeah, I expect mama Microshaft to swoop in and take him in soon.
Says you  +   2809d ago
Well Ninja Gaiden 2 only had the
Rights on the other console when he was still part of tecmo but since hes quits now it can be multiplatform and plus I haven't seen him made any other games besides alot of Dead or Alive games and Dead or Alive volley ball and Rumble Roses and Ninja Gaiden games there hasn't been any other game that this guy has made why would anybody want to hire a guy that keep making the same game only giving it different names

and plus I don't even think Microsoft wants a guy like him considering thats what we call a control freak

and again I don't think he was meant for gaming anyway!

oh please of course you don't agree with me PeeJee at Xboxkings you have XBox 360 written all over your face the guy probably will quit the gaming world and just do something else and besides I don't think no corporation will hire him the way hes doing
#21 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2809d ago
I don`t
agree with you I think he can make great games for Microsoft... Just give him some bonuses every month or year, and see for your self. :P
Smits  +   2809d ago
Big in Japan
Although he is a hero over there (and here), it's true what somebody said about him not speaking any English. I don't know how big the organisation in Japan is, and I don't know if MS has any studio's in Japan, but otherwise it can be hard to employ the dude. I don't think he really fits in an American businessmodel, don't think he even wants to move to Europe or the US.

Capcom, SEGA, Konami, you name it, indeed. All potential employers for this dude. But at the same time, he just might be able te become the link between the Japanese and the whole xbox series.

Do you think you can recognize him without the sunglasses btw?
butterfinger  +   2809d ago
I sort of feel like he should have already been the link between the Japanese and the XBOX, but maybe he will somehow do more to promote the XBOX in Japan. As for your final question... I definitely couldn't.
Strife Lives  +   2809d ago
DOA 5. . . . :(
Dammit. .oh well.Team Ninja will make DOA5,just wont include MsFT will hire him,and he can form Tean super Shinobi. :D
InMyOpinion  +   2809d ago
I think MS will offer him his own studio where he will get full control over his next IP. He said himself that he won't be working on DOA or Ninja Gaiden anymore. He also said that he only works on the most powerful hardware, which in his opinion is the 360.
Bladestar  +   2809d ago
Are you guys aware that microsoft game studio is publishing NG2? Chances of this game seeing other platforms a very thin... mmm.. who knows... it would be interesting to see microsoft logo on a PS3 game... do your research... and name one game published by Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony on another platform... hell... people are still waiting for Golden Eye released on N64.. and just because it was published by nintendo it keep getting killed... though Rare made it and Nintendo does not own 007 IP... learn from that.

The only reason why he now is on Sony lovers $h!t list is because he favors the xbox 360... but him and his team are known for making quality games... period... great lost for Tecmo... and there is a possibility that Ninja Gaiden would be ruin... who's going to pick the IP EA developers?

I think this is good for him... he will not have the opportunity to work on new IPs...
#25 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Xakep  +   2809d ago
You're right, they're publishing NG2 but Tecmo could pull some crazy clause out of their ass to make NGS2. It would essentially be NG2 with some things changed and/or added, enough to keep them from court but still time and cost effective. That said, I don't think it will happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.
#25.1 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2809d ago
Yeah I thought that from NG1. But still, it came to the PS3. So you never know wats going to happened. :S
#25.2 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
devilhunterx  +   2809d ago
M$ has publishing duties ONLY. They do not have the IP rights. only Tecmos does. Tecmos can add more features, slap a SIGMA title on it and can find a new publisher.

Just stop whinning about your half baked game already.
Baka-akaB  +   2809d ago
We are talking about business here ...
So Tecmo ran into heated discussion and conflicts with his itagaki about ports , but would lock itself into giving the whole ng2 ip to microsoft for all eternity ? Especially after the success of Sigma in critics ?

MS published it , and would probably get at least a year or two of exclusivity ... but i doubt they would give away the rights . especially with loopholes such as Sigma is not the same game as original gaiden
#25.4 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bladestar  +   2809d ago
@PeeJee at Xboxkings - ehhh? Ninja Gaiden black was published by Tecmo... so, can you please share some light what what you are talking about?

LOL.... you people obvious have no idea why companies spend money and resources publishing games... why would companies go through the burner of doing such thing if they didn't have a right...

you guys can at least explain why Golden eye is not yet on xbox live since it was made by Rare....

The fact is that the previous NG was published by Tecmo.. this time this one is published by Microsoft... why? none of us know what microsoft publishing the game means... but one can assume that it means what it means for all other games when a company publish it...

people are using non-microsoft published games like bioshock to show that games can come to the PS3... can you name microsoft published games on the PS3... or Nintendo? or even Sony?
#25.5 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Xakep  +   2809d ago
Isn't Age of Empires and Viva Pinata on the DS? And MGS published Vampire Rain and unfortunately that's coming to the PS3. I'm sure no one cares about that game, but Artoon pulled what I said Tecmo could pull. So it's still true, MS has the publishing rights to Ninja Gaiden 2. But that doesn't necessarily stop Tecmo from making a Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and adding or changing enough content to keep them out of court.
#25.6 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JeepGamer  +   2809d ago
I'd hire him but...
If I was going to hire that idiot I'd have to extract one of the most extreme "Keep Your Mouth Shut" agreements out of him that any company has ever conceived.

Whether or not he makes good games or exactly how much he has to do with the games he's associated with is up for debate but what is clear is that this is a man who runs his mouth too much and hurts not only his image but the image of anyone he's associated with.
himdeel  +   2809d ago
Totally agree...
...I'd have to have this guy on a VERY strict VERY Transparent contractual agreement. Good developer but seems like he could be more trouble then he's worth.
Enigma_2099  +   2809d ago
I say wait and see what his former colleagues do first... or what he does next...
... then we can see where the REAL talent behind Ninja Gaiden came from.

And if he opens his sewer hole... 5-knuckle shuffle right across the lips...
#26.2 (Edited 2809d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BlackIceJoe  +   2809d ago
I really think MS would be dumb not to pay Itagaki money to work for them. I think if MS could help fund money for Itagaki's game studio would be great news for MS and the 360. Plus as great of games as the 360 has right now you can always use more and having more exclusive games is always better for your system.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2809d ago
the only company that would hire him is microsoft.
he wants to sit back and have a team and talk about how great he is.

FACT.......before it happens......

"HE WILL NOW TALK BADLY ABOUT TECMO."as he has done to other devs,games and co workers.

it will happen.cause already happened.effect will come soon enough.

TECMO will do fine without him.the RYGAR ps2 team made and excellent action game with excellent,team ninja with the guy that made sigma will do fine.

title video

gameplay video

see?an excellent action game without team ninja.

just like Yu Suzuki leaving sega and not making VF5.AM2 did fine without him.tell me:"did they not make a VF as good as any he helped create?he taught them enough that they can get the work done without him.i miss YU.but as a great dev at sega,his knowledge will live on at AM2.

DOA will do fine.and ninja gaiden will do fine if they are continued to be made by TECMO.

apocalypse................... ...........
KILLA J  +   2809d ago
What does he think he is? a freaking VAPIRE?, to me he looks like a FREAK.
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2809d ago
Otherwise he`s looking too much like all the other japanese guys in the world. :P And maybe he`s a big fan of the Matrix series...
Covenant  +   2809d ago
They might...but they'll have some competition. I'm sure there are others who will be willing to sign him up.

Give this guy his own studio and see what happens.
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