E3 2014: How Uncharted 4 Stacks Up Against Its Predecessor

Toward the end of Sony's press conference, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was revealed. While the trailer was short, vague, and indisputably ominous, it was something. And that's all it takes to get us excited about a Naughty Dog developed game these days. Although there wasn't much to go by, outside of Drake's chafed face and some mysterious skeletons hanging from trees in a dark forest, it's never too soon for a good ol' fashioned graphics comparison.

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ValKilmer1261d ago

Equally. Looks like the same thing all over again -- they should have gotten rid of Nathan Drake.

KwietStorm1261d ago

You're on a roll tonight, aren't you..

ValKilmer1261d ago

I mean, I love Nathan and all, but a new generation should have a new hero. I'm sure they'll reboot it after this one anyway, so why not just start now?

RonRico1261d ago

IDK from the voices playing in the background, it sounds like Drake is persuading his crew to have his back for one more adventure. I think having one more 'Nathan Drake' Uncharted is good. At least they can kind of close the story with him before moving on. And come on, it's next gen Uncharted so it should be awesome.

Eonjay1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

...He's on a troll tonight.


"I mean, I love Nathan and all, but a new generation should have a new hero. "

Master Chief and Mario say hi! Your unrealistic standards have just killed Halo, Pikachu and Zelda...

Sharius1261d ago

not until halo get rid of master chief and mario game get rid of.... well... mario

Inception1261d ago

It's not Uncharted if you not playing as Nathan Drake.

KwietStorm1261d ago

This is Drake's story. They're not gonna just get rid of him just because it's a "new generation," especially unceremoniously. Do you say the same thing about all the other franchise characters, ones that have been in many more games than Drake?

ValKilmer1261d ago

If Shia LeBeouf can rival Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, anybody can do it.

NovusTerminus1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Because, U3 didn't feel like a closing chapter, this one has the feel of building up to a franchise end. And I think if needs to get a closing chapter.

emad-E-three1261d ago

N4G needs to get rid of you kid! Grow up already!!

BlakHavoc1261d ago

I think it's going to be the last UC, so why not stick to the original protagonist.

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miyamoto1261d ago

The tone of this game is indeed a bit darker...
Naughty Dog will top yet again its recent masterpiece The Last of Us.
Remember guys Bruce Straley & Neil Druckman were both key people in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and The Last of Us.

showtimefolks1261d ago

yes and both games got hundreds of GOTY awards. I am very excited, i feel like ammy henning didn't do a good enough job with Uncharted 3. UC3 was all over the place

These new game directors will take everything they learned from making UC2 and than TLOU to make UC4. I can't wait.

also The order 1886 set the bar for console graphics, its like playing CGI trailer. But ND will surly change that with UC4. The amazing thing is ND are doing Uncharted 4 on the same engine they used on ps3

ITPython1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Is it me, or did Drakes character model look a lot like Nathan Fillion? (Firefly series/Serenity movie). Not all shots do, but mostly from the side.

Drake has always had that kind of look, but this one really looked like Fillion IMO.

Although now that I think about it, the similarity seems to be consistent with Drakes appearance in all the Uncharted games.

Coincidentally the first name is the same, Nathan. Along with Ellie in TLOU which suspiciously looks a lot like Ellen Page. Ellen... Ellie. Seems to be a trend with ND (which I don't mind TBH, makes things more interesting).

0P-Tigrex1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Wish we had a gameplay demo.. This teaser sucks, i want more.

avengers19781261d ago

It looks great, but that's all anyone can honestly say right now... Though I'm sure it will be great

saimcheeda1261d ago

I've been waiting for an Uncharted 4 announcement since the PS4 came out!

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