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The Internet Reacts To Sony's E3 Presentation

Here's some of what people have to say about Sony's E3 presentation, be it on the company, the PS4, or any of the games showcased tonight. (E3, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

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URNightmare  +   200d ago
What is that Twitt from the XBone fanboy "CEO KAZ HIRAI" at 5:58am june 8 doing in that article, Kotaku?
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Abash  +   200d ago
Sony and Microsoft both did equally well in my view, but I also felt both needed to have announcements that were a bit bigger.

I have to say though the announcement of LittleBigPlanet 3 coming exclusively to PlayStation 4... and ready for THIS November..... that just made me burst with excitement.

It's easily my most anticipated release this year now, was not expecting Sony to get LBP3 on the PS4 this soon
Docknoss  +   200d ago
Sony's pushing tv, vr, and disconnected executives. Wow sounds like MS's 2013 Conference that Sony themselves made fun of MS for...
djplonker  +   200d ago | Well said
One tv show

One movie

Hardly the same as when Microsoft tried to kill offline play and used games and was all tv and movies...(halo, nfl , quantum leap , raving rabids) Funny how you dont remember how many microsoft showed off last year...

Hey xbox fanboys you remember this concept XD

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LoveOfTheGame  +   200d ago
@two above

Did you guys even watch E3 last year? MS conference had games, then some more games, and followed up with(wait for it) games.
Boody-Bandit  +   200d ago

Most of which were multiplat and most of them will look and possibly run better on the PS4.

That's the problem for MS this generation. They can't rely on the multiplat excuse this time around. They have to rely heavily on exclusives and IMHO non bias opinion, Sony has a significant edge on them in that area.
inveni0  +   200d ago
I love Sony's games. And they did bore me a little in the middle. But they also presented a lot of things I'm excited for. What really impressed me, however, was Microsoft's collection of exclusives. They have a few that actually have me considering an Xbox One after the next price drop. They just don't have the mature titles I'm looking for in order to make the Xbox a must-have right at this moment. But they've definitely given the impression that they're turning tide and coming back to a position in which they'll catch my eye.

EDIT: And I'm seriously pumped for next year's Uncharted 4 gameplay reveal. After seeing so many beautiful games this year, I found myself wondering how Naughty Dog could still be crowned graphics king on console…and then they showed Drake and became graphics king on ALL platforms. Super impressed.
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Tvensky  +   200d ago
I liked it, need to get that white PS4 with Destiny!.. I just want to know where are all those games Sony talked about last year @ E3.. I was pumped to see like game after game.. and I saw really everything I already knew... also no GT7 stuff and no new mature exclusives..

Im looking forward for Uncharted 4, Last of us, GTA5, that new POP song gang Battlefield shooter (still must be tons of hardcore battlefield style fun..) all other games looked good too.. I just expected twice as much BIG games!
UltraNova  +   199d ago

First of all dont hold your breath...We dont know if U4 will end up looking like that.. Maybe we've seen in game cinematics where everything is pumped up a little...

However its Naughty Dog were are talking about here, if anything these guys can deliver! We'll see.

PS: When I watched the trailer yesterday I turned to my right, where my pc tower is and looked at my exposed 290x gpu, thinking godamn it imagine if ND had you to make UC4 with! Yes I know its weird.

Cant wait for this!
LonDonE  +   199d ago
on topic, WHERE THE F ARE THE GAMES????? i swear Sony and Microsoft promised like 10 or so exclusives in the first year of which a few would be new i.p's? i cant remember the exact quotes but i was under the impression the first year of both consoles would be filled with games? LMAO

2014 is pretty baron, without third party games the new consoles wouldn't have that much to play! granted near the end of the year we have some heavy hitters, but man 2014 is a massive disappointment!

Sony had that stupid guy who is a nobody talking for ages, are they seriously going to follow up the legendary uncle jack with that smuck? the guy was exactly like an MS employee!
nothing he said came across sincere, and i just couldn't connect with him like i do with shu, tretton, and house and pretty much everyone at Sony!

Any one who denies that MS conference was better is a liar! it was by far allot better and featured game play more longer on average then Sony! Sony needed to show allot more of the order etc. Granted the PS4 is still selling like gang busters so maybe that's why they are a little laid back.

Seriously at the moment i play my wii u and Xbox one ALLOT MORE THEN MY PS4!!!!
and it annoys the hell out of me!
Even Nintendo's conference was boring for me, while a improvement over last year and it was nice to see more of the secretive Nintendo teams who make those games we love.
Zelda looked awesome but again i would have much more preferred the twilight princess art style like the tech demo but regardless it looked MIND BLOWING!!!! but no metroid and the so called starfox announcement even though nintendo claim they have been making it for years why then is there is no game play to show??? WTF?

No i think clearly MS won EASILY!! that advanced warfare game play looked allot like crysis 2 but regardless looked pretty epic!
But i did love Sony content first on playstation stuff, and the far cry 4 game play and the play with your friends without owning the far cry 4 game was a epic move!!!
Either way i think E3 2014 was over hyped, as a seasoned gamer i had a feeling this year wouldn't have that many first party exclusives for MS and Sony! looks like i will be playing most games this year on my PC and WiiU!
Halo collection does look epic!
DevilOgreFish  +   199d ago
Brutallyhonest- "Most of which were multiplat and most of them will look and possibly run better on the PS4."

PC you mean, and by the way watch dogs on ps4 was a joke. hardly 1080p and barely 30 fps.

Brutallyhonest- "That's the problem for MS this generation. They can't rely on the multiplat excuse this time around."

SONY IS RELYING MORE ON MULTIPLATFORMS, TRUTH, they made the console easier to develop for and used PC hardware to aim for better 3rd party development.


Brutallyhonest- "They have to rely heavily on exclusives and IMHO non bias opinion, Sony has a significant edge on them in that area."

PS4 has way less major games coming this year, FACT.
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Prime157  +   199d ago
Docknoss, I kindly refer you to ms's 2013 e3 conference made easy: http://m.youtube.com/watch?...

And if you're talking about the PlayStation tv (or more aptly named, "vita tv" in Japan) as Sony doing the same as MS did, then I think you should put some effort into researching what the pstv actually is.
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Gamerbynight  +   199d ago
Even Jack Trenton gave Microsofts conference an A after it was over in the spike interview.
Mr Pumblechook  +   199d ago
Three of Kotaku's main 'journalists' slate everything Sony said or showed.
ShinMaster  +   199d ago
In case anyone missed it:

@ DevilOgreFish

Watch Dogs wasn't even well optimized on PC nor did it look as good as the first gameplay demo. Same with Far Cry 3, not that I remember.

Also, making the PS4 more accessible to everyone is NOT THE SAME THING as "relying" on third-party. Exclusives are what make a difference between consoles. Besides, everyone needs third-party support anyway.

Count the number of multiplatform games shown at Microsoft's conference vs Sony's.
Pon4  +   200d ago
Lmao Sony show was zzzzzzzżz and -1
UnHoly_One  +   200d ago
Agreed, it was awful.
DoctorXpro  +   200d ago
Very disappointed, no Gran Turismo no last Guardian no God of War no MotorStorm no The Agent, joke...
Kingthrash360  +   199d ago
so you run off what sony didnt have...but how was ms any better?
no gears...no quantum.. no ryse 2..no halo 5 demo...mostly all were cg movies...
both had good shows..one had more content and surprises.
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andibandit  +   199d ago
It wasnt awful, but by god it could have been so much better if they had less talk
HaveAsandwich  +   200d ago
they both had good conferences, but sony got it with first at no mans sky, and bloodborne imo.
SilentNegotiator  +   199d ago
"it's crazy: no man's sky is what I want to see out of triple-A games, and it's being made by a tiny indie studio"

I couldn't agree anymore with this guy's twitter post.
andibandit  +   199d ago
No mans sky looks great, not exactly sure I agree that it decided E3 when seems multiplat
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Applejack  +   200d ago
Everything about it was amazing except that one bit about TV, that shouldn't have been there.
MasterCornholio  +   200d ago
You mean playstation TV or the part about powers?
jackanderson1985  +   200d ago
all of it really... could have announced them later rather than lay down price points and explain that PS Now is seemingly never coming to Europe ( I know it's 2015 but would have been nice to have a mention at least)
PsylentKiller  +   200d ago
Powers should have not been announced at that time. No one cares. It would have been better presented at another time. The Playstation TV I thought was a great time to show it off. "Hey, you don't have to buy two PS4's. You can just stream to whatever TV you want. You can even connect directly to PS Now. "

I think PS TV sales are gonna shoot through the roof. But the reaction to it from the crowd sucked. Come to think of it, the reaction the crowd had to everything, MS or PS, sucked. I thought both had a great presentations.
DarkHeroZX  +   200d ago
I think SOny should have explained to the audience that the Playstation TV is really the Vita that plugs into our TV lol.
Prime157  +   199d ago
I think he means powers... I think that is the point that Sony gets most scrutiny over. Yes, I pulled out my phone while he talked about his show.

But the announcement of vita tv coming to the west was what made me happy. 100$ to play (most - without swipe) vita games, stream my ps4, and more?
ShinMaster  +   199d ago
PlayStation TV has more to do with gaming than actual TV.

It plays PS Vita, PSP and PS One games and Remote Plays PS4 games as well.
DarkLord1003  +   200d ago | Well said
Great start, great end, meh middle.
KinjoTakemura  +   200d ago
Perfect description of Sony's conference. Bubble up!
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Back-to-Back  +   200d ago
Cut out Layden and it was an A+.
DarkLord1003  +   200d ago
Yeah - but I guess they kind of had to introduce him...
VforVideogames  +   199d ago
ill give Sony a B- overall, and Microsoft a B+ overall. by the way was it me or the crowd over react on Sony conference?
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Mikefizzled  +   199d ago
I've seen several give the inverse. Sony was criticised for overly long demonstrations, too much time on TV, and Layden. Microsoft criticised for too many CG trailers, too little detail on CG announcements and moderately safe announcements. (After they were all spoilt by NTkernel 6 months prior)
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No_Limit  +   200d ago
I conference was just OK IMO. The begining was slow then picked up a bit and the ending was good. But the 30 minutes of TV talk, Playstation TV, Powers, and movie trailer really is something that I don't think is needed and could have been cut away and make it a 1.5 hour show.

No Man's Sky was the highlight of the show for me.

I'll give it a B-
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Jeff257  +   200d ago
The movie trailer I liked because it showed more footage than what we have seen so far. Powers however needed at least a trailer. It would have done a lot better than just talking about it.
BX81  +   200d ago
Yeah I thought both ms/Sony did well. Nothing super surprising but both had games that the gamers want. Hope nin does well today.
maddskull  +   200d ago
it was 15 minutes of tv talking not 30 minutes and they didnt only show tv stuff the introduced youtube and vita tv and that new show looks exciting.
Fishy Fingers  +   200d ago
Was alright. Like all pressers, you usually come away thinking "meh..." when you follow gaming as closely as the majority of us.

But like any E3, it's just nice to have a bunch of new games/media to troll through from all the systems/publishers.
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LightofDarkness  +   200d ago
Agreed, but this felt more like a classic MS presser than the kinds of showings Sony has had over the last few years. They can't all be like last year, but there was just a paucity of content at this one. MS actually had a rather good showing for once, it was just game after game, and even focused on what was happening this year first and foremost. Sony didn't seem to have a compelling line-up to see the year out, which was worrisome. I'm still not sold on the Xbox One but it's getting close. I sensed a touch of complacency on Sony's part, and I don't think this was the time for that. I certainly hope we don't see a return to the over-confidence of yesteryear.
Bennibop  +   200d ago
Sony announced game after game, Microsoft showed us what we already knew about and a lot of CGI.
MrUnfamiler  +   200d ago
I'm starting to think that whole t.v. part was some inside jab to MS about how their last E3 went when they did the same thing and their fans burned the expo to the ground.
rainslacker  +   200d ago
If that's the case then someone should inform Sony that brevity is the soul of wit.

The jab about the camera...brief.
The jab about game sharing in FarCry...brief
The jab about importing 360 GTA5 data....brief
The jab about TV...overly long and boring

The first three had people in the theater give a little laugh because of the implication. The last one had people annoyed and pissed it was going on so long.
MrUnfamiler  +   200d ago
"brevity is the soul of wit"
One quote i would have never expected from N4G.Bravo good sir.

& I think the over long & Boring part would BE the joke. If it were to be brief, there would be no joke.

& yes i do understand that its not actually a joke.
jcnba28  +   200d ago
I agree, I found it kind of immature the way Sony kept on reiterating it. They already did it last year no need to do it again.
Ravenheartzero  +   200d ago
I enjoyed it, still a lot of first party games not shown though, looking at Gamescom now
Inception  +   200d ago
Gamescom and TGS. I really want to know more of Deep Down, Lily Bergamo, new RPG from Falcom & NIS, TLG (hopefully), Gravity Rush 2, and new IP from Japan Studio.
Hanso  +   200d ago
Bloodborne was the shit!
Wow im so excited to learn more about it
aiBreeze  +   200d ago
I enjoyed it, the games they shown were great and the reveal trailers (especially dead island) really stood out. The middle was bad though made even worse by the new guy who spoke so slowly that it made all the stuff we didn't really care about drag on far longer than necessary.
breakpad  +   200d ago
at the point where they showed the TV stuff and series was pretty boring ...why damn Sony wastes resources for idiotic shows and series which nobody watches and they are US exclusives???? .. the rest of the show was good , although with no surprises like MS
darren_poolies  +   200d ago
For me, Sony won E3 because of Bloodborne.
TheRacingX  +   200d ago
is that PS4 exclusive? my friggin internet was stuttering in parts of that I missed it. I know From Software is doing it....
Inception  +   200d ago
Yes, it's PS4 exclusive. SCE and Japan Studio name came up before From Soft name showed up. You can watch the trailer again if you missed it
darren_poolies  +   200d ago
Yep it's exclusive, Sony registered the "Bloodborne" trademark a week or so ago and it's being developed in tandem with SCE and Japan Studio.
Killzoner99  +   199d ago
Yes it is only on the PS4. Japan Studio is making it so you know it will never be on the Xbone. If you want to play Bloodbourne you better have a PS4.
darkstar18  +   200d ago
maybe if they showed actually gameplay..CG trailers are a bit disappointing.
darren_poolies  +   200d ago
There was a small gameplay leak a few days ago but Miyazaki and From Software are making it, I don't need to see anything to know I will be buying it day one.
LamerTamer  +   200d ago
Not only disappointing but maddening. Why do I need to see 10 minutes of cutscene and NO gameplay? It is a GAME right? Then show - the GAME! It is so simple and obvious, are these guys imbeciles? You would think they would know we hate that kind of stuff.
Gore-Content  +   200d ago
Yes, the part with the TV show and movie was meh. But Sony showed 36 games, while MS showed 26. Besides, Sony's presser was more entertaining (Tim Schafer FTW). MS was just like, "here, a game. and, here's the next game". And the multiplat footages were more revealing and interesting. And those unannounced titles, oh boy! Let it Die, LittleBigPlanet 3, Dead Island 2!!! A- (MS gets a B).
djplonker  +   200d ago
Sony also revealed

White ps4

Ps vita tv (for eu & us)

Ps now

project Morpheus on top of all these EXCLUSIVE games!

The order 1887, uncharted 4 , Magicka 2 , h1z1, bloodbourne , let it die , ratchet and clank , little big planet 3 , Kingdom Under Fire 2 , planetside 2 , Grim Fandango , the last of us remastered , Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number , The Talos Principle , Entwined , Not a Hero , Everquest: next , ABZU , inFAMOUS: First Light (It's standalone)
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T2  +   199d ago
Was hoping for a bit of h1z1 but no man's sky and bloodbourne won the day
WickedLester  +   200d ago
I have a PS4 and it more than satisfied me. With titles like The Order, Uncharted 4, Little Big Planet 3, Entwined, Destiny, BloodBorn, ABZU, No Man's Sky, Far Cry 4, Batman Arkham Knight, Infamous DLC, etc. I don't see how anyone came away disappointed.

Like others already said, the one missing title that I thought was really weird was Driveclub. I mean come on Sony! With no next gen racer on your console, how in this world could you not give some time to Driveclub?? I would have gladly taken a demonstration of that game over the stupid comic book movie.
Bennibop  +   200d ago
Driveclub is on the show floor, I get why they did not show it but they should have mentioned it though, same with KZ:shadowfall coop dlc.
CaptainSellers  +   200d ago
I think it was solid

The only gripe I had with it really was that they went on too long about 'Powers'

The PS TV was only brief, they made a few smart moves by revealing GTAV and all the exclusive contents and No Mans Sky being a timed exclusives are fairly big

MS showed off some good stuff too, but it just had a huge emphasis on dude bro multiplayer stuff, almost everything showed was multiplayer this multiplayer that.
pornflakes  +   200d ago
MS 1st party:

Phantom Dust, Halo, fable Legends, Sunset Overdrive, Scalebound, Horizon 2 and 2 arcade games

So thats alone 8 games which are xbox only games.

+ All the great multiplayer stuff with exclusive content.

MS was all about games. Sony was more about Indi games and TV and Little Big Planet 2.5
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CaptainSellers  +   200d ago | Well said
Love how you conveniently leave out all the indie games MS is presenting and all the games Sony revealed

LBP 2.5 lol really? What does that make the Halo collection then?

I wasn't even bashing MS conference, I just thought it was worse than sony's.
TheRacingX  +   200d ago
You left out Crackdown too....and....you're a dunce.

I thought both conferences left me feeling a little empty for this year...there was nothing coming this year that made me yell "GOTTA HAVE IT" we're getting HD remixes and 3rd party sequels with a splash of Indies....I dont know about you people but I spent upwards towards $1K in new tech, I want to be WOWED.....I hope Nintendo has something up their sleeve, this is theirs for the taking I think....
T2  +   199d ago
So easy to spot fanboy trolls. They do list wars but never give full lists out of pure fear 😨
So sad. Just list all games from both and discuss without using the typical
"oh but none of those games appeal to me"
If you aren't a gamer just move on
Chevalier  +   199d ago
Timed DLC
2 exclusives that were new
Followed by Halo, Fable, Forza, Dance Central, more Halo.

Wow you guys are easy to impress with all those sequels and rehashes. Lol. Next year you guys will see Halo 5 again, Gears, Timed DLC, more kinect garbage and you'll be impressed again I assume.

Just look at PS4 exclusives like Bloodbourne, Lily Bergamo, Deep Down, Order 1886 etc. and actual NEW IP. New system bundle, indies and F2P Planetside and Everquest.
Jack_Reacher  +   200d ago
No mans land stole my heart. If that game has depth then its the game I always dreamed elite should have been. Or frontier. One for the older gamers there.

For the rest. Mike oldfields nuclear song for the phantom pain trailer made it epic.

And please let farcry 4 be as incredible as it looked on stage.

And for the finale. Graphics kings or not naughty dog need to rival the last of us for uncharted 4. Story looks the lot
forcefullpower  +   200d ago
The music for MGS was just awesome wanted to drop my cash there and then.

As I was put of by ground zero 20 quid demo. really pissed me off.
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   200d ago
Yes...the middle part of the show was a borefest, that aside...Sony's conference was absolutely fantastic! Most of the games shown on their stage got a much better reaction than Microsoft's.

Microsoft's was pretty good as well, but the main problem with their show was that most of their content had already been shown or leaked on the web. And so many multiplatform presentations....just plain silly.

I just wish Sony would leave out stuff like the middle section of their show. It almost feels like they had several games removed from the list so they filled it with this nonsense...that guy spoke too damn long, almost fell alseep!
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LightofDarkness  +   200d ago
"but the main problem with their show was that most of their content had already been shown or leaked on the web. And so many multiplatform presentations....just plain silly."

They were both guilty of this. If you're going to knock points off of one for it you may as well the other.

They presented FC4, Arkham Knight, Destiny and GTA V which were all multiplats. Then they showed off Uncharted 4 (we knew about it since last year's teaser), No Man's Sky and The Order which we've known about since last year too. They announced 3 new games and some DLC, along with a bunch of timed exclusive content which was reminiscent of an MS conference than a Playstation one. I was underwhelmed by most of the conferences, particularly EA, but I couldn't lie and say Sony had a better showing than MS. It's just not true. They're pretty much equal in terms of dullness.

But of course the largest concern was them not showing much of anything due to release THIS year. Both them and EA have almost nothing to show for this year, and that is a genuine concern.
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Nine_Thousaaandd  +   200d ago
Well...I watch E3 and other shows for new tech, games, and gadgets. Just my opinion, not stating facts...but I think Sony delivered in that department. Again, that executive spoke way too long but take that out and Sony hit just about everything I like about E3 and other major shows.

I understand a lot people want games, games, games, and more games. I can get that info from just about anywhere on the web. It's cool seeing Microsoft aim at nothing but games, but I wished the show had a bit more on Xbox new tech and more along with fantastic games.

Again, not stating facts...just my opinion of what E3 and others should have...not just games, but filled with new tech and gadgets as well. And that's why I was not impressed by Microsoft's showing...and I enjoyed Sony's way more.
alb1899  +   200d ago
In SONY conference were much more multipataform that in MS and that my brother is a fact.
Baszs  +   200d ago
Both conferences were a bit meh...
sony had some real dull moments..
And seeing project spark at MS was dull also.
Baszs  +   200d ago
BUT! IT is a really good time to be a gamer.. Theres a SHitload to play,
and it al looks awesome from the getgo. i mean.. Batman, Sunset, Assasins, Divis, Uncharted, etc, really cool This gen gamers will maybe split there console loyalty by bying both consoles..
alb1899  +   200d ago
It was just full of multipataform games, a lot of talk and little games that could be material for interviews or magazines.
They should put just exclusive games in their show (SONY and MS)
Little big planet was a good thing.
I'm not a kid anymore......I'm not buying that Uncharted presentation was gameplay and I hate that after so long they do that again......this create too much expectation and with it comes delay because developers want to get close to what they showed.
For me they should show us people playing the game with ps4 controllers other wise is just another bullshit like kill zone or watchdogs.
This presentation could be 45 minutes long....not 2 freaking h......
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ruefrak  +   200d ago
I was really, really impressed with the Sony press conference. Even the part about Powers, which everyone seems to not like, I thought was pretty good. It's not like there weren't enough games announced as is.

And bring on PlayStation TV. I've been waiting a year for this baby to come to the west.
Inception  +   200d ago
Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, UC4, Abzu, The Order, LBP 3, and Arkham Knight really wow me. Also, Grim Fandango news made me excited too.

A bit dissapointed though that sony don't gave any spotlight for Freedom Wars, Oreshika, or Gravity Rush 2. But maybe they will do it on Gamescom / TGS.

Overall it's a good show even though i expect a bit more of JRPG or TLG. But hey, there still Gamescom and TGS.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   200d ago
I was interested in the whole time .... except during that tv talk, about powers and what not. That was just way WAY too long! Wanna talk a bit about social media and tv? Fine, but then do it in 10min MAX

I will say, LBP3 made me giggle (though the girl was terrible at it) Uncharted 4 made me drool, Bloodborne has potential (i mean, Miyazaki and Software dude!) and No man's sky and Assassin's creed.

Not really super hyped about the order 1886 if i'm honest. It looks great, but I'm not sure if it will be fun all the way through. We'll see.

I will say this :
E3 this year was really good. Far Cry 4 is coming, Driveclub, Sunset Overdrive, Forza, Halo, LBP3, The Last Of Us Remastered, Desntiny, No Man's Sky, ...
I can't wait to play all these games =D !
SoulSercher620  +   200d ago
I think the conferences were dead even. They both had their OH SH!T and meh moments. Either way we are ALL going to be busy in 2015.
Onenyte  +   200d ago
....................Bloodborne ...........That is all
J23  +   200d ago
that game looks immense man
LamerTamer  +   200d ago
How do you know? It was just a CG trailer.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   200d ago
Bubbles have been lost since last night. My Sony reaction.

jegheist2014  +   200d ago
ps tv i wanted them to announce but not go 20 mins in details over we know jpana got this what it does playing my vita gameso n big screen thats lal they had to say saven other press confrence to do details vita announcements at tgs or gamscom would been more approiate place to anounce this device etc
Says you  +   200d ago
Well it seems most people enjoyed Sony's conference
more,and any foolish XBox one fan that thought Microsoft
won are just high in the clouds,cause considering I saw both.

conference Microsoft showed more multiplatforms then exclusives while Sony showed a few exclusives and less multiplatforms as far as I can tell,and its pretty obvious their going to show more next E3 and not to mention,they have Gamescom and TGS to show what we've been waiting for if their

going to show it at all,which I have a feeling sooner or later they will.
worldwidegaming  +   200d ago
I rather enjoyed what Microsoft has to offer. There were no "BIG GUNS" on sony's side and people all know they are saving it for the TGS.
MasterofMagnetism  +   200d ago
It had it's ups and downs. Overall, it was an average show.
joeorc  +   200d ago
Ok i am going to point this out and take heed this is a freaking blunt warning!Take it or leave it, but after over 35 years in the gaming field, 22 of of them in game design and play testing not just in handheld gaming, but pen and paper Gaming and publishing take this fair warning to heart.

I am seeing many on these Gamer centric forums complain, all i saw was:

"It was just full of multipataform games, a lot of talk and little games that could be material for interviews or magazines. "

It was full of multiplatforms games! Really people are complaining about 1st party not working fast enough? there is more 3rd party developer teams making games than there are 1st party, so of course that is going to happen..

But let me point this out and let this sink in real good, if the gamers today keep this up, these very same 3rd party developers could just as easy move to smartphones and tablets! low investment high return! How would you like that? Huh?

As a matter of fact ask the gamers how do they like playing Grandtheft Auto: San andreas on the Nintendo 3DS or the playstation Vita, oh wait a min, its not on those two dedicated game handheld console's its on Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS.

Ever heard the term "Do not look a gift Horse in the mouth"

Look while consumer's are paying for games and expect some stability in return for the money they are paying oiut, you also have to remember if your asking for another person to make the entertainment for you, you better learn some Tact real quick , because the other term is

"never piss off the waitress who handles your food" in this case the Games are the food that feeds your gaming soul.

And many i think are acting pretty d@mn childish over something they see ans "not good games" when many time they fail to even try the d@mn game in the 1st place. at least with pen and paper games with publishing many gamer's there will give the d@mn game a chance to try it out because you know they are Gamers @ heart.

Not complain over this is just "indies" or where are all the exclusives you said you were going to have, for pete's sake people its only been less than 8 months for both platforms on the d@mn market, what are freaking gamers expecting?
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SpinalRemains138  +   200d ago
You're absolutely right. Third party devs only make games out of the goodness in their hearts. Blessed is they who make games in the name of charity and good will.

If we keep complaining, they will pack up and leave the billion dollar cash cow that is consoles.
Morgue  +   200d ago
I thought it was good but I'm not gonna worry about any of those games till they are released. Surprised too see MK X footage, GTA V trailer and what SONY is offering gamers that MS isn't. Glad too also see that it wasn't filled with multiplatform sizzle reels of COD, BF and Ass Creed.

the Order 1886 showing was a letdown in terms of what they showed of it. Destiny looks like Destiny but for me it was NO MANS SKY, ABZU, BLOODBOURNE and LET IT DIE. Granted not much game footage was shown of the latter but it got the hooks in me.


2015 is a long way away...
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