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CVG Review: Metal Gear Solid 4

MGS4 is a masterpiece, arguably the best in the series and - though many will fiercely disagree - ever so slightly disappointing. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9.5/10

Jamie Foxx  +   2688d ago
lol (swear this review has already been posted though?)
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sonarus  +   2688d ago
Yea. Its the same review but a different score.

Apparently something happens at the end of MGS that just fvks it up a bit...now i am worried:|. I envision this game to be as close to perfect as any game can get. The game is excellent but they were just slightly disappointed with the end. Won't read the review for fear of spoilers tough. But honestly, i am worried
Jamie Foxx  +   2688d ago
sonarus,did they not put a score on it first time round or something?why must these reviewers confuse me oh why lord why?lol
sonarus  +   2688d ago
3 reviews different scores

PSM3 9.5
Gamesradar 9.0
CVG 9.5

Yea its lazy but i don't really blame them. No one in EU received review copies except for the playstation mags. They all had to play the game at some closed event so the number of people playing would be limited. Since all 3 of them are affiliated and probably only one person got to play it, they chose to just copy paste the review.

PSM3 should have ran with their review and everyone else should have waited for their review copy before reviewing the game so as to give us 3 different perspectives on the game
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Jamie Foxx  +   2688d ago
who all act like their reputable have just basically copied and pasted the same review?

there not giving their experience of the game but someone elses!

that right there is not only LAZY its bullcrap
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Xakep  +   2688d ago
Yeah that's BS, if you're copying the same review then all of them should have the same score.
beavis4play  +   2688d ago
at sonarus
many movie critics didn't like the end of "return of the king" and that didn't hurt the overall quality of the movie-it won best picture. i think you're over-reacting.
sonarus  +   2688d ago
Not really. To say a game journey is paved with gold but the destination isn't is kind of scary. It makes me wonder, what could kojima have done to make them feel that way. I am not really worried i am actually excited to find out. I hope its something crazy like a crazy plot twist where Snake is a metal gear in disguise lol
resistance100  +   2688d ago
'Since all 3 of them are affiliated'

They are actually all the same company, not just affiliated.
SIX  +   2688d ago
It's the same with the
Eurogamer and Edge review. Same company, same score. Sad but now you know, and knowing half the battle.
Panthers  +   2688d ago
I hope the ending isnt too gay. That would ruin the whole game. MGS2 was sporta that way. It made no sense to me where we were and what was going on when I was fighting the Metal Gear Rays.
iHEARTboobs  +   2688d ago
A lot of people didn't really like the ending of No Country for Old Men either. I saw nothing wrong with it. I really enjoyed it. it was a great movie. I don't think the ending will disappoint, I just get the feeling it might not be as big as some might think.
Lifendz  +   2687d ago
I don't even read these things
For fear of a spoiler. Seriously, there have been like 4 close calls already. I know its going to be a classic game. Mine is already pre-ordered. I'm not reading any more reviews save the IGN US review.
krackchap  +   2688d ago
now seriously WTF

CVG has this review rated for 9.5/10
Gamesradar has the same review and rated it 9/10
but both of these come from PSM3 mag UK and they rated it 95%

why has gamesradar rated it 9 when the original reviewer has given it a 9.5???
why does it always happen to high profile PS3 titles?why?
sonarus  +   2688d ago
games radar doesn't do fractional scores so they rounded it off to 9. If it had gotten a 9.6, gamesradar would have given it a 10
Tmac  +   2688d ago
Damn that is a sad way of doing business.
krackchap  +   2688d ago
what is the difference between 9.5 and 9.6. care to explain gamesradar??
Bubble and Squeek  +   2688d ago
Why should Gamesradar explain? They gave it neither a 9.5 nor 9.6...


Maybe. But I was only responding to "krackchap" who was asking Gamesradar a direct (if rhetorical) question. What is the difference of 0.1. I'm merely saying a site that doesn't mark in 0.1 increments cannot ask that question.
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sonarus  +   2688d ago
Regardless of the score, general consensus is MGS4 is great and probably best in the series. Which to me is all that matters

@bubble and squeak. It just seems lazy that 3 sites are sharing the same review. They should have waited till the review copies were sent and then representatives from each site could review it individually giving us 3 perspectives of the game.
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SolidSnake93  +   2687d ago
9.5 should still round up.
crimsonfox  +   2688d ago
dude i think
the ending will hurt me?!

should i worry?...i wont but don't ruin me Kojima
BulletToothtony  +   2688d ago
It's really amazing how much they were praising the game.. it really is
I'm really looking forward to it... i think i'm getting used to sites not giving it a 10.. but it's ok.. i have never heard people talking so highly of a game..

They have talked better about this game than of any game that has gotten a perfect 10 so to me, that's the answer..

I'm just glad i'll get to play this game.. i've been waiting years to play it..
n4gzz  +   2688d ago
me want
Veryangryxbot  +   2688d ago
This is a much better non fanboyish score.
Because lets face it. A game that surpasses all quality cannot be rated down to a 9 no matter how much more YOU expected it to be. That kind of reasoning is pathetic.

And gamesradar and gamesreactor blew it. They dropped the ball and showed their fanboyism.

When the game is worth a 15/10 to them, then how the hell do you get to a 9, AKA deducting SIX fking points.


But this CVG review I can accept. But its retarded to see how games like Assassins Creed gets a 9 and how a game they call "you will not see any other game with this quality", gets the same score.
LenHart  +   2687d ago
thats a disappointing score
MGS4 gets no less than 10/10

It is the best game of 2008
yoghurt  +   2688d ago
at gamesradar rounding to 9.0
Were we not taught at school that if its a .5 to round UP...?
Xakep  +   2688d ago
I thought I was the only one who remembered that, yay math. 5-9 round up, 0-4 round down.
Fishy Fingers  +   2688d ago
30th of May? This is the same review that's already been posted. Am I missing something?
Yoma  +   2688d ago
I think it looks like the game is worth about 9-10 from what I have seen.
Xakep  +   2688d ago
I refuse to read any reviews until I complete it myself, then I'll begin to question their reasoning, because for some reason I don't think MGS4 is getting its fair shake.

Just like GTA4, finished it and wondered htf that got nigh unanimous 10s from the major publications. They stripped things from the past games and "refined" the mission variety down to "go to this building, kill this guy, escape, call me on the cell phone". And if you think I'm wrong go back and play San Andreas (or Bully) and compare the two.

We'll see if I'm crazy though, oh how we'll see.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2688d ago
This is a problem with reviews. They dont get enough time, maybe a few days.

GTA to me in the first few days blow my mind, I thought it was amazing, but after a week or so it became very repetitive and I found it to be nothing more than the previous games but with added polish.

MGS on the other hand, requires time and patience to get the best out of it, a few days is simple not enough time to judge it, being forced to rush though it as quickly as possibe, something that complete defeats the object of a stealth game IMO. I've always found the better I get at MGS the better the game becomes, sometimes I have even enjoyed them more the second time through.
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Vino  +   2688d ago
I don't buy games based off scores or reviews which I keep saying, anyhow I can't wait to play this.
SL1M DADDY  +   2688d ago
If I were to buy games based off reviews, I would have missed some pretty fun and even great titles. I still say that Lair was one of my favorites and it was rated poorly because some reviewers couldn't fly a dragon with the SIXAXIS. Haze has been pretty fun and that is to simply name a couple. There have been dozens of games like that. Reviews suck and have nearly lost all cred in the past years.
thereapersson  +   2688d ago
Why are people arguing over whether this game gets a 9, 9.5 or 10?
We all know this game is going to sell millions, so what's the big deal here? Even with an average of 9 or above, to the fanboys of the world that is still considered AAA.
Xakep  +   2688d ago
Because reviewers have scored themselves into corners giving games unjustifiably high scores then when people play them they wonder what the hell went wrong. Then comes a game where everyone expects it to garner high critical acclaim and it's not for some reason.

So now I'm thinking since another game got recent extremely high scores (albeit undeserved in my opinion), they're afraid to allow themselves to do it again so soon. Especially considering how some outlets made sure that they pointed out that they rarely give such high scores to begin with.

That is if you follow review scores closely, and therein lies the problem. I'm pretty sure they could start giving it 1's because Snake has a mustache and we'd still get the game anyway. However, that wouldn't necessarily be giving the game its credit.

Unfortunately we have to wait another week to see just how much this credit is, so we'll be our own ultimate reviewers and then we can all come back when the experience is finished with the torches for the nonbelievers. Personally I'm guessing 9.9 to 10 and I RARELY deem a game that good, but this is a 20 year storyline wrapping up so it's going to be big regardless of what anyone says.
beavis4play  +   2688d ago
same exact review?
that's bullsh1t. that, (along with reviews for GTA and halo 3) show reviews can't be trusted.
TripleTags  +   2688d ago
terrible writing style
or is it .. he opens up with a controversial statement then gives it a 9.5 .. baiter.
lonestarmt  +   2688d ago
MGS4 is a masterpiece, arguably the best in the series and - though many will fiercely disagree - ever so slightly disappointing.

what an idiot. Gosh I hate reviewers. arguably the best in the series yet slightly disappointing. Didn't you just contradict yourself buddy? How can it dissappoint when its the best in the series? I don't care what other people who don't like MGS say.
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Veryangryxbot  +   2688d ago
These reviews DONT matter.
I predict. Famitsu score
39/40 or 40/40


lokin  +   2688d ago
this in is not right
so we have 3 publications that is running the SAME review, this is not right. all three publications' review is based on one guys' assessment of his expectations and his view of the game. Honestly i am worried now. in another thread I said that in my view not only did they, Konami, put restrictions of what the reviewers could and could not say..... but as things look now they also hand picket the reviewers. before im going to pay money for MGS I need to see a review from a non-fan of MGS I am not saying that the guy has to hate it, but a guy that doent like nor hate the game. This is really a problem, if this keeps up all the 50 reviews that are on the net of MGS will only be a a handfull of reviewers, this stinks. look I am looking forward to this, I am not a die hard fan, but before i am going to spend my hard earned cash I want to know a few things.... game length.... control schemes.... in detail info on the graphics.... sound.....ect
Veryangryxbot  +   2688d ago
You cant be serious troll.
"but before i am going to spend my hard earned cash I want to know a few things.... game length.... control schemes.... in detail info on the graphics.... sound.....ect"

>> Stopped reading right here. You are a joke.
gunnerforlife  +   2688d ago
at above so basicly u stoped readin what he wrote when he finished the whole thing?
lokin  +   2688d ago
troll??? joke???
dewd just because I LIKE to know more about the game and not just Trust ONE GUYS' opinion.... yip... that propably makes me a troll. TROLLING FOR REVIEWS. Joke is on you my friend ."VERYANGRYXBOT" you are a funny funny dude. Do me a favour, go brush your teeth, get in some clothes.....ask mommy to get into the car with you...... and go to school!
resistance100  +   2688d ago
'so we have 3 publications that is running the SAME review, this is not right. all three publications' review is based on one guys' assessment of his expectations and his view of the game'

I suspect its because the websites can't get a review copy of MGS4 in time, and since CVG, Gamesrader and PSM3 are all owned by Future i suspect they have rights to publish it.
Rims  +   2688d ago
Best game ever
Great to be a PS3 owner.
f4t41_ph4nt0m  +   2688d ago
They only completed 40% of the game yet they say its [slightly] disappointing?

Whatever I'm still getting it.
juuken  +   2688d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2688d ago
...ever so slightly disappointing...???
RIGHT!!! HE's DEAD!!! ;-D

9.5/10 is cool;)
highdro  +   2688d ago
"something wrong with the end that mess it up" if u are taking away points because of the story thats swag,...look at GTA4 the end was a bit swag,it had so many glitches,so many frame rates problems,to downgraded from the last gta,e.t.c and thay still give it a 10....did is some BS,....MGS4 GAMEPLAY AND THE GAME IS PERFECT and since gameing is about playing games y not give it its deserved 10 !! =I
bioshock  +   2688d ago
enough said about the score
what realli matter is tht kojima satisfy us...and he will i knw tht....when MGS1 came out nobody gave sht about the scores it sold on it on legs...and this MGS4 im sure will ignite the chain reaction and will cause more gamers into buying it...thts waht realli matters
bioshock  +   2688d ago
these scores just show
how much difference there is b/w gamers and critics.....
CViper  +   2688d ago
this is the SAME EXACT review...
w t f
STARS  +   2688d ago
Another Solid score.
9 more days until gaming Heaven. =D
mike_mgoblue   2687d ago | Spam
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Asurastrike  +   2687d ago
Why does every site have the exact same review?
Nitrowolf2  +   2687d ago
i just cant stop myself everytime i see a MGS4 article i cant help myself clicking the article
dammit i want the game now
forget the reviews
id give what they say, this game is going to be great any way
It looks so beatiful and the music goes so well with this game
I love its theme song
i dont know whats its called but its an awsome song
ahh here it is http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Britjadg  +   2687d ago
i know this is a duplicate review, i've just read the news @ a lot of peoples urging in forums. yeah thats bad, but i actually think the review is quite good and very well written. The Review highlights some negative points but surely this comes in the wake of the fiasco of GTA4? perfect 10's and look how much was wrong with that.

this doesn't lower my expectations of the game, it only expedites my need to play it!

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