How to register for Destiny's PS4 Alpha Test

PlayStation 4 users can get access to an exclusive Alpha Test which runs for 3 days, from June 12 to June 15.

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porkChop839d ago

"and an e-mail will be sent
to the e-mail address associated
with the PSN ID before
12:01am PDT, Friday, June 13th."

Uh, considering the Alpha starts on the 12th, then should we get the email before the 12th, not the 13th?

Lawboy2839d ago

Well I went to the movies to see it we will get our code on the 12 th

infinitewords839d ago

Is that what the "surprise" was for the movie attendees?

Lawboy2839d ago

Yeah...drove 1 hour and half for two betas...woohoo...jk...yeah that's what we got

ZodTheRipper839d ago

Don't sign up guys, don't take away my chances!
I kid, good luck to ya'll... NO DON'T DO IT I'M CEREAL!

brightlight838d ago

Yep got mine too, they also give you a code for BFH (already got it though), a 30 days trial of music unlimited (not interested) and 5$ credit on your psn. How sweet!

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joab777839d ago

I hope they dont select ppl who didnt pre order as a way to get them to. I already signed up for the beta. Hopefully they dont hold that against u b/c I am already buying it.

fenome838d ago

I was thinking the same thing, I've already preordered and gotten my beta code but I'd love to try out the alpha as well

pheature838d ago

how many will get to play?
chances getting picked are slim.

UnHoly_One838d ago

They are probably going to stagger the release of the codes over the course of the day on Friday.

djplonker839d ago

Signed up and fingers crossed goodluck everyone!

SuperBlunt839d ago

thanks alot you too. hopefully we can kick some butt this weekend!

Ozmoses839d ago

just signed registered.. hope I got some luck.

xActionBasturdx839d ago

I'm glad bungie is giving alpha/beta access to us...Me personally the gameplay vids that were being released wasnt doing the game any justice at all so hopellfully i can get in this alpha

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The story is too old to be commented.