Grand Theft Auto V PS4 vs PS3 Comparison Screenshot Show Its More Than A Simple Next-Gen Port

Here is a comparison screen showing difference between PS4 and PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto V


Added Another comparison screenshot, this one by far the best comparison screenshot

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vishmarx1412d ago

they need to add 40+ sp missions
way too short

MrDreadnought1412d ago

It is a great chance for people like me that didn't had the chance to play it first on PS3, with the Next-Gen power, we might not get the FULL Next-Gen experience but certainly a definitive version of the game which it's pretty satisfying nonetheless.

Phene1412d ago

@Drakir ...dude. pick. it. up. Your gonna get to play an amazing with *even better* graphics. The characters make GTA V worth it alone. Like I've been playing watch dogs and honestly, it's weaker in terms of narrative and characters compared to gta. That game just pulled me in, there were things I didn't like about it, but hands down a game you gotta play.

tbone5671411d ago

Will be getting for Xbox One.

Xalaris1407d ago

"to play it first on PS3"

38 agrees.

"Will be getting for Xbox One"

8 disagrees.

This site is truly pathetic.
They should rename the website News 4 Sony Fanboys.

Soupaman661412d ago

play side missions. Its an open world game. not linear. Play the world and not just focus on mission right after mission. Its like everybody forgot how to play gta.

vishmarx1412d ago

ive put in 60 hrs.
mainly doing nothing.
sp campaign was short and thats that.

"Its like everybody forgot how to play gta."
yes because the game's content was never cut for online prior to this.
why couldnt we do all those online missions in the sp mode?
why couldnt we have multiple apartments,car delivery,clothing choices,hairstyles etc all in the sp campaign?
why couldnt we have those imaginary online hiests in the sp campaign,
i mean a tale about bank robbers an you rob just 2-3 properly while the other are useless(nuke and fbi job)
wheres the casino?
where are the clubs and discos?
hell wheres my las vegas hiest?

Master-H1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

What side missions ? aside from the main missions there isn't much to do, aside from repetitive side activities (tennis, yoga , golf etc), i feel in San Andreas you had much more stuff to do than in V, it's my major complaint about V.

Official General1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

@ Soupaman66

That's just the point. In GTA V, there were hardly any decent side missions relating to crime, most of the side stuff was simple leisurely activities like yoga, tennis, triathlon, skydiving etc. There was hardly anything else that was very exciting or interesting. Even the much criticized IV had side stuff like drug-deliveries, car theft rings, and police vigilante.

UltraNova1411d ago

I've got to agree with you guys, ii was obvious that a lot was sacrificed in the name of buffing up online...

GTA is GTA because you had a huge map a great story and a myriad side distractions to play with should you choose to do so..

Instead we got a short game (by GTA standards that is) not many interesting side missions and some sports...

The truly fun staff are locked behind online.

Imagine GTA 5 on local multiplayer though!

Imagine inviting your buddies over having some brews and bringing havoc in Los Santos!

Matt6661411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

GTA SA had 192 missions including 3 secret missions
while GTA 5 only had 80 so yes short considering GTA SA was around the ps2 era

CyrusLemont1411d ago

Wow I am yet to play GTA V and have waited eagerly for it come to PS4. However, after reading these comments, I am very disappointed as I am not an online gamer and it sounds like virtually everything I was looking forward to playing is in the online portion of the game. This has really out me off getting it now. I was expecting a vast open world with plenty of buildings to visit and interact with, gangs, properties to buy and do up. It seems however that it's all online.

Ergh. I might give it a pass then.

UltraNova1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


Man in no way I was trying to sway anyone not to buy GTA V! The game is incredible in its own right, what I'm trying to say here is that if you are a diehard GTA fan, if you are a mostly single player guy,like me then the amount of stuff going on in the latest game is actually half if not less than previous games. Hell even GTA IV (the worst GTA IMO) had a ton more stuff to do...

Anw my point being if you didnt play it so far get it on your next gen console, I mean look a last gen game being compared with Ubi's watchdogs on next gen should be ridiculous enough to spark some interest into buying it!

And thats about graphics has some of the most interesting characters ever and a nice story bringing everything together in a way few can achieve.

Point being to end my loooong post is get it, you wont regret it.

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guitarded771412d ago

I totally agree with that. The campaign was short considering the scope of the world. When I was finished, I was like, "but I want more". Even more hidden items and side missions would be great.

I know there will be big DLC in the future, but more now would be great.

showtimefolks1412d ago

this time around i plan on taking my time, doing majority of side missions. When i played it on ps3 i pretty much rush through the story

this game will benefit greatly from next gen consoles and i fully expect huge improvements

i hope there is bigger player count in GTA online

ITPython1412d ago

Agree on the game needing more missions. I certainly didn't blow through main mission after main mission, I took my sweet time and explored the world and did all the side missions, and some days just screwed around for hours on end.

But even taking my time to play the main missions, it still felt like it was a really short game. I mean heck, most of the world wasn't even used. I kept expecting that there would be missions in certain parts of the map, or that I would doing certain things, but it just never happened.

Honestly it felt like the storyline was cut really short. The world was fully developed, but the missions weren't. And even the heist missions were hyped up beyond belief, but there only ended up being like two or three of them. I expected it to have a much bigger presence in the game, especially based off the reviews that made the heist missions seem like it was the core of the game (when in reality, it was only an after-thought).

BallsEye1412d ago

Not enough difference to justify another purchase. MP will still suck..Oh I remember the headlines " GTA 5 multiplayer has over 500 missions"...yea few missions repeated 100 times over and still no promised bank robbery.

I recommend SP to anyone who didn't play it tho. It was amazing experience.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891411d ago

You can definitely tell this updated version of gta 5 was ported from pc to next gen the changes for the ps4 version are too noticeable and big to be a simple res/framerate increased remastered game. :)

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bixxel1412d ago

I liked Watch Dogs more than GTA V...

Sly-Lupin1412d ago

I liked Sleeping Dogs better than both. For me, GTAV was only good as a vehicle simulator. I hated all of the characters and story.

Really hope they announce a Sleeping Dogs sequel at E3 this week.

Rimgal1412d ago

Dude you read my mind. I only saw your comment after I posted mine.

Hydrolex1412d ago

Honestly, watch dogs story was much better than v's

GarrusVakarian1412d ago


What? WD's story was hot garbage, imo. Didn't care for Aiden, or his family, or the reason why i was doing everything i was doing.

The whole campaign was Go here> take out bad guys> hack network> ESCAPE!

porkChop1412d ago

They announced a sequel last year. Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars. Hopefully Square Enix will show the game off soon.

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Rimgal1412d ago

I liked Sleeping Dogs more than GTA V...

To me Rockstar's greatest masterpiece last gen was Red Dead Redemption. Not saying that GTA V was a bad game,because it wasn't, but I didn't enjoy it that much like I was hoping I would.

Mr-Dude1412d ago

Me too, GTA V was very dissapointing for me. But then Watch_Dogs was WAY to overhyped.

vishmarx1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

i 'enjoyed' watchdogs wayyy more. tho it isnt the better game.

porkChop1412d ago

The better game is whichever game you personally enjoyed more.

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thereapersson1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

What's so funny?

CaEsAr-1412d ago

Maybe he's "PC the mastaah race" kind of guy?

RosweeSon1412d ago

What all the people who have likely nailed GTA5 and moved onto next gen already, hardly get to play one of the best games overall again, sweet.

HighResHero1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Why are you laughing? Many of us have PCs also(and PS3s). Now this is nothing to get all butthurt about there fella.

BlakHavoc1412d ago

Day one, AGAIN. 2014 suddenly looks like a beast of a year for gaming.

MysticStrummer1412d ago

Yes but those no heists will be next gen!

Randostar1411d ago

Next tuesday, Friday they should announce them.