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Playstation TV coming this fall to the US: will it fix Vita TV’s mistakes?

Blogger wololo shares his thoughts on the Playstation TV, the mistakes of the Japanese Vita TV and how the US release could fix things. He also reflects on the renaming of the product being another nail in the coffin of the "Vita" Brand (E3, PlayStation TV, PS Vita)

Whxian  +   490d ago
when it was announced people were whining about the name being vita tv cuz people wouldnt understand what the product is, now that they renamed to playstation tv, we still get negative comments about the naming.
guitarded77  +   490d ago
First thing I noticed when it was announced was the re-branding. I think it's a good move on Sony's part. There is so much unwarranted bad press on the Vita that they have made it a "PlayStation" device. They probably should have done that from the beginning since it's more than a Vita console. With PS Now, it will play so many PS games. The general PS branding is good IMO.
Deadpoolio  +   490d ago
Uh you do know that it is NOT anything more than a Vita console correct? It is LITERALLY a Vita with no screen or touch pad LITERALLY....It's not more than an Vita, it's NOT like an OUYA, it's a Vita using the television as the screen...PlayStation Now works the exact same way whether your using an actual Vita or a Vita TV
Anon1974  +   490d ago
I can't believe this device isn't getting more buzz on the comments. This thing is going to sell like hotcakes. I'm picking one up day one to use as a PS4 extender to another TV in my house, if for no other reason. And with PS Now coming to this thing...for $100? Are you kidding me? This should be a game changer when PS Now launches.
azshorty2003  +   490d ago
EXACTLY! I've been hyped for this device since it was originally announced. I also plan to use it for PS4 Remote Play in my living room, with my system in the basement.

I used to have 2 PS3s and it was a royal pain transferring saves/installing twice/updating twice. This device solves All of that, and at practically half the cost. Instead of $800 for 2 PS4s, it'll only be $500 for the same a simpler setup.
Anon1974  +   490d ago
Yep. I was in the same boat. Two PS3's..one in my home theater den downstairs and the other upstairs on my living room TV. For $100 to be able to connect and play my PS4 from downstairs when the kids are in bed without disturbing them is exactly what I want, without having to muck about with save transfers or installing games on two devices. And then I have it to pop into my suitcase when I travel so I can easily plug them into hotel TV's and have some gaming action while I'm on the road. I'm assuming this will have Netflix too eventually, which will also be great for killing time during those hotel trips away from my family.
joeorc  +   490d ago
again calling the PSVita dead?

2012 its dead
2013 its so dead the nails on the coffin are rusted
2014 is now So dead the crypt that its coffin is in has a leaky roof

Oh i know 2015, How come the crypt door is open and the nails are out placed all neat in a row around the coffin's lid

2016 did'nt we say its dead, why is this thing still around....lol why just why will that Zombie of a platform not die!

When are people going to get the Hint just because you say its dead and you have gamers agreeing with you does not mean the platform is dead, no the only way to kill a platform is if its pulled from the market, funny how that work

Now , has the PSVita been pulled from the market yet? that Answer is no there is over 8 million+ PSVita's sold, that means there is enough install base to continue to support the system no matter how many claims of death, "Vita means life" and this zombie is just not going to die.

With Playstation Tv when you make a game for it will that same software run on a PSVita, yes, so that means your not "putting a nail in to a coffin" of the platform, oh i get it because they changed the name its somehow some way that = the death of the platform..LMAO

I guess How fast the PSPGos demise people are thirsty for another Sony failure..the thirst is "real"
seatunt  +   490d ago
Maybe not dead, but where's the incentive to buy one? Sure there are games, games that really appeal to niche/indie gamers. I didn't see one unique game announced for the vita. Why would I want to go drop $200 on a portable gaming device where its own manufacturer is only porting console titles to it? I get the Playstation Tv for half the price and accomplish the same idea.
joeorc  +   490d ago

" I get the Playstation Tv for half the price and accomplish the same idea."

umm, lmao what do you think the playstation TV is? its a PSVita! again if a game is developed for playstation TV it will work on the standard Playstation Vita!

they are the same platform, people are it seems getting too caught up on the name change: how is changing the name not make the playstation TV not still a playstation Vita?

they have the very same chipset, the very same card ports game port and blank memory flash card
port, as for touch screen controls, what do you think the ds4 support for the playstation TV is for?

watch this:


get the picture now?

So by all means Get the Playstation TV save yourself some money and still playstation Vita still gathers support, because its the same damn platform, it was named so as to direct compete with Apple TV, gOOGLE tv, aMAZON FIRE tv..nOTICE A THEME THERE?

Playstation TV. if anything this will expand playstation vita support much faster now!


"Nope, wont help at all....just going to confuse the average consumer even more now."

LMAO how in freaking tarnation is it going to freaking confuse the consumer more, when you boot up the Playstation TV the PSVits OS is used the very same d@mn ui, go to the playstation store it has a neat lil area to ummm download software for it..just like any other standard PSVita...god its not rocket science people
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optimus  +   490d ago
@joeorc...umm, what is your point? you obviously didn't get seatunt's point... he said WHY would he go out and buy a $200 vita when this playstation tv does the same thing for a lot less...

you claim the vita will get support now which it might, but it certainly won't sell as much as the playstation tv will BECAUSE IT'S $99!
CaptainN  +   490d ago
Nope, wont help at all....just going to confuse the average consumer even more now.
Maxor  +   490d ago
I want to pay $99 so I can stream my PS4 to another room in 720p. Said by no one ever.
asyouburn  +   490d ago
I'm going to spend 99 to stream ps4 to my daughters room
joeorc  +   490d ago
the output resolution is 1080i on the Playstation TV
Anon1974  +   490d ago
The second these announced in Japan, I said at that time I'd pick one up for $100 day one when it hit NA to use as a PS4 extender. My PS4 is down in my den, but my kid's rooms are also down there so it would certainly be nice to play PS4 in the living room and not have to use headphones (or worry about the light of the projector causing a distraction for them while I game).

But even if I didn't have a PS4, for $100 bucks these things look great to take on trips, keep at the cabin for rainy days, throw in the kids room for cheap. Download games for them, use them as media streamers or just use them when Playstation Now kicks in and have access to over 1000 PS1/2/3 titles. I spend more in a month on coffee. This seems like a no-brainer purchase to me.
incendy35  +   490d ago
So basically this is a PS NOW rental device. Almost exactly like Amazon Fire TV. Priced the same too. Didn't want that product either :D
elnacho  +   490d ago
They have close to nothing in common in terms of their features, I don't understand where you see that this is "almost exactly" like the FireTV.

The games are different and the FireTV does not have support for remote games such as PS Now (although it might end up with something like onlive eventually?)

Unless you mean they are both set top boxes with gaming functionality. So are to some extent the xbox one, the ps4, the Ouya. Are you saying all these devices are almost exactly identical?

So far the Fire TV impresses me much more than the VitaTV (I have both).

The interface is better, there is a bigger variety of movie services (including, obviously, Amazon Instant video), and it benefits the Android ecosystem for apps. In other words, things such as XBMC or Plex work on Fire TV, you will never see that on the PlaystationTV.
incendy35  +   490d ago
True, Fire TV has the added benefit of third party apps. But both devices are trying to get you to rent/buy games and media that are streamed to the device. Their concepts are identical, Amazon just has a lot more partners.
elnacho  +   490d ago
@incendy35: I see your point. You're right, these two devices are trying to make the thin line between "purchase" and "renting" (and "you own locally" VS "you stream") fuzzy on both the gaming and movie sides. In that aspect they are quite similar.
Raf1k1  +   490d ago
Does this let you play Vita games on your TV?

Wondering if I'll be able to play all those Vita games I got from PS+ without having to buy a Vita as this thing should be cheaper.
KonsoruMasuta  +   490d ago
They said it will let you play "most" Vita games.

As stated in the article, they haven't been too specific about how many Vita games will be playable and which ones are not playable.

I'm assuming that any of the games that require touch pad is out of the loop unless third parties make a special version for the PSTV.
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joeorc  +   490d ago

"So basically this is a PS NOW rental device. Almost exactly like Amazon Fire TV. Priced the same too. Didn't want that product either :D"

what just a and i quote "So basically this is a PS NOW rental device" lol thats like saying playstation 4 and the xboxone are just PSN and xboxlive rental service devices..lmao

both the amazon fire tv and Playstation TV are top set boxes that play full games that you can download to the devices's storage options. you can load full applications on them hell in that respect the Amazon fire TV has reg. Apps that you find on a Android device, because wait a min it is Android Based. they are far more than just a streaming box rental platform.
KonsoruMasuta  +   490d ago
I'm hoping this does better than the Vita TV is doing in Japan.,
fonger08  +   490d ago
They've essentially made the Vita an accessory or just another device to leverage Playstation Now. I don't get the idea to release the Playstation Tv here in the west, to me its like figuring out a way to release the Xbox1 in Japan. The Tv setup box market, at least here in the states, is extremely saturated and I just don't see this device really thriving the way it should.

I don't know what to do with my vita... I want to keep it as I enjoy playing ps1 titles on the train to work, but then again there are so many titles I want during the fall/winter that it is now the perfect trade-in option.
Highlife  +   490d ago
Device makes perfect sense to me. If my main tv is being used where my ps4 is I can still play it on another tv in the house. Or if my sin wants to play but I'm watching football on the main tv he can still play somewhere else. It's like having to ps4s.
Anon1974  +   490d ago
Yep. Even if it didn't have access to over 1000 games via PS Now, being able to play Vita games, using it as a PS4 extender, using it for media streaming all in a tiny, compact and easily transported form for $100? While it might not be for everyone, I don't know how any true gamer could look at this device and not see the instant appeal here. Good for families on a budget. Good for traveling. Good to throw in the kid's room for cheap. And we've seen how powerful the Vita is, but to have this hooked up to a TV for $100 is fantastic.

My little brother just bought an RV for his family with a little TV inside. Already I'm thinking this would be a nice Christmas gift for them to take out in the camper for when the kids are stuck inside on rainy days. It's so small it would just fit unnoticed right beside their little TV in the cabinet.
noxeven  +   490d ago
I'd basically go after the classic market with this move to us. I mean when vita was first announced and released in japan I was pretty sure we would't get it over here but now that's coming I keep thinking to myself I already have a vita, I already have a ps3. I keep thinking who this marketed towards. I know one person that I know will get it to play p4g but thats it. Its an inexpensive classic machine with support for vita. How much support on vita don't know but we shall see.
KonsoruMasuta  +   490d ago
They're going after the same crowd Apple and Google are going for with their devices.

Casuals who are looking for a cheap, but somewhat effective, entertainment device.
kingPoS  +   490d ago
I see PlayStation TV taking off from the simple virtue of it being $99 box, and PS Now. Add that you can play not just PSP & PS1 games on the screen via HDMI, but Vita games as well and you have something. Lets not forget of it's innate remote play features via a PS4 either.

The name change seems to fit, It brings all the current PlayStation experiences into one device.


Disagree if you don't care to enjoy any kind of PlayStation.

Gateway MT6706 2008
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joeorc  +   490d ago
100% why people seem to forget this demo of this device out of japan, they changed the name not the device..its the same unit..lol with a name change..lmao

DEEBO  +   490d ago
I'm in! being able to play ps1,ps3,ps4,ps vita and maybe ps2 games in the bedroom or my son having one for his room with netflix, yeah i'm in.

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