Batman: Arkham Knight Looks Dense in the Best Way

While the E3 2014 Batman: Arkham Knight trailer featured some cool Batmobile gameplay, Castle Geek-Skull was most impressed by simply watching Batman glide through the dense Gotham skyline.

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Sclavius1409d ago

Blown away by that trailer. Looks like it removes the need to spam the grapnel boost because of how fast you glide now. Also the freakin bat mobile. And the fake glitch leading up to Scarecrow that I fell for!

no_more_heroes1409d ago

Yeah, thought so myself at first, especially since in the theater I saw it in, the feed got horriby pixelated and even dropped quite a few times in the first third of the conference. But then I quickly realized it was part of the trailer once I saw the lights were going nuts as well.

matrixman921409d ago

looks great, wish the streets were populated though. It looked completely dead and lifeless

allgamespc20121409d ago

I know Right? i mean, it finally had cars! that were [email protected]!! in an open world game, what do you know! moving cars! so whats the excuse now? for why the city is completely EMPTY once again.

Kingdom Come1409d ago

Scarecrow initiated an evacuation of Gotham City by threatening it with a Toxin attack.

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