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Grand Theft Auto V PS4 vs PS3 Comparison Screenshot Show Its More Than A Simple Next-Gen Port

Here is a comparison screen showing difference between PS4 and PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto V (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, PS4)

Update Added Another comparison screenshot, this one by far the best comparison screenshot

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vishmarx  +   231d ago
they need to add 40+ sp missions
way too short
Drakir  +   231d ago
It is a great chance for people like me that didn't had the chance to play it first on PS3, with the Next-Gen power, we might not get the FULL Next-Gen experience but certainly a definitive version of the game which it's pretty satisfying nonetheless.
Phene  +   231d ago
@Drakir ...dude. pick. it. up. Your gonna get to play an amazing with *even better* graphics. The characters make GTA V worth it alone. Like I've been playing watch dogs and honestly, it's weaker in terms of narrative and characters compared to gta. That game just pulled me in, there were things I didn't like about it, but hands down a game you gotta play.
tbone567  +   231d ago
Will be getting for Xbox One.
Xalaris  +   227d ago
"to play it first on PS3"

38 agrees.

"Will be getting for Xbox One"

8 disagrees.

This site is truly pathetic.
They should rename the website News 4 Sony Fanboys.
Soupaman66  +   231d ago
play side missions. Its an open world game. not linear. Play the world and not just focus on mission right after mission. Its like everybody forgot how to play gta.
vishmarx  +   231d ago
ive put in 60 hrs.
mainly doing nothing.
sp campaign was short and thats that.

"Its like everybody forgot how to play gta."
yes because the game's content was never cut for online prior to this.
why couldnt we do all those online missions in the sp mode?
why couldnt we have multiple apartments,car delivery,clothing choices,hairstyles etc all in the sp campaign?
why couldnt we have those imaginary online hiests in the sp campaign,
i mean a tale about bank robbers an you rob just 2-3 properly while the other are useless(nuke and fbi job)
wheres the casino?
where are the clubs and discos?
hell wheres my las vegas hiest?
Master-H  +   231d ago
What side missions ? aside from the main missions there isn't much to do, aside from repetitive side activities (tennis, yoga , golf etc), i feel in San Andreas you had much more stuff to do than in V, it's my major complaint about V.
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Official General  +   231d ago
@ Soupaman66

That's just the point. In GTA V, there were hardly any decent side missions relating to crime, most of the side stuff was simple leisurely activities like yoga, tennis, triathlon, skydiving etc. There was hardly anything else that was very exciting or interesting. Even the much criticized IV had side stuff like drug-deliveries, car theft rings, and police vigilante.
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UltraNova  +   231d ago
I've got to agree with you guys, ii was obvious that a lot was sacrificed in the name of buffing up online...

GTA is GTA because you had a huge map a great story and a myriad side distractions to play with should you choose to do so..

Instead we got a short game (by GTA standards that is) not many interesting side missions and some sports...

The truly fun staff are locked behind online.

Imagine GTA 5 on local multiplayer though!

Imagine inviting your buddies over having some brews and bringing havoc in Los Santos!
Matt666  +   230d ago
GTA SA had 192 missions including 3 secret missions
while GTA 5 only had 80 so yes short considering GTA SA was around the ps2 era
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CyrusLemont  +   230d ago
Wow I am yet to play GTA V and have waited eagerly for it come to PS4. However, after reading these comments, I am very disappointed as I am not an online gamer and it sounds like virtually everything I was looking forward to playing is in the online portion of the game. This has really out me off getting it now. I was expecting a vast open world with plenty of buildings to visit and interact with, gangs, properties to buy and do up. It seems however that it's all online.

Ergh. I might give it a pass then.
UltraNova  +   230d ago

Man in no way I was trying to sway anyone not to buy GTA V! The game is incredible in its own right, what I'm trying to say here is that if you are a diehard GTA fan, if you are a mostly single player guy,like me then the amount of stuff going on in the latest game is actually half if not less than previous games. Hell even GTA IV (the worst GTA IMO) had a ton more stuff to do...

Anw my point being if you didnt play it so far get it on your next gen console, I mean look a last gen game being compared with Ubi's watchdogs on next gen should be ridiculous enough to spark some interest into buying it!

And thats about graphics alone...it has some of the most interesting characters ever and a nice story bringing everything together in a way few can achieve.

Point being to end my loooong post is get it, you wont regret it.
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guitarded77  +   231d ago
I totally agree with that. The campaign was short considering the scope of the world. When I was finished, I was like, "but I want more". Even more hidden items and side missions would be great.

I know there will be big DLC in the future, but more now would be great.
showtimefolks  +   231d ago
this time around i plan on taking my time, doing majority of side missions. When i played it on ps3 i pretty much rush through the story

this game will benefit greatly from next gen consoles and i fully expect huge improvements

i hope there is bigger player count in GTA online
ITPython  +   231d ago
Agree on the game needing more missions. I certainly didn't blow through main mission after main mission, I took my sweet time and explored the world and did all the side missions, and some days just screwed around for hours on end.

But even taking my time to play the main missions, it still felt like it was a really short game. I mean heck, most of the world wasn't even used. I kept expecting that there would be missions in certain parts of the map, or that I would doing certain things, but it just never happened.

Honestly it felt like the storyline was cut really short. The world was fully developed, but the missions weren't. And even the heist missions were hyped up beyond belief, but there only ended up being like two or three of them. I expected it to have a much bigger presence in the game, especially based off the reviews that made the heist missions seem like it was the core of the game (when in reality, it was only an after-thought).
BallsEye  +   231d ago
Not enough difference to justify another purchase. MP will still suck..Oh I remember the headlines " GTA 5 multiplayer has over 500 missions"...yea few missions repeated 100 times over and still no promised bank robbery.

I recommend SP to anyone who didn't play it tho. It was amazing experience.
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   231d ago
You can definitely tell this updated version of gta 5 was ported from pc to next gen the changes for the ps4 version are too noticeable and big to be a simple res/framerate increased remastered game. :)
bixxel  +   231d ago
I liked Watch Dogs more than GTA V...
Sly-Lupin  +   231d ago
I liked Sleeping Dogs better than both. For me, GTAV was only good as a vehicle simulator. I hated all of the characters and story.

Really hope they announce a Sleeping Dogs sequel at E3 this week.
Rimgal  +   231d ago
Dude you read my mind. I only saw your comment after I posted mine.
Hydrolex  +   231d ago
Honestly, watch dogs story was much better than v's
Lukas_Japonicus  +   231d ago

What? WD's story was hot garbage, imo. Didn't care for Aiden, or his family, or the reason why i was doing everything i was doing.

The whole campaign was Go here> take out bad guys> hack network> ESCAPE!
porkChop  +   231d ago
They announced a sequel last year. Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars. Hopefully Square Enix will show the game off soon.
Rimgal  +   231d ago
I liked Sleeping Dogs more than GTA V...

To me Rockstar's greatest masterpiece last gen was Red Dead Redemption. Not saying that GTA V was a bad game,because it wasn't, but I didn't enjoy it that much like I was hoping I would.
Mr-Dude  +   231d ago
Me too, GTA V was very dissapointing for me. But then Watch_Dogs was WAY to overhyped.
vishmarx  +   231d ago
i 'enjoyed' watchdogs wayyy more. tho it isnt the better game.
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porkChop  +   231d ago
The better game is whichever game you personally enjoyed more.
nevin1  +   231d ago
lol@ PS4/Xone owners
thereapersson  +   231d ago
What's so funny?
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CaEsAr-  +   231d ago
Maybe he's "PC the mastaah race" kind of guy?
RosweeSon  +   231d ago
What all the people who have likely nailed GTA5 and moved onto next gen already, hardly get to play one of the best games overall again, sweet.
HighResHero  +   231d ago
Why are you laughing? Many of us have PCs also(and PS3s). Now this is nothing to get all butthurt about there fella.
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BlakHavoc  +   231d ago
Day one, AGAIN. 2014 suddenly looks like a beast of a year for gaming.
lonewolfjedi  +   231d ago
but yet no heists!
MysticStrummer  +   231d ago
Yes but those no heists will be next gen!
Randostar  +   231d ago
Next tuesday, Friday they should announce them.
No_Limit  +   231d ago
I don't know if it is worth trading in my game now for $20 and get the ps4 version. Should have traded it in when the value was high a few weeks ago.
cell989  +   231d ago
it will probably be worth less now thats its been announced for next gen
Pintheshadows  +   231d ago
Sure, I will play a game about heists again that has basically 3 heists in it. Great.

GTA5 was fun, once.

I am not spending money on it again, no matter how nice it looks. I didn't buy a new console for old experiences. And the fact that some people are happy with this boggles my mind.

Stop enabling these companies otherwise you will never see a new IP again. Just remaster after remaster.
Soupaman66  +   231d ago
Dont assume that every person on this planet bought the game already. I'm not hatin but many of your statements are either not true or opinions.
1. gta v has about 7 heists.

2. having something fun once but not anymore would mean that the contents of the game changed, but thats impossible,meaning that the user's interest of the game changed, which is not the game's fault and is an opinion.
3. you dont have to spen money on the same thing again. Remastered versions werent made for you.
4. Its only been a few weeks. Were are in the migration phase of consoles. This kind of thing happens to keep games alive because right now, not a lot of games for this gen are being made so in the meantime we have this. Maybe people should wait a few months or even a year if they expect to have a steady rate of games like last gen. That is what really boggles my mind is how people think its an easy flip to next generation with thousands of games instantly.

5.Same as last point. However when it comes to a developling team, it doesnt take the whole team to remaster a game. Probably a select few.

People need to quit being so impatient like the world is going to end. This is the first e3 of the next generation. Nothing is going to be big and most likely, developers are migrating and planning new ips but the consumers dont want to wait a minute without another game so they make these in the meantime.
Pintheshadows  +   231d ago
'because right now, not a lot of games for this gen are being made'

That is because of remasters. Tell me, what would you prefer, GTA5 remastered, or Red Dead 2 built from the ground up for next gen hardware.

Don't defend this practice or it is all you will see. It'll be the DLC practices of last gen. Oh, we could make a new game, but instead we'll just remaster this old one.
ravinash  +   231d ago

I haven't played it yet, and I was not planning to play it on my PS3.
Fact was when I finish the backlog of what I do have, I'm updating to a PS4.

We knew that it was going to come out on PC, so I'm sure a lot of people were waiting for that to come out, so it's not to much of a effort to put the updates for PC into the next consoles as well.

There are not as many games on the new consoles yet, so maybe I'll pick this up when I do upgrade.
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ceballos77mx  +   231d ago
@pin....just because this new consoles are easy to develop it doesnt mean that they can churn a brand new game, with a brand new engine in a couple of months.

Red dead 2 is probably coming but id rather wait for it to be perfect than to rush them and then complain that the game sucked or lacked content, just because I was desperate to play something.
yezz  +   231d ago
Tomb raider got remastered, new Tomb raider announced at e3, TLOU got remastered, Uncharted 4 announced at e3.. I'm not seeing any delays because of these remaster versions. Rockstar's next game is most like not done by Rockstar North so this doesn't affect for example the next RDR game at all since it's done by Rockstar San Diego.

I'm quite sure that these will disappear in the near future anyway since all the games will be on the new consoles so there is no need for remastered editions.....
uth11  +   231d ago
not only that, there's about 80 games been released for the PS4 so far, only one out of 80 is a "remastered edition". The way people talk, it sounds like we are being overrun with remasters.

They represent a small percentage of games, and people really do want to play them.
Soupaman66  +   231d ago
Did you completly read what I said? Okay look at your example. If Red Dead 2 was announced, do you honestly believe that its going to be out this fall? Dont know if you know but red dead is made by Rockstar San Diego while gta is from rockstar north. There are many other places to announce this but for something comming out this fall, there ist really any other time to announce gta v for next gen. Pax is a horrible time since people need time to preorder, get hype, and market. Red dead 2 could be announced any time even at pax. Again with the impatience. There are other people in this world. You dont need to like everything out there and hate people for liking things you hate. Just move on to the things you like. I see a lot of people whining on sites hoping that will get developers to do things for them. Actually contact the developers, bring up a petition, make them know that you want the game. Dont tell us. Were not Rockstar.
Pintheshadows  +   231d ago
I did Soupaman. It was laced with naivete. If these HD remasters do well we will get them piled upon us.

Publishers will see them as an easy buck, at relatively low cost, and they will throw them at us.

That is my worry, and considering what has happened previously, it wouldn't surprise me. I am not impatient, but I did spend £350 on a NEW piece of hardware on which to play NEW games.

And yes, I knew all of that. And considering R* is traditionally not at E3 at all, they could have announced this anytime they wanted, like they always do.

And I don't hate the people that want this, I think they should maybe get with the times, but I don't hate them.

Also, I don't hate GTA5 either. I would just like to point that out. I really enjoyed my first playthrough, however, it a last gen game. A prettier coat of paint seems to be all people care about these days though.
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MysticStrummer  +   231d ago
"If these HD remasters do well we will get them piled upon us."

Obviously enough people buy them that companies think it's worth their time to make more. I don't like CoD at all, but so many people do that we get one every damn year. Same thing. I'd rather play a classic game remastered than a brand new CoD any day.
RosweeSon  +   231d ago
One of the greatest games of this gen your a fool loads of oeople yet to play and yes loads of people happy to reply there's a reason for that rockstar don't churn out a sequel every 12 months and take time and care on all of their games even max payne wasn't that bad but gta5 was amazing even if you don't like the characters from a technical standing was amazing just a shame it was on those older consoles first I think I could have waited until next gen but hey ho, at least the 2 major ports on ps4 are 9 if not 10/10 games and well worthy of a quick port whilst all the bigger and better games get the time they need to develop once all the developers have had some time to get used to consoles and get the best out of it, don't get me wrong I don't want a ps3 era, splinter cell trilogy hd prince of Persia HD all games that have barely been out 5 years ago anyway and were only 8/10's first time around or certainly would be these days, but truly epic experiences that your not likely to get for another year or so elsewhere as they still need to be made then im all for a quick port of last of us (never got round to it on ps3) and GTA5 with the share button that game was made for that console... Ps4!! And uncharted 4 was in game 2014 and more so 2015 are gonna be great times.
assassin2k  +   230d ago
I don't mind the remasters as I haven'tplayed GTA V or TLOU or even Tomb Raider bbefore....waiting for the latter to become free on PS plus, but almost certainly will buy the other two. I had to sell my PS3 due to financial circumstances towards the end of the last gen so never got to play some of the later games.

Anyway, my point is there are plenty of games that people haven't yet played from last gen and these remasters are a way for people to play them, while filling the gap for the ridiculous amount of delayed games this gen has had so far due to increased dev time.
SpideySpeakz  +   231d ago
Yep, called it.

Bye bye, Watch dogs.
Kurisu  +   231d ago
Didn't pick up GTAV on PS3 because I knew this announcement was coming at some point! Look forward to finally getting my hands on it when I pick up a PS4.
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BLAKHOODe  +   231d ago
I just wonder if there will be an upgrade option if you have the digital game already on PS3. I was only about 30% of the way through GTA5 when I got my PS4 and haven't played it since.
Grimhammer00  +   231d ago
kewlkat007  +   231d ago
I still never played GTA5, then again I still have my PS3/360.
FlyingFoxy  +   231d ago
Well obviously the game is going to look a lot better now, it's using the same engine just upped the details like from low->high settings on PC.

Plus it will run a ton better now on PS4. Also glad it's finally coming to PC.
--bienio--  +   231d ago
Good for all of us, the more games GTA type then better. Ubi especially in comparison with R * is not treated Pc players like second category... watch dogs plus now gta 5 its good time for Pc players:)
Master-H  +   231d ago
Might sell my ps3 copy now since i don't care about online, and rebuy on ps4 when they bundle it with some sp DLC in the future.
bloodybutcher  +   231d ago
Really?! Online is such fun, either with friends or randoms, sometimes you are just laughing your ass off:-)
Clown_Syndr0me  +   231d ago
Online was a huge dissapointment. Extremely repetitve missions and the biggest feature I looked forward to, heists, still weren't available months and months after.

Free roam is fun, but got boring very quickly. Had a few laughs, enjoyed racing, but the fun died down after a week or two.
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Fyflin  +   231d ago
So glad this has finally been announced! I usually only play through open world/sandbox games like GTA once so this is the perfect excuse to experience it again. The story and characters were brilliantly written, great heist missions too.
cfc83  +   231d ago
The story and characters let gta5 down. Yes there is a hell of alot to like, but it also left me with impression that it didnt reach its potential. I wouldnt pay full whack to get it for the ps4.
Official General  +   231d ago
Definitely, V should have been a much better game than it was.
FlyingFoxy  +   231d ago
I'm curious about what the frame rate might be on PS4, surely they would lock it to 60 this time? Maybe it'd get minor dips, but nothing bad.
Immorals  +   231d ago
The ps4 is powerful enough to handle 60fps, and rockstar are great at optimisation.

But wouldn't be surprised if it was 30fps
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   231d ago
WOW that is a huge difference.
jcnba28  +   231d ago
That's quite an improvement, def picking this up.
Dynasty2021  +   231d ago
Finished it. Bored with it. No reason to get it again.

This is cash-in on console idiots, and a PC version for those that rightfully don't want a console.
King_of_Nothing  +   231d ago
I didnt realize there was so much hate for GTA V! I honestly had a ball playing it. I thought the characters were interesting and there were some good laughs through out the game. I had the game on PS3 but never played the whole way through it, so I'll deff pick this up for my ps4 or xb1 when it hits shelves this fall. Looking forward to it!
iamnsuperman  +   231d ago
I disagree. I thought the story was generally awful and the character has nothing to them nor did they progress (which is essentially for any story). The missions weren't exactly inspiring either. It was such an odd campaign. Also the open world was fairly sparse and it was filled with the usual guff that comes with open world games. I didn't think it was that good (hence why this announcement isn't exciting for me)
DrJones  +   231d ago
Just incredible. (facepalm)
King_of_Nothing  +   230d ago
Did you like any of the other GTA games? GTA V was the first GTA game I've put any real time into since GTA 3 on ps2 lol. It seems like a lot of people enjoyed GTA IV, but for whatever reason I just couldnt get into it.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   231d ago
Gta V was good but dissapointing in so many areas. The side content was crap, where was the vigilante/ambulance missions? I couldn't find much to do that was actually fun aside from main missions and just messing around exploring.

Playing this again, the exploration wont be fresh as I already know the map like the back of my hand so unless there's extra content I think I might pass on it. It wont have the magic feeling of the first time I played it, sadly.

As for the graphics, the PS4 version is looking very dark...
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johny5  +   231d ago
Where's the port to Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar? Hell, where's the PC version...
Grimhammer00  +   231d ago
Unless they do away with the whole penalizing dunce cap for playing a criminal simulator like a criminal.....im not even bothering.
snookiegamer  +   231d ago
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Hazmat13  +   231d ago
wonder if it is 60FPS unless they did massive world imporvments and in return it will be 1080p and 30FPS. do not mind anyway. i wanna kill some next gen cops!
teedogg80  +   231d ago
Glad I never finished GTA 5 on PS3.
Ps4marksthespotnotX  +   231d ago
GTA V great classic game, doesn't need improvement other than it being too easy, it also doesn't need a next gen release. New gen should be about new next gen games not last gen.
MonsterChef  +   231d ago
Anyone else noticed that when they'd showed the interior of the car the needles on the odometer was functional? I think we are getting interior views of the car that'll be better than watchdogs
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