CVG Review: Metal Gear Solid 4

MGS4 is a masterpiece, arguably the best in the series and - though many will fiercely disagree - ever so slightly disappointing.

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Jamie Foxx3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

lol (swear this review has already been posted though?)

sonarus3424d ago

Yea. Its the same review but a different score.

Apparently something happens at the end of MGS that just fvks it up a i am worried:|. I envision this game to be as close to perfect as any game can get. The game is excellent but they were just slightly disappointed with the end. Won't read the review for fear of spoilers tough. But honestly, i am worried

Jamie Foxx3424d ago

sonarus,did they not put a score on it first time round or something?why must these reviewers confuse me oh why lord why?lol

sonarus3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

3 reviews different scores

PSM3 9.5
Gamesradar 9.0
CVG 9.5

Yea its lazy but i don't really blame them. No one in EU received review copies except for the playstation mags. They all had to play the game at some closed event so the number of people playing would be limited. Since all 3 of them are affiliated and probably only one person got to play it, they chose to just copy paste the review.

PSM3 should have ran with their review and everyone else should have waited for their review copy before reviewing the game so as to give us 3 different perspectives on the game

Jamie Foxx3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

who all act like their reputable have just basically copied and pasted the same review?

there not giving their experience of the game but someone elses!

that right there is not only LAZY its bullcrap

Xakep3424d ago

Yeah that's BS, if you're copying the same review then all of them should have the same score.

beavis4play3424d ago

many movie critics didn't like the end of "return of the king" and that didn't hurt the overall quality of the movie-it won best picture. i think you're over-reacting.

sonarus3424d ago

Not really. To say a game journey is paved with gold but the destination isn't is kind of scary. It makes me wonder, what could kojima have done to make them feel that way. I am not really worried i am actually excited to find out. I hope its something crazy like a crazy plot twist where Snake is a metal gear in disguise lol

resistance1003424d ago

'Since all 3 of them are affiliated'

They are actually all the same company, not just affiliated.

SIX3424d ago

Eurogamer and Edge review. Same company, same score. Sad but now you know, and knowing half the battle.

Panthers3424d ago

I hope the ending isnt too gay. That would ruin the whole game. MGS2 was sporta that way. It made no sense to me where we were and what was going on when I was fighting the Metal Gear Rays.

iHEARTboobs3424d ago

A lot of people didn't really like the ending of No Country for Old Men either. I saw nothing wrong with it. I really enjoyed it. it was a great movie. I don't think the ending will disappoint, I just get the feeling it might not be as big as some might think.

Lifendz3424d ago

For fear of a spoiler. Seriously, there have been like 4 close calls already. I know its going to be a classic game. Mine is already pre-ordered. I'm not reading any more reviews save the IGN US review.

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krackchap3424d ago

now seriously WTF

CVG has this review rated for 9.5/10
Gamesradar has the same review and rated it 9/10
but both of these come from PSM3 mag UK and they rated it 95%

why has gamesradar rated it 9 when the original reviewer has given it a 9.5???
why does it always happen to high profile PS3 titles?why?

sonarus3424d ago

games radar doesn't do fractional scores so they rounded it off to 9. If it had gotten a 9.6, gamesradar would have given it a 10

Tmac3424d ago

Damn that is a sad way of doing business.

krackchap3424d ago

what is the difference between 9.5 and 9.6. care to explain gamesradar??

Bubble and Squeek3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Why should Gamesradar explain? They gave it neither a 9.5 nor 9.6...


Maybe. But I was only responding to "krackchap" who was asking Gamesradar a direct (if rhetorical) question. What is the difference of 0.1. I'm merely saying a site that doesn't mark in 0.1 increments cannot ask that question.

sonarus3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Regardless of the score, general consensus is MGS4 is great and probably best in the series. Which to me is all that matters

@bubble and squeak. It just seems lazy that 3 sites are sharing the same review. They should have waited till the review copies were sent and then representatives from each site could review it individually giving us 3 perspectives of the game.

SolidSnake933424d ago

9.5 should still round up.

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crimsonfox3424d ago

the ending will hurt me?!

should i worry?...i wont but don't ruin me Kojima

BulletToothtony3424d ago

I'm really looking forward to it... i think i'm getting used to sites not giving it a 10.. but it's ok.. i have never heard people talking so highly of a game..

They have talked better about this game than of any game that has gotten a perfect 10 so to me, that's the answer..

I'm just glad i'll get to play this game.. i've been waiting years to play it..

Veryangryxbot3424d ago

Because lets face it. A game that surpasses all quality cannot be rated down to a 9 no matter how much more YOU expected it to be. That kind of reasoning is pathetic.

And gamesradar and gamesreactor blew it. They dropped the ball and showed their fanboyism.

When the game is worth a 15/10 to them, then how the hell do you get to a 9, AKA deducting SIX fking points.


But this CVG review I can accept. But its retarded to see how games like Assassins Creed gets a 9 and how a game they call "you will not see any other game with this quality", gets the same score.

LenHart3424d ago

MGS4 gets no less than 10/10

It is the best game of 2008

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