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Sorry Sony but Microsoft Won E3 2014

Accelerated Ideas writes: "The first day of E3 2014 is over and the usual debates have broken out as to who won the show. Unlike last year, both Sony and Microsoft put on great shows with a fine line between the two. Here we break down each of the conferences to discuss who was the overall winner." (E3)

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Webbyy  +   354d ago | Well said
I gotta say I like conference but to me MS had a better show. Also imagine if MS never revealed all these things in advance?

Sony did good but MS had no choice but to do great
Lukas_Japonicus  +   354d ago | Well said
Am i the only one that thought both conferences pretty much.....sucked? I was expecting more new IP's, more demo's of said new IP's, more/longer demos of games that we already know of, more megaton reveals.

MS padded their conference with multiplats to make it more game focused, and Sony padded their conference with talk, which lasted way too long. Wtf was that TV show, and why the hell was that dude allocated such a long time to talk about it?

All in all, pretty disappointing E3 for me. No Man's Sky, Suset Overdrive, Uncharted 4, GTA5, TLOU, Rainbow 6, The Witcher 3 and Halo 1-4 being my highlights. I can't get exited over CG trailers, so those other games didn't do anything for me :/

If i absolutely had to choose....i would probably give the "win" to MS. Purely based on the fact that they kept the focus on games, and never lost momentum.
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TheGreatGamer  +   354d ago
warm up e3. e3 2015 will be where it's all that
jackanderson1985  +   354d ago
on an overall basis yeah i agree they sucked they were alright but nothing spectacular... except grim fandango cuz that game is fantastic in so many ways

i think what i found particularly annoying was the pre-shows for both of them... larry hryb cameacross as annoying during alot of it and then those hipster sony had my god they were awful
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vega275  +   354d ago | Well said
No offense Lukas.

But sony had way more padding with multiplats them MS and also a half hour of talk, tech and tv things that people have been complaining about from MS. Only for sony yo do it and the same people bashing ms over was praising sony for. Also most of sony games was leaked just like ms so we already knew about all except LBP3. Other than that no surprises from either

Not saying sonys show was bad. But it wasnt e3 win worthy
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   354d ago

No need to say "no offense" friend, that's your opinion and i respect it. Sony did talk way too much man, i agree. I expected a longer Order demo, a decent length Uncharted 4 demo, Project Beast gameplay, and a few other new IP reveals.

MS disappointed me too when it came to new IP's and stage demo's, but they showed multiplats instead of talk about TV and tech. Which is exactly why i would give the "win" to them.

I accidentally disagreed with you, btw. My bad.
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vega275  +   354d ago
I say no offense because I respect your post and didnt want to come off wrong. No worries about the disagree means little to me. I admit ms should have showed more new ip and playable games. But they did a great job in getting their point across with the focus on games
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Mega24  +   354d ago
What about Batman: Arkham Knight, that was gameplay, and it looked like a gem to me.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   354d ago

Yeah, i forgot about Batman. That looked incredible also.
Septic  +   354d ago
Yeah Lukas, I agree. I feel like an idiot for being swept up in the hype so much -__-


(I say that now...)
amiga-man  +   354d ago
Well I have just caught up with the Sony conference and I saw plenty to get me excited, even the so called boring bit in the middle showed some exciting things coming our way,

Maybe it's just my taste in games but LB3, the Order, Infinity (was that an indie game?) Destiny, Driveclub have all got me excited and the finish with simply staggering visuals of Uncharted, I really think Sony are delivering as they always do.

I accept a lot of those games we already knew about but you really can't knock their production values, To each their own but I think Sony is leading the way this gen and their conference only enhanced that belief..
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Jdoki  +   354d ago
Both were solid.

Sony had the usual lull in the middle, but a couple more nice surprises (LBP3, Grim Fandango, Ratchet and Clank Remaster)

MS kept a gaming focus, but just lacked any surprise at all.
Volkama  +   354d ago
I mostly find it creepy that both Sony and MS opened their shows with their respective Activision dealings.

As gaming goes Activision are more-or-less the devil, and it seems they are also becoming something of a puppetmaster.

What's annoying is I could ignore COD and stay safe from their taint, but I can't so easily ignore Bungie :(
Visiblemarc  +   354d ago
Disagree. Sony had a stronger showing but a less tight presentation. There was that lull in the middle, but that just added like 20 minutes and made them run long.

Ultimately Microsoft's conference, while good, was mostly multiplats and reissues. Sony did have a number of multiplats as well, but at least some were implied to be timed exclusives.

Microsoft banked a lot on the Halo rehash, which looks really good actually and represents a great value, but in my view is fairly forgettable from an E3-Megaton perspective.

Both conferences were ultimately held back by the need to keep things aside for Gamescom which has become so huge. That said, I found myself jotting things down to pre-order often during the Sony show, and only a few times during Microsoft's.

Microsoft's biggest exclusive for me was Sunset Overdrive but I still have major questions about what the core gameplay actually is. The video had a strange feeling that left me wondering about that. Sort of like most of the action seemed inconsequential. I have seen some of the other gameplay stuff but I have questions. Am still in the likely must-buy mindset on style alone, however.

The big Platinum exclusive which had some leak-hype looked absolutely terrible to me, and had a super odd name. Scalebound? Was that it? It sounds like the struggle of a hefty woman to lose weight. But yeah, the biggest problem was that compared to Dragon Age and the Witcher (both multis) it seemed to lack anything new to offer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider looked fantastic, but again, multiplat. The new game from the Limbo team...multiplat. It just seemed almost anytime they showed something exciting it was lacking exclusivity.

Sony had lots of multis too as I said, but then some of them were "first on playstation." So there seemed to be more timed exclusives. Not that this matters much to me in the age of owning most consoles and having huge backlogs.

Yet, Grim Fandango remake, LBP3, The Order (though not new) Bloodborne, and Uncharted 4 were big highlights for me.

Either way, fact is, much of what will occupy our time in the coming years will be multiplat and both platforms are looking good.
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gaffyh  +   354d ago
MS had the better show because there were no low points.

However, Sony showed the better games. Most of what MS showed had already been announced.
theDivision  +   354d ago
The division also showed a gameplay trailer which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Boody-Bandit  +   353d ago | Well said
Unless we are talking about "presentation" of the conferences I disagree. MS had the best presentation overall (Sony, Ubi, EA, didn't see Nintendo yet) but Sony had more surprises and content that I want.

Sony talked WAY TOO much and with people that have no business in front of large groups of people talking. Also they spent way too much time on how PSNOW will be offered and too little on VITA and Morpheus.

I realize there are two more big shows this year but I was disappointed with Sony that there was no Drive Club footage, Last Guardian information or just one more huge announcement from one of their top developers that none of us knew about.

With MS I was disappointed they didn't show Horizon 2 in action, no Halo 5 footage, no Gears teaser to let us know it's definitively on it's way, or any "drop the mic walk off stage" announcement. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting.

So I loved MS's presentation but thought Sony has more to offer me personally.

One thing I want to know is where is the 360 and Kinect games? Why is no one writing articles about this? I thought that was very telling of MS and makes me think they are pulling another get on board the new train and CIAO like they did with the original XBOX.

When you consider that it's harder for Sony to put on a high pace show when they have a much larger eco system than MS. Right now MS has one primary focus, the XBOX ONE.

Sony has PS4, PS3, Vita, Morpheus and PSNOW. I'm not excusing them because of how much they have to cover. There were parts of their show that were cringe worthy with that one guy stumbling for words and dragging on WAY TOO LONG. I'm merely stating they have a harder to put together show but they cohesion / flow hit a wall in the middle.

Presentation - MS.
Content - Sony.
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mynameisq  +   353d ago
Nail on the head
LeCreuset  +   353d ago | Well said
What I don't understand is why Sony is being held to the promise MS had to make to generate hype for the Xbox. MS had to focus EXCLUSIVELY on games because they have alienated too many gamers, and now that they have failed to gain the casuals they are forced to try to play catch-up with gamers.

Did MS "keep the focus on games"? Yes, for a shorter presentation that was "padded," as you said, with previous E3 games, CGI, and third party games with some timed exclusive dlc that didn't do anything significant to make them a must buy for Xbox (unlike the Far Cry PS4 feature). That's a far cry (pun intended) from the start to stop, not even time to announce a price cut, megaton dropping that was not only hyped, but that most of us believed MS needed to get back into the game.

As for Sony, they had a longer conference and needs of their own to attend to. Playstation TV is a huge deal that should boost developer support for the Vita platform through its low cost potential to expand the Vita install base. Because Sony doesn't have to worry about saving the PS4, they were in a position where they could throw some love at the PS3. They're not playing a game of catch-up. They have the gamers, so now they can dedicate some time to teased features like PS Now. The number crunching and Powers were the only parts I felt weren't needed, but, again, Sony's conference was longer.

In short, the brands are in different places. PS could afford (and was right) to take a moment to build upon what has been established. MS needed to drop megaton after megaton, from start to finish, reestablish itself with gamers after the horrible policies and subsequent loss of the Xbox identity after belatedly reversing their unpopular decisions. Sony succeeded with what they set out to do at E3. MS? I have to say, "no." I guess the sales will tell.
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mcarsehat  +   353d ago
Yeah, they were both underwhelming but MS seemed to have the more concise underwhelming show this year.

Sony looked like they tried to sail off on confidence from last year when MS were like a fat kid shagging (Trying harder.)

Too many tv shows and remakes for my liking.

they could have all been at GDC and no one would have cared.
Saigon  +   353d ago
From my point of view both conferences were good in their own right. If you start to compare the two, then it gets a little tricky. Why, because from my standpoint each had its high and lows.

MS flow of the conference was point on. They did a great job of moving from point A to point Z. No interruptions that staggered their conference. However the games weren't as impressive. Now to understand my perspective, for the last few days I stayed away from news outlets because I was afraid of leakage, so what MS showed to me was fresh but unimpressive. I can't say what it was but I just couldn't get into their presentation like I wanted to. I guess what stands out is that nothing was a surprise for me. I honestly enjoyed last years show much more. Again, that is m opinion.

For Sony, there presentation started off very strong but then dipped because they had to give the business side; while some might say it was a little off and downing (I included); Sony needed to show that information. R&C movie and new game is going to be a great welcome next year; hope to see some gameplay soon. Then afterwards it began to pick up again. Sony has always done this and this format wasn't a surprise. When looking at the games itself, Sony showed a lot more to get excited about. I myself was fairly surprised with LBP3. It took me by surprised because MM lied to us, lol. And the list of games they showed were good or should I say sparked interest.
minimur12  +   353d ago
Maybe it's out of Bias, but I preffered the Sony one, announcing a nwe console, along with destiny alpha that we'll be able to play this thursday was pretty huge, also with the Playstation TV announcement.

GTA 5 was megaton aswell, Grim fandango was a long requested game by fans.

I have no idea whether Uncharted will look that good however, but it's crazy to think it will look like that!

MS did do an awesome job however, with a huge barrage of games, reminded me of Sony's last year, where they went crazy announceing all of the indies that were coming to it.
ALLWRONG  +   353d ago
MS nailed it
Sony tanked it

Sony's show sucked, but since PS fans are too afraid to admit it, they want to throw MS under the same bus saying "both sucked".

What I feel sorry for are those people who had to watch Sony's train wreck at the theater. What a waste of time and money that was.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   353d ago
Lmao @ ALLWRONG.....such a fitting name. Both conferences were lacklustre dude, get over it.

"Sony's show sucked, but since PS fans are too afraid to admit it, they want to throw MS under the same bus saying "both sucked"."

That's some MorePowerOfGreen-level conspiracy theorist BS right there. Pretty sad that you have to come up with that stuff in order to feel better about the lacklustre conference. Saying MS sucked *too* is acknowledging that Sony's sucked also, which is what you just said PS fans are too afraid to admit......contradiction much?

Sony's E3 conference was free at the theatre, btw. Shows how much you know about things you troll. You and mrpsychotic stalker are the worst guys on here, so poisonous and resentful.
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BallsEye  +   353d ago
Sony had just as many multiplats (if not more) showed as MS which had way more AAA exclusivity going on. Sony filled up the rest of the show with TV talk, vita and indies. Both conferences weren't mind blowing but IMO MS had quite an edge. Just the fact alone that they've shown quite a few exclusive stuff that I can play already this year is BIG for me.

Forza Horizon 2
Halo Master Chief Collection (4 games in 1!!!)
Sunset Overdrive
Fable Legends
Fantasia (for my kids and wife)
Killer Instinct Season 2
Halo 5 beta (oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

and that's not including the DLC's, indies and titles for next year like Quantum Break, Gears of War, etc. Oh yea and all the awesome exclusives that are alrady out and played every day.

That's what I cared about most this e3...games for 2014 cause I just hate getting teased and collect dust on my console for 4 years before I can play the damn games.
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maniacmayhem  +   353d ago
Ok, but how did everyone like Nintendo's E3 direct?

Not only did they have a non-filler E3 presentation but they showed actual Nintendo games for Nintendo's systems and not multi-plats, DLC or exclusive/timed content. which filled up 90% of MS and Sony's conference.

Who would have thought that an actual digital event would be 100x better than actually being live on stage to present timed exclusives, DLC and multiplats complete with fake laughter, timed applauses and jokes that fell flat.

Nintendo nailed it with actual satire from Robot Chicken that actually poked fun at themselves. Not to mention a Iwata vs. Reggie fight which equals 100% win. Complete that with actual gameplay from every game they showed for their system and not some CG trailer of what's to come.

Nintendo did everything MS and Sony should have done at E3. Their conference has restored my faith in the WiiU and if anything showed us that Nintendo don't need to be the most powerful system to deliver new, creative and fun games to their fans.

Nintendo won E3.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   353d ago
Both were okay. Microsoft's show didn't convince me to get an X1, and Sony's show hasn't convinced me to get a PS4 any earlier than I planned on.

But outside of the bubble of E3, Sony is still killing it. Microsoft showed off a lot of stuff in the wake of not having shown off anything for months. Sony still has a dozen games from last E3 and TGS and Gamescom that have yet to be released, not to mention the overwhelming superiority of indie games coming out.

Not to mention the fact that every multiplat shown off during Microsoft's conference just made me think "welp, I'll get the better version on PS4".

Nintendo won anyway. Bayonetta 1 and 2 bundled, this fall. Xenoblade X is blowing my mind, despite the meh trailer during the actually conference (the Treehouse showing was much better). New Yoshi yarn actually looks legit. A sequel to Canvas Curse (OMGGGGGG). New Star Fox. Smash Bros looks very fun. Fantasy Life on 3DS. New Zelda looks great (though I prefer the art style of the tech demo. *shrug*). That Splatoon game looks very fun, especially if it has local co-op and seems like a legitimate advancement in the arena-based TPS genre. And Nintendo has already had two of the best games I've played in years in 2014: Mario Kart and DK Tropical Freeze.
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VforVideogames  +   353d ago
yep Microsoft threw a lot of punches but completely forgot to threw the knock out punch and Sony threw the knock out punch but completely miss the target. I give Microsoft a 8.9 overall and Sony a solid 8
speedforce131  +   353d ago
I completely disagree.

Where Microsoft failed was that they did not convince me that I needed to buy an Xbox. Coming in to E3, with the 399 price drop, that's exactly what they needed to do.

A lot of people are saying that MS won the conference but didn't exactly take a close look at their offerings and see what made MS stand out and what compelled users to buy an Xbox.

Whereas, with Sony, a lot of people already own PS4 and all the stuff they are showing are BONUSES. The free to play games such as Kingdom Under Fire 2, Planetside 2, Loadout. That TV show that they showed? Powers? All PS+ subscribers are getting it for FREE and everyone else gets EP1 for free. They didn't just TALK about TV, they freaking GAVE IT TO YOU. Where's Quantum Break? I dunno. Who cares. I'm getting Powers for free. That's what I care about.

People just aren't appreciating all of what Sony gave to them. I understand that not all audiences like the same thing but the amount of content they are releasing to appeal to most audiences is staggering. That's also the reason why the show might seem dragged on. You're not seeing what you like so it just seems boring to you.

Microsoft's show seemed better b/c of the multiplats. Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, COD:AW, and so on. I liked seeing those games. Who wouldn't? When it came down to it, you got Forza Horizon 2, Phantom Dust, Scalebound, Crackdown 3, your remaster Halo MC Collection, DLC for existing games and Sunset Overdrive, the only other game that has a release date this year.
deruy343  +   354d ago
Think MS certainly made up for last year, a huge improvement. Disappointed there aren't more exclusive PS games coming this year.
lindquist  +   354d ago
Why dont you have twice as many dislikes as likes? Thats what someone who says something like that usually gets.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   353d ago
s much as fan boys love to argue, Microsoft edged it this year.

They won it because of the number of quality exclusive titles coming this year backed up with a substantial amount of timed DLC. They also have the best genre spread for the next 6 months; there's a fighter, FPS, open world, racer and an adventure game.
bicfitness  +   354d ago
If you mean best CGI trailers of games that we won't see for 3 years, then yeah, MS "won". They did the same thing they did last year, which was to blow their load on stuff so far out that its a dream. Remember Black Tusk's game... Oh, yeah, about that... Sony showed stuff we'll be playing this year (next 12 months), including the Order, 24 F2P titles--like KuF2--and even squeezed in some hardware and media stuff. Oh, and 90% of MS' conference was multiplats, all of which will have better performance on the PS4 too.

And somehow No Man's Sky, which was last' years critical darling when it was revealed, is now "meh" because Sony was smart in backing it? Journalists and fanboys (same thing) can't even stick to their own stories.
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Rocky5  +   354d ago
You really defending 24 F2P games oO these things kill gaming.

Most gamers bitch & moan about micro transactions yet, F2P is fine? It's based around MT's.

What's the world coming to, in the coming years we will see most games being F2P if these catch on.

I really do hope they don't catch on, but if Sony are pushing them then the PS4 will get bogged down with them in the future & that is not a good thing.
theDivision  +   354d ago

I have a very solid chunk of play time into warframe and haven't spent a dime. You do not need to spend money to play that game, so if Sony is releasing more games like that then I am excited to see what is coming.
Magnes  +   353d ago
Sony laid it on the line even talking about hardware, Ms played it safe and was sterile since when do we reward that. Sony edges Ms in my opinion.
Darkstares  +   354d ago
It's like Sony and Microsoft got reversed. Sony's E3 was bogged down by too much talk and non-gaming stuff and way too much console first talk. Microsoft showed stuff prior to E3 which took a lot of excitement away.

Both relied way too much on 3rd party.
kneon  +   353d ago
The problem is you think these conferences are for you, they're not. This is an industry conference, their main target audience is not the consumer. They certainly try to keep the consumer in mind but as I said are not the target audience.
Darkstares  +   353d ago
Of course my opinion is based on what I saw and how it affects my decisions. Nintendo won by the way.
Flamingweazel  +   354d ago
MS had mainly multiplats that will run and look better on PS4, sony had more exclusives content, and gameplay, this is an idiotic article.
torchic  +   353d ago
exactly! I've been around the web and it seems as though N4G is the only place where people are disappointed with Sony's conference. not quite sure where it's coming from?

Sony's conference was very solid. people are judging it by the "boring bits in the middle"
-Foxtrot  +   353d ago

"Sony's conference was very solid. people are judging it by the "boring bits in the middle"

You mean people are looking at the negatives instead of the positives...hmmmmm

Sounds like some users on this site
aragon  +   353d ago
Both ms and Sony were underwhelming, draw for me, next thing I hope fanboys on here realize now that always bitch about one company money hatting exclusive content in multiplat games I'm gonna ask is it ok now that Sony has done it? I mean they have a lot of xclusives content? Not sure how much exclusives coming out for either one but they both sucked ubisoft won
Magicite  +   354d ago
Lol no, MS conference was just compilations of game trailers, it cant even be called a conference, also all of MS spoke people were boring at best.

Besides MS talked only about games and showed that X1 is no more All-in-One, Sony on the other hand showed that PS4 is really an ultimate Entertainment machine.
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1nsaint  +   354d ago
it wasn't huge but it beats every other E3 press conference that microsoft has done
-Foxtrot  +   353d ago
I don't understand

Microsoft's was full of games...yes but they were games announced LAST YEAR, games we already knew about leading up to E3 and even multiplatform games coming to both consoles.

How does that "win" you E3, Sony's wasn't the best it could of been, both of them were a let down as I think Gamescom is getting in the way of them showing everything they can but I was honestly more surprised at their show then Microsoft's

I was only surprised at Microsoft's at Conker....then it was ripped away from me and I was kicked in the nuts.

I think Microsoft's only looked better because the past few years for them were pretty bad.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   353d ago
God this site is pro Sony 100%, as being on both sides of the fence and not letting fanboyish remarks get to me, MS definitely won this year... It's clear!
Copen  +   353d ago
Microsoft completely tanked E3 I don't know how you can call mostly 3rd parties they couldn't buy exclusive a good show? And CGI trailers for anything important they have coming which oh by the way doesn't come until 2015 which you know will turn into 2016. I'm sorry but for games that are coming this year and early to mid 2015 Sony won hands down. And Project Beast AKA BloodBorne is better than ANYTHING MS showed or revealed hell there's legit videos of Project Beast/BloodBorne floating around REAL GAME PLAY not CGI trailers on PC's running graphics cards the Xbox one can't match.
fr0sty  +   353d ago
Good to see someone nominated this jackass to be the end all, be all decision maker for who won E3.
wheresmymonkey  +   354d ago
both were good indifferent ways, I don't think either was particularly mind blowing though. Of the two so far Sony wins for bringing Grim Fandango to PS4.

Still i think Nintendo might be about to sneak in and kick the competition in the shins. Nothing makes gamers lose their minds like a new Zelda.
PCGamingNoobs  +   354d ago
yup, grim fandango won it for me i lost my shit when i saw the letter i knew it was grim fandango straight away. funny i joked with my brother about a grim fandango 2 announcement.

im literally not bothered about anything else i just want more manny to play with
RAFFwaff  +   354d ago
If Nintendo give solid release dates for Bayonetta 2, "X", show a mind blowing Zelda AND have a surprise at the end of either Metroid or Starfox, they will 'win' e3, whatever that means.
EliteGameKnight  +   353d ago
how'd they do in your opinion?
Hassassin  +   353d ago
basically did all that(?)
Mr-Dude  +   354d ago
When did this become a competition? First we got the gloom and doom articles for weeks, and now we got the "who won crap". Sony and Microsoft where both "okay"... nothing more!

There was one game, that stood out of everything and that was No Man's Sky. They are my winners
#3 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Lukas_Japonicus  +   354d ago
Everything is a competition nowadays. There were even arguments about who has the better Twitch app.....people will compete over ANYTHING.

And as usual, the only true winners are the people who will be playing everything that was shown off at E3.

Oh, and i completely agree about No Man's Sky. It stole the entire day for me. I can't believe an indie game made by a four man team looks so damn great, and got me more hyped than any of the big games did.....lmao.
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deruy343  +   354d ago
Agree with you there, No Man's Sky looks really good especially for a small team
KingKelloggTheWH  +   354d ago
Well that is completely subjective, and you stating it as fact makes you look bad.

As for me I enjoyed both and am waiting for nintendo before I declare a winner of E3, because they are having an E3 stream in case you forgot. So you declaring the winner already is ridiculous.
jay2  +   354d ago
No, where were the betas, the lost Bungie, they didn't even talk their 360. PS3's bringing the world BC with PS Now, Maybe if they'd left the price drop, halo 5, quantem break etc till the show yes, but most of their stuff 3rd party that won't even run as well on an xbone. And who got that GTA5 announcement? Sony. The TV info was cool, order yeah not a lot to go on, u4 was also poor shout have demoed it.
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mdluffy  +   354d ago
No, that is just a opinion. A lot of people liked sony's more.
True_Samurai  +   354d ago
This is what confuses me. Ms had the games. Yes most were multiplatform but they came either exclusive or timed dlc and even peeked my interest with indies.

Sony started off good but completely dropped the ball. They began to talk mostly about TV and features ms had already done. Isn't that why we were mad at ms reveal last year? Why the change of heart for Sony? Also, ms showed respect to their competors and Sony "attempts" to take digs at ms? That's very childish IMO. That's why I think ms won this so called "competition"
sinspirit  +   353d ago
People were mad about the reveal last year because it was almost entirely about TV.

Sony has been doing it just like how they always have been, except they seem to do longer e3's now so they fit in all the game stuff and just add an extra half hour for the extras like TV and multimedia.
marlinfan10  +   353d ago
youll come to learn that sony can't do wrong and MS can't do right to a lot of these fanboys

i honestly couldn't imagine what the fanboys would be saying if the conferences were flipped and sony showed the amount of games MS did, and MS showed the tv stuff. you would never hear the end of how bad MS' conference was
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Pintheshadows  +   354d ago
They were both decent, but nothing groundbreaking.
disKinected  +   354d ago
Both conferences were mediocre...
Waiting for gamescon now.....
#8 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ape007  +   354d ago
agreed, xbox one conference was better and more focused
Drithe  +   354d ago
Sony absolutely sucked. It really did. MS wasnt much better, but DONT GIVE MS THE WIN JUST YET ........ Nintendo is coming up this morning.

If they show ZELDA for the Wii U ... Nintendo wins, because all the games I seen from MS and Sony SUX!
Zichu  +   354d ago
I didn't get to watch Sony's conference. It was on at about 2am in the UK, just too late for me. I did manage to check out some of the games they showed this morning and I am interested.

After all of the games that are coming out this year, hopefully I can play the majority of them, I will most likely get a PS4 for the launch of The Order: 1886.

I only watched like 45 minutes of MS's conference, was at work at the time and I also enjoyed what I saw.

I don't see why either company has to win E3. Companies don't get anything for E3, it's a time for them to show off what they have been on for the past year or so. They both have put a lot of work into shaping their products and it will get better from here.

EDIT: Someone disagreed because I wrote a neutral comment...
#11 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
MrUnfamiler  +   354d ago
"Nothing more i hate than Neutrals, You Never know where they stand. I bet your skin color is gray too."

(tryin to be a fake character like colbert, so fanboys can see how ridiculous they are, i hope it works. & dont get me banned in the long run, *fingers crossed*)
jambola  +   354d ago
I thought both were rather disappointing to be honest.
Also, even if microsofts was better, Nintendo is still on later today, who knows, could be great.
Thundercats   354d ago | Spam
younglj01  +   354d ago
MrUnfamiler  +   354d ago
I'm Better, No I'm Better, na-uh I'm Better.

We Are In The Twilight Years Of Communication Right Here.
snookiegamer  +   354d ago
MS may have won the show in an alternate parallel universe...but Sony won E3 in the REAL World.

Both had a good showing, but Sony had the stronger 3rd party presence & Sony IP's crushed MS'.

Let it be known, instead of this fanboy fud.
Bennibop  +   354d ago
MS showed nothing other than CGI for games coming in 2015, loads of Multiplats and stuff we have already seen. Where Sony showed only new stuff (they did not give any time to Driveclub.) Sony showed actual in game footage of UC4 which was by far and away the best thing we have seen all e3
Zichu  +   354d ago
Sony and MS showed both CGI and gameplay for different games.

Uncharted 4 didn't show any gameplay, I've tried finding a video with gameplay in it and it's not there. It's a CGI trailer.
Jdoki  +   354d ago
Before the Uncharted trailer it clearly stated it was captured directly from PS4.

So even though it was a scripted cutscene (which are usually a bit better looking than the actual game play quality), it was not CGI.

Corinne Yu confirmed this.
ChronoJoe  +   354d ago
If you've played the Uncharted games you would know that Naughtydog don't do CGI trailers.

There games are all in-engine, for some cutscenes they use pre-rendered in-engine trailers, but it's all in-engine.

It just looks like CGI because it's made by Naughtydog. Not sure if you've been living under a rock, but they're a very talented developer.
brainfart  +   354d ago
Both showed cgi and even thou uc4 was in game it still wasnt gameplay footage it was a cut scene, both also showed multi plats, I definitely wanted to see more gameplay from both companys overall it was a good e3 for both microsoft/sony.I'm sure Nintendo will show some games people are interested in but I highly doubt they will out do ms/sony!!

Microsoft has the edge in this year e3 their focus was on games sony 40 min talking about tv and comics was boring , also that batman game play was glitching at the end sh@ts was funny!
#17.2 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Jdoki  +   353d ago
Umm, you do know the glitching was intentional right? Because of the cut in to the Scarecrow!

The first time it happened I thought it was a glitch too, but you could see the stage lights were in sync with the glitches.

I agree the mid-briefing slump of Sony was boring (again - this seems like a tradition), but other than that MS and Sony were solid - neither 'won'.
Hakoom  +   354d ago
when i see something that looks like uncharted 4 on x1 then il say microsoft won lool :D

they won in xbox fan dreams
Thundercats   354d ago | Spam
martinezjesus1993  +   354d ago
From a guy that has all consoles this gen I wasnt disappointed by either Microsoft or Sony's press Conferences. With that being said I think all the "insiders" and leaks ruined most of the announcements and i wasnt really pleasently surprised by any game except maybe LBP3 which wasnt ruined like all the others. I cant really give a winner because in one hand Microsoft's was all about games games games, but Sony's was alot of fun to watch at the theaters, lots of fun feeling like you were part of the crowd at e3 as we cheered on and laughed together. In other words in so effen happy I own a ps4 and Xbox One this gen!!!
ger2396  +   354d ago
Why does everyone watch e3 and expect to be blown away? People go in with expectations and are always dissapointed. It's a show case for up coming games, that is all. besides, didn't Microsoft win last year? How'd that turn out for them?
Drekken  +   354d ago
Its 830 AM here and you are already drunk... MS won last year? HAHAHAAA.
LoveOfTheGame  +   353d ago
I'm guessing you didn't watch E3 last year. You know when MS showed nothing but games while Sony showed TV, jabs at the competition, and whatever the hell Wonderbook was.

Call me old fashioned but we used to watch E3 for games for the upcoming years. Could have sworn this is why we laughed at MS for that 3-4 year terrible E3 span.
Drekken  +   353d ago
Yeah, I watched a press conference that announced a weaker system with confusing DRM tied to a camera no one wanted for a price $100 more than the competition. If you call that winning, I don't want to be on your team.
ger2396  +   353d ago
It was a rhetorical question, I see that reading comprehension eludes you.
LoveOfTheGame  +   353d ago
Team? I didn't know being a gamer was a team thing.

But, if you don't want to be a gamer that's fine with me. I will continue to enjoy games, and maybe just maybe, you can learn what that is like someday.
RedDeadLB  +   354d ago
Every single year it's the same thing. E3 sucks to everyone, MS won, no Sony won, no Nintendo won..

I watched every conference and I enjoyed Sony's and Ubisoft's the most. I was disappointed by Microsoft's because they showed no love for the PC community with the Halo collection, which was the only thing I can actually remember about it. That, and AC:Unity's gameplay.

Sony showed what I personally liked. MKX, Batman, Uncharted and you can't say that GTA5 wasn't a bombshell announcement. Ubisoft comes close second because honestly they had the best presentation of all, but a little too much CGI and I'm not buying R6 was in-game.

And that is MY PERSONAL OPINION. Everyone has one and no one can decide the overall victor.
#21 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
azshorty2003  +   353d ago
The most logical comment yet. Agreed, every year everyone complains that E3 sucks.

They both had goo showings. I was very impressed Microsoft had an entire show and didn't once talk about Kinect or TV. They were all games. But most were multiplat games to pad the show time. They had very little exclusives. Even though I'm not a Halo fan, I was impressed with the Halo Collection.

Sony had many big games and surprises. They opened strong with Destiny and The Order. LBP3 was great. Yea the momentum slowed when they talked about TV and other stuff. But I was very happy they announced finally that PS TV is coming to the US, been waiting for that!

But then Sony finished Very strong with announcing GTAV PS4, actually showing gameplay on MKX and Batman was amazing, and finishing with Uncharted topped the cake.

Sony and Ubi stole the show for me. AC and R6 both look fantastic. Hopefully R6 was actual game.
kingboy  +   354d ago
Deal With It
E3 isn't the dominant conventional power house it ones was following stellar growth within other industry peers of the likes of TGS ,Gamescon,GDC.. etc, so it"s more than natural certain projects would be held back for other annual events
#22 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Edi007  +   354d ago
in my opinion the playstation conference is the best with uncharted 4, bloodborn, lbp 3 , gta v , dead island 2 , last of us release date, ratchet reimagined, batman gameplay and mortal kombat x .....

Chapter11  +   354d ago
MS had nothing but non-gameplay trailers and shooter after boring shooter. Sony had new IP, fresh ideas, gameplay footage for several games, and a ton of indie support.

Sony had a better showing, hands down.
JohnJ  +   353d ago
Haha none of that is true
Dynasty2021  +   354d ago
I don't think anyone won E3.

Nothing "new" was shown. Nothing screamed next-gen at all.

Just nothing but fluff, PR bollocks and teasers, with BARELY any gameplay at all.

Pre-rendered CGI trailers that console gamers think is in-game footage.

The only thing that stood out at all for me was the Witcher 3 gameplay. And even then it proved the game had been downgraded since reveal, and basically looks like The Witcher 2 now.
brainfart  +   354d ago
Maybe because it on console and of course most gameplay of the wtcher 3 has been shown on pc damn witcher 2 on pc will still look better than witcher 3 on both consoles everyone knows that!!!
#25.1 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
pornflakes  +   354d ago
Sony won with more Indigames, Playstation TV and Little Big Planet 2.5 /s

Any exclusives for 2014? none...

Even the blockbuster The Order was pushed to 2015, a third person shooter with no Online support, thats pretty sad.
Bassmint  +   348d ago
Driveclub, The Last of Us remastered, Little big planet 3 and inFamous First Light all in 2014.
astar123456789  +   354d ago
I thought their was no winner, but sony did have gta, uncharted, and batman, ms had halo ( not really was a fan of that game but most fans love that game.) as for sunset overdrive I really hated it thought after 10 min of play I would just shut it off, fable I hated, forza look good but really nothing new. So not a buy for me! So if you can say their was a winner sony maybe just maybe win by a hair.
Einhert  +   354d ago
They were both crap

The real winners were the third party developers getting these suckers to show off their games instead of Sony & MS showing off their exclusives.
#28 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dRanzer  +   354d ago
im huge fanboy of sony and i admit it but thier press conference was disspoting to me,like i sayd 3 days ago ND will show only a trailler that was good but we didnt see to mush
the order was a short demo...with a lot of CGI,noting to show really
and were the f*uck was driveclub? give us gameplay already
dont even to start to talk of rumer such as god of war

im not say MS press was good...they both dissapotnig

*sorry about the poor english
Dannylew  +   353d ago
in what sony shows about the "the order" NO 1 SEC is pre rendered offline.. CGI DON'T EXIST IN THIS GAME" ALL IN GAME ENGINE REALTIME GRAPHICS...

#29.1 (Edited 353d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SoulSercher620  +   354d ago
They were both even.

Here's what got me pumped at each conference:

Sony: The Order 1886, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, No Man's Sky (indies are the underdogs), Infamous First Light, TLOU Remastered

MS: Halo MC Collection (Halo 2 is all I need), Sunset Overdrive, KI Season 2, Scalebound (looks interesting), Crackdown

But most of the stuff we wanna play comes out in 2015. That will be the best year for gaming since the release of PS4 and XB1.
#30 (Edited 354d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Spotie  +   353d ago
IF I had to give the nod to someone, it'd be Sony. Entwined is a must-buy, the news of Grim Fandango was excellent since I never got to play it, LBP3 is automatic. The Order looked great, and you don't even have to ask about Uncharted. There was also ABZU- you can really thank tgc for getting me into the more artistic games like flower and Journey- and then there were the multiplats: Metal Gear and No Man's Sky(or is it exclusive now?), and that seamless Batman footage.

Not really enough love for the Vita, though.

From Microsoft, the only two games that caught my eye were Phantom Dust and Scalebound; both of them, however, were CGI trailers showing zero gameplay. In fact, most everything at Microsoft's show was CGI, rather than gameplay. Had it been more of the latter, I might have given them the edge instead.
Dannylew  +   353d ago
people like you have the necessary knowledge and experience to watch E3 conference...

98% of people no...

Sony won e3 ... continuosly... e3 gdc and TGS.. constantly year to year...

microsoft show "and talk" about things running on PC dev ... CGI trailer.. and try to convice that xbox console/strategy s good and have the best game on industry...

same story all generations... same story in all consoles... but the truth is ONE ONLY... Playstation have the best game "really available ONLY on PS"... microsoft is more focused in a PC style... exslucive game for xbox in 6/12 months coming to PC 800% better than in xbox... and for this reason i never buy an xbox. Just because for me... novadays i want that device like Smartphone o tablets.. or consoles... have a really good design... and a SOUL... eclusivity... good people.

microsoft collect fail and fail and fail again... and i never buy product like this. overpriced.. without a soul and continuosly modifications just to sell sell sell sell sell sell sell...

the patetic show of COD ADVANCED...
a lifeless game visuals on xbox one.. probably 720p 30fps "28 most of the time for what i see" with poor .. really poor esplosion FX...

Forza Horizon 2 :

Copy and past from DRIVECLUB... the fonts in the trailer are identical to driveclub trailer.. really poor weather system "nothing like DRIVECLUB/next gen" and a cartoon style texture.

"the insomniac exlusive"
Really you want to spend 60 dollars for this ??..


OMG... no comment. the best absolutely non next gen title ever. "60FPS 1980P.." i think with this graphics it's a scam that don't run in 120fps.


No comment... again "try to convince" people that this is good ... bah... this is not indie is homebrew.

all other are CGI without real in-game gameplay.

A copu and paste of davil may cry "fail.. trust me"

Microsoft won E3 ?... with what ?...


PS3 NEWS. "A 8 year old hardware with games like BEYOND .. just to talking about one real exclusive".

PSVITA Market consolidation "and a tons of new games and IP looks increbile"

PS4 Gain in all directions.. social , web, market share. "this is reputation not talking about nothing" and sony have my trust.

Playstation NOW.. FOR PS3 PS4 PSVITA...
A real Entertainment HUB.. "not just a metro UI"
with tons and tons of contents. "from a Music label major and ONE OF THE BEST cinema studios"

AGAIN ! Microsoft won e3 with what ?!
#30.1.1 (Edited 353d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
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